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You may be looking for "stroke," an older British term for Slash.

Title: Strokes
Publisher: boojums Press
Date(s): October 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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cover of The Who Do We Trust Times, issue #4, Merle Decker -- shows Starsky and Hutch sitting on Hutch's brass bed reading zines, one of which is Strokes.

Strokes is a slash 46-page Starsky and Hutch anthology. The art is by Carol Davis, Jean C. and Paula Smith.

It is known mostly for the controversial story Surrender.

Purchase Stipulations

An ad for this zine in Datazine #23 said an "age statement is preferred."

An ad in Hanky Panky #8 said: "Age and knowledge of content statement a must to get this zine."


The majority of the zine is the story "Surrender." It is said the author took it on as a challenge, that done well, a good writer could make a troubling, and some would say, offensive, subject matter appealing. Some fans feel the story is the Starsky and Hutch version of the controversial Professionals story Consequences. In any case, the zine was mostly very poorly received.


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Rebuttals and Inspirations

"Surrender," was inspired by The Brass Bed, and in turn, caused at least one other fan to write a rebuttal fic, of her own: "Fountain of Sorrow," appears in Pushin' the Odds.

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews to Surrender.