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Name: Carol Davis
Alias(es): C. Davis
Type: fan artist, fanzine publisher, vidder
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
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Carol Davis is a fan writer, artist, con organizer, and zine publisher.

Davis also created the Encore Award in 1985, which was given at the con she and April Valentine organized: The Paul Muni Special.

Davis won a Fan Q in 1994 for Quantum Leap art in Play It Again #3, as well as several Huggy Awards for her Starsky & Hutch artwork.

Note: This is not the same fan as "Carol Davies," the Star Trek: TOS fan from the U.K.


Carol Davis is a first-generation Star Trek fan -- she began watching TOS with her dad during its original NBC airing, but it wasn't until Star Trek IV premiered in 1986 that she became involved in the world of fanfic. The Dianasian Gift, her first effort, was followed by a TOS/TNG crossover novel, Rendezvous, and a number of Star Trek: The Next Generation novellas and short stories. In 1991, a script she submitted to the TNG "slush pile" earned her a Writers' Guild of America internship during the series' fifth season, an honor she considers to be one of the high points of her writing career as it allowed her to work with and learn from Ronald D. Moore and the late Michael Piller. After TNG, Carol began writing Quantum Leap fanfic. Her story "My Brother's Keeper" won the 1994 Fan Quality Award for best Quantum Leap gen story. Carol's Quantum Leap pro novel Obsessions was published in 1997, followed in 2000 by Mirror's Edge, which as the final novel in the QL series allowed her to have the "last word" on the adventures of time traveler Sam Beckett. She currently works as a legal secretary but stays active in fanfic; her most recent efforts are a novel and several short stories based on the Planet of the Apes TV series. [1]

Example Fanart

Zine Contributions

Indiana Jones

Planet of the Apes

Quantum Leap

Starsky & Hutch

Star Trek: TNG

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Fan Vids

Davis produced a number of Starsky & Hutch fanvids.


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