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Title: Quastar
Publisher: United Federation of Phoenix club zine
Editor(s): see below
Date(s): 1981-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & multimedia
Language: English
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Quastar is a gen Star Trek: TOS and multifandom anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #, Thom Franklin

Quastar 1 was published in June 1981 and contains 94 pages.

  • The Editors Speak
  • Wish Upon a Star... Ship by Lauren Rapp
  • Encounter, a story by Katherine Gillen in which Admiral Kirk meets an old friend with a secret
  • Aliens Are We by Andy Bloemyer
  • Treasure Hunt by Dean Ray Todd, a SF adventure story with a twist
  • Twilight Comics by Andy Blomeyer
  • Reflections of a 20th Century Terran by April May
  • The Argument by Tarsie Dehne
  • Poem for a Personalized Probe by Ann Cecil
  • Starflight by Cyndy Smith
  • Kilnamerx 069 by Andy Blomeyer
  • Nostalgia by Paula Hurn
  • I Have Wings by Cyndy Smith and Thom Franklin
  • Star Trek, The Poem by Andy Blomeyer
  • A Moment of Peace by Kim Farr
  • A Look at Mr. Scott, a detailed background article of Scotty by Laurence Zacher
  • Tribble Talk (puzzles, cartoons, graffiti hall, trivia questions)
  • Battlefield of the Dreamers by Cyndy Smith
  • My Love by Cyndy Smith
  • Wheels Within Wheels, a Star Trek adventure story by Lauren Rapp
  • Voyage to Alpha by Geoffrey Hurn
  • By Night He Dreamed of Stars
  • Friends

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Thom Franklin
back cover of issue #2, Carol Gerke

Quastar 2 was published in June 1982 and contains 98 pages. Kim Farr, Katherine Gillen, Bobbi Rapp, Denise Wallentinson, Laurence Zachery, and Andy Blomeyer were listed as editors.

  • The Editors Speak Out (4)
  • The Proof of the Pudding is the Testing by Lauren Rapp (5)
  • Uhura! by Caroline Hutson (9)
  • Alien Lovers' Plea by Cyndy Smith (10)
  • Special Effects by Gail Wolfenden (11)
  • Premonition by Laurence Zacher (16)
  • Oh Friend by Andy Blomeyer (21)
  • That Elusive Star by Helen Dorothy Rice (21)
  • A Day to Remember by Shelly Metzger (22)
  • Star Trek: The Home Movie by Katherine Gillen (23)
  • Sweet Dreams, Marree by Kim Farr (35)
  • Kindred Souls by Thom Franklin and Cyndy Smith (43)
  • Pizza Pie in the Sky by Diane Peters (44)
  • Lumpy by Denise Wallentinson (45)
  • Inquires Made of a Vulcan by Cyndy Smith (49)
  • Within Me Lies by Denise Wallentinson (50)
  • Tribble Talk: puzzles, short shorts, trivia, graffiti wall (51)
  • K-9 Swine by Mike Carter (66)
  • Tribble Tutor by Denise Wallentinson (70)
  • Take Two Episodes and Call Me in the Morning by Lauren Rapp (71)
  • False Enemy by Geoffrey Hurn (72)
  • The Plaything by J. Salkever (77)
  • Between Passing Worlds by Andy Blomeyer (82)
  • The Future's Past by Maria Jerme (84)
  • Witness by Katherine Gillen (85)
  • The Forgotten Relationship: Thoughts on McCoy and Scotty, article by Laurence Zacher (93)
  • Friends (97)
  • Spock's "Letters to the Lovelorn" column
  • a sequel to "Encounter" by Katherine GIllen

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3

Quastar 3 was published in 1983 and contains 140 pages of fiction, art, poetry, humor, a trivia quiz, and two filksongs. The front cover is by Thom Franklin.

  • Neither Enemy Nor Friend by Lauren Rapp (thoughts on war as seen through the eyes of Khan's young officer who is sent to contact the 'ordinary' humans on Earth)
  • Shadow Hunt by Kim Farr (a strange sleeping sickness hits the LaFayette. Mr. Chekov, as first officer, does some sleuthing to discover the cause)
  • At War's End by Geoffrey Hurn (a post ST:WOK story, Kirk and the landing party discover nuclear power being used when it should not have been possible, the Prime Directive has been violated)
  • Run Silent, Run Dark (a fan in Datazine #27 says, "Our hero would not have made it to Ensign, let alone Admiral, with the lack of self-control this story depicts.")
  • To Say Goodbye by Anne Rasmussen (a view of a contact from 'the other side')
  • Nightmare by Katherine Gillen (a post ST:WOK story featuring Sara Hunter)
  • Lost Tribe by Denise Wallentinson (an accound of what happened on Cete Alpha V after Khan and his followers were left there)
  • Feline by Mike Carter (a lonely boy who wants to belong, creates more than a bionic cat)
  • other shorter unknown content

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Thom Franklin
back cover of issue #4, Thom Franklin

Quastar 4 was published in April 1984 and contains 207 pages. EDITOR: Denise Wallentinson. ASSISTANT EDITORS: Kim Farr, Lauren Rapp, Carol Davis, Kandy Fong, Katherine Gillen. ART EDITOR: Larry Warner. ASSISTANT ART EDITOR: Thom Franklin. INPUTERS (typists via Apple IIe and Commodore 64): Denise Wallentinson and Kim Farr. CALLIGRAPHY: Tarsie Dehne. PRINTING COORDINATOR: Tom Uithoven. The first printing run was 135 copies.

  • THE SUBMISSION (story by Eddie Gonzales/art by Larry Harner) 1
  • CARTOON (idea by Tom Uithoven/art by Larry Harner) 6
  • THE AGREEMENT (story by Denise Hal lent inson/art by Larry Harner) 7
  • LIMERICK (poem by Kandy Fong) 10
  • PRELUDE (story/art by Larry Harner) 11
  • CARTOON (idea by Laurence Zacher/art by Larry Harner) 18
  • THE CAPTAIN'S WOMAN? (story by Lauren Rapp) 19
  • LIMERICK (poem by Kandy Fong) 19
  • SAVIOUR (story by Damn St. Claire/art by Thorn Franklin) 20
  • ONE MAN'S JOURNEY (filksong by Cyndy Smith) 26
  • THE ONLY PATH (story by Kim Farr/art by Faye Harner) 28
  • CHRISTINE (poem by Donna Morgan) 47
  • ANOTHER K/S LOVE STORY (story by Kandy Fong/art by Thorn Franklin) 48
  • MIRAMANEE (poem/art by Z.arry Harner) 49
  • THE WINDOW (story/art by Christy Qry) 50
  • CARTOON (idea/art by Jim Strait) 52
  • THE VISITOR (story by P.J. McCain) 53
  • HE COMES TO ME IN DREAMS (poem by P.J. McCain) 55
  • TRIBUTE TO A FRIEND (-filksong by Larry Harner) 56
  • STAR TREKKERS: THE SEARCH FOR PARAMOUNT (story by Denise Hal lent inson /art by Larry Harner)
  • CARTOONS (idea/art by Jim Strait) 69
  • OBSERVATION DECK (art by Thorn Franklin, Larry Harner, Faye Harner, Tarsie Dehne) 71
  • SPOCK 'S CHAPEL (poem by Andy Blomeyer ) 86
  • WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD (story by Lauren Rapp/art by Thorn Franklin). ..87
  • CARTOON (idea/art by Jim Strait) 95
  • THE KIRK-MCCOY RELATIONSHIP (article by Laurence Zacher/art by Larry Harner and Thom Franklin) 96
  • CARTOON (idea/art by Jim Strait) 105
  • SPACECHILD'S LULLABY (filksong by Cyndy Smith and Thom Franklin) 106
  • HELLGUARD (story by Denise Hal lentinson/art by Larry Harner) 107
  • TRIBBLE TALK (art by Thom Franklin) 125
  • TRIBBLE TALK (poem by Bobbi Rapp) 126
  • CARTOON (idea by Denise Hal lentinson/art by Larry Harner) 126
  • 40 MORE FABULOUS HITS OF THE FEDERATION (idea by Kandy Fong and Linda Broun/art by Larry Harner) 127
  • CHANNEL 87 1/2 PRESENTS (article by Laurence Zacher) 128
  • STAR TREK: THE CROSS WORD PUZZLE (puzzle by Laurence Zacher)..130
  • WORD TREK (word search by Laurence Zacher) 131
  • A TRUE TREKKER'S TRIVIA (trivia by Statistician Zacher) 132
  • SHIP'S BULLETIN BOARD (graffiti by UFP/art by Thom Franklin)..lZ4
  • MUNDANE GIRL (song parody by Larry, Thom, Larry, and Eddie).-.136
  • ANSWERS (no early peeking now) 137
  • A LEGACY (poem by Diane Peters) 138
  • HEALER (story by Katherine Gillen/art by Thom Franklin) 139
  • ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE (poem/art by Larry Harner) 173
  • OF THE STARS (poem by Andy Blomeyer) 174
  • GERTIE (story by Tarsie Dehne/art by Larry Harner) 175
  • MY FRIEND (poem by Donna Morgan) I92
  • THE LAST LESSON (story by Dattn St. Claire/art by Thom Franklin1). ... 193
  • CARTOON (idea/art by Jim Strait) I96

Issue 5

feedback form included in zine

Quastar 5 was published in February 1986 and contains 159 pages. It has art by Thom Franklin, Mike McGann, and Larry Warner.

front cover of issue #5
back cover of issue #5

Boldly Writing offers the following description: "The publisher provided a mail-in form with each issue to make it easier for readers to send in their reactions to the fanzine. Two stories drew my attention, however. In one, a 15-year-old is in charge of a starship (not the Enterprise). In the second, we have another sort of Mary Sue, 'Commander Sara Hunter... former chief navigator of the Enterprise and now commander of the Eagle and a close friend of Admiral Kirk's'."

  • Vindication by Denise Wallentinson (1)
  • Quicksilver Sly by Denise Wallentinson (38)
  • cartoons by Jim Strait and Mike McGann (39)
  • A Matter of Choice by Katherine Gillen (41)
  • The Stars, My Home by Shane Shellenbarger (50)
  • cartoon by Larry Warner (51)
  • Illfated Compormise, flik by Larry Warner and Thom Franklin (52)
  • A/Part by Denise Wallentinson (54)
  • The Path to Mount Seleya by Dawn St. Claire (55)
  • You've Lost, I've Found, filk by Cynthia Smith (55)
  • cartoons by McGann and Jim Strait (64)
  • A Tale in Black and White by Lauren Rapp (65)
  • cartoon by Jim Strait (73)
  • No Greater Love by Alice Ford (74)
  • Tribble Talk (75) (a collection of short shorts and art and puzzles)
  • The Kirk-Scott Relationship, an article by Laurence Zacher (92)
  • cartoons by Jim Strait and Mike McGann (96)
  • Leila's Song by Alice Ford (98)
  • To Those Who Wait by Larry Warner and Richie Allen Poole (99)
  • Farewell by Diane Peters (121)
  • Nightingale Woman, poem by Shane Shellenbarger (122)
  • cartoons by Jim Strait (123)
  • A Captain's Lament, filk by Larry Warner (124)
  • cartoon by Warner (126)
  • Renaissance by Katherine Gillen (127)
  • Star Trek, art by Mike McGann (158)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Quastar 6 was published in 1989, contains 150 pages and was edited by Kristine Philpott. Printed offset, GBC bound. Artwork by Larry Warner, Jeff Schreiber, Kevin Hedgepath, Mike McGann, Thom Franklin, Laurie Barns, Mike Elliott, Ken Hallock, and Cynthia Webbert.

  • "The Archaevan Encounter" by Brent R. Myers (TNG)
  • "Father and Son" by Stargazer and Lorelei (TOS)
  • "Interlude" by Patty Vance (Star Wars)
  • "Jedi's Duel" by Linda Brown (Star Wars)
  • "Mother of Leetah" by Stargazer (Elfquest)
  • "The Heart of the Father" by Dawn St. Clair (original)
  • "Reverie" by Alice Ford (TOS)
  • "Trek Trivia" by Statistician Zacher
  • "Confrontations" by Kim Farr (TOS)
  • other unknown content