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Fan Club
Name: United Federation of Phoenix
Dates: 1975-present
Country based in: United States
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The United Federation of Phoenix is a Star Trek and general sf fan club that meets bi-weekly in the greater Phoenix Arizona area. It is the longest-running Star Trek fan club in the world.

Fans first met together at the 1975 Equicon and devised the idea of a Phoenix Arizona area based Star Trek club. After preparation, the club was founded on September 8th, 1975 and has been meeting regularly since.

Kandy Fong was one fan who helped found this club, and her first slide show was created as 'club entertainment'.

In the past, the club produced fanzines of the "Phoenician Star Galley" and six "Quastar" sequentially numbered. However, no new fanzines have been produced for many years.

The club meets at various locations in the central Arizona area, usually on Saturdays. They elect four officers at the meeting closest to the anniversary date. The club provides a monthly newsletter for members called "Subspace Chatter". There are no restrictions to joining the club. Dues are $15/year prorated down from the date joined. The club is a social club and is not chapter of any other organization. It is not a re-creationist club, in that there no ranks nor uniforms. It is a media oriented Sci-Fi fan club with Star Trek at its hub. The club has done coordinated efforts with Arizona based WesterCons, CreationCons, LepreCon, CopperCon, and the Phoenix ComicCon.

Contact Information

The clubs official website is at: They can be contacted by E-mailing: [email protected]

The club address is:

The United Federation of Phoenix
P. O. Box 37224
Phoenix, AZ 85069