Kandy Fong's First Slide Show

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Title: Kandy Fong's First Slide Show
Creator: Kandy Fong
Date: created in 1974, shown first in 1975
Format: slideshow, music
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
URL: online here

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Kandy Fong's First Slide Show is one of the very first "vids." It is a slideshow set to music and created by Kandy Fong.

In 1975, Kandy Fong made what is arguably the first vid by constructing a slide show that set Star Trek images to music. Fong had access to footage left on Trek's cutting room floor and, inspired by the Beatles video to "Strawberry Fields Forever", built a narrative around an original filk, or fannish folk song. Fong took her slideshow to the Equicon/Filmcon convention chaired by Bjo Trimble in the spring of 1975. As Fong remembers it, "This was the only 'new' Trek since the show had ended & it had people lined up. We had a small room in the lower level & kept running it over & over." The success of WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A DRUNKEN VULCAN?, as well as the explicit approval of Gene Roddenberry, who was already angling to make a Star Trek movie and knew that an energized fan base helped his case, encouraged Fong to make more and show them on the science fiction convention circuit. [1]

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