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RPF Fandom
Name(s): The Beatles
Scope/Focus: The Beatles real-person fiction
Date(s): 1960s - present
See also: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison
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The Beatles were an incredibly popular English band from the 1960s. The fandom, one that was started in Liverpool, while they were still the Quarrymen, is a long-enduring one, riddled with folklore, legend and other stories. It is often considered a sub-category of the Classic Rock fandom, but also a standalone fandom as well. Related fandoms are the Who, the Rolling Stones, the Classic Rock fandom, and the Monkees fandom. While it has a massive prevalence all across the globe, one of its strongest concentrations among young people is on the micro-blogging platform Tumblr. It has organized itself much like popular media fandoms, with overarching big-name fans and several fandom-specific memes.

Fan Fiction

RPF Fanfiction

There was a Beatles RPF fandom as far back as the late '60s, but that community didn't overlap or connect very much with science fiction or media fandom, and not much is known about the players, fanworks or fan activities of the community. However, in her widely reprinted article, "Beatlemania: A Sexually Defiant Consumer Subculture",[1] Barbara Ehrenreich describes and analyzes aspects of 1960s Beatles fandom that make it seem interestingly analogous to certain aspects of fannish practices today.[2] There are several small archives and communities recording Beatles Slash (their preferred term over Beatles RPF) as a branch of media fandom in the internet era.

Beatles RPF was also present on FanFiction.Net but was removed in September 2001 after banned Music Fan Fiction.

Opinions differ as to whether fiction based on the fictionalized versions of the Beatles seen in Help! and Yellow Submarine, or on the Beatles' appearances in Doctor Who canon,[3] count as RPF.

Beatles Slash

Het/Gen Only


Professional Beatles RPF

  • 1978 film I Wanna Hold Your Hand, essentially a Mary Sue story in which several American teenagers attempt to sneak into the Beatles' hotel room in 1964.
  • 1991 film The Hours and Times, a fictionalized account of John Lennon and Brian Epstein[4] in Spain together in 1963.
  • 2000 novella Plastic Jesus by Poppy Z. Brite, which postulates a love affair between a thinly disguised Lennon and McCartney.
  • 2000 film Two of Us, a fictional rendering of the meeting between Paul McCartney and John Lennon at John's New York City apartment in 1976.
  • 2009 film Nowhere Boy is a retelling of John Lennon's youth and first encounters with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, with many fictionalised elements added.


Brian Epstein, Cynthia Lennon, Derek Taylor, Dhani Harrison, George Harrison, John Lennon, Julian Lennon, Linda Eastman, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, Paul McCartney, Peter Brown, Ringo Starr, Sean Lennon, Stella McCartney, Yoko Ono


Lennon/McCartney Tinhatting

A significant subset of Beatles slashers participate in nonfiction analysis, or tinhatting, activities in regards to the John/Paul pairing. Some very firmly believe that Lennon and McCartney were romantically involved with one another in some fashion, while others are interested in the idea, but remain sceptical. Evidence in the form of songs, interviews, photographs and video, and third-party accounts are collected and shared amongst "McLennon shippers", as many refer to themselves. Fanworks, including written analysis and fan videos, have been created to help share collected evidence and convince readers/viewers.

McLennon Shippers and Communities

Significant Fanworks

Communities, Mailing Lists, & Forums

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Meta/Further Reading


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"And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make"

--The Beatles, "The End"