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Journal Community
Name: Beatles Slash, beatlesslash
Date(s): April 2003 - present
Moderator: georgeh (2003 - 2006), van (2006 - present)
Founder: girltype
Type: slash, RPF, fic and discussion
Fandom: The Beatles
Beatles Slash header

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Beatles Slash is a Livejournal fanfiction community dedicated to various slash pairings involving The Beatles. It was affiliated with the Beatles Slash Yahoo group. The community profile also lists other Beatles fanfiction Livejournal communities and archives, including pairing specific communities.[1] The earliest post in the community was, 2 Jan 2001, with continuous posting from April 2003 until 2013, and posts dwindling after then. The community has over 1500 members as of 2022.


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