Beth Cambre

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Name: Beth Cambre
Type: vidder, proofreader
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
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Beth Cambre is a prolific VCR era Starsky & Hutch vidder who by 2000 had accumulated over 100 vids and five hours of songvids. She began vidding some time after 1995 and her work was featured at several convention vid shows.

Cambre was also a proofreader for several zines including Phantoms and Heart and Soul.

One of Cambre's vids is That Was A River. It is a slash vid and premiered at the Connexions 2000 vid show. Some watchers felt the clips were especially well-chosen to tell the story that the vidder had in mind and that it was an example of a narrative vid. [1] This vid was also shown at Zedcon 2000 and was shown again at Connexions 2004 by popular demand.

Some of Cambre's vids are on Starsky & Hutch Recent Vids, a songtape collection complied in 2001.

For a list of Cambre's vids, see Beth Cambre.


  1. from a con report by Solo. It was posted to the Venice Place mailing list on April 17, 2000. It is reposted on Fanlore with permission. See 2000 2000: Convention Reports for the entire report.