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Mailing List
Date(s): 1993-present
Moderators/List Maintainers: Cathy Munro & Lynn Harvey
Fandom: Paul McCartney, The Beatles
URL: MACCA-L: The Paul McCartney List, Archived version
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MACCA-L is "a very special moderated email list dedicated to the discussion of [Paul] McCartney's life and work."

It has a sister list called "LindaMac-L."

It was founded in 1993 or slightly before. The list was moderated by Melody C beginning in 1996. In May 1996, the list had 36 active members.

Starting in May 1997, Melody co-moderated with Cathy Munro until Melody left the list in December of that year. Then the moderators became Cathy Munro & Lynn Harvey.

The list began as an invitation-only list. When Melody became moderator, she turned the list into a public one that anyone could join:
Melody felt troubled by the exclusivity of the original MACCA-L, and decided to open up membership to anyone with a sincere interest. Her first digest under this scheme was sent out at the beginning of February, 1996. A MACCA-L digest came out once a week, hand-assembled by Melody every Friday. In those days, membership fluctuated between 15 and 40, and at that time, the once a week format seemed quite sufficient for the traffic on the list. Aaron Gill offered space on his McCartney web-page to advertise the list, and a home page for the list was born, soon including an archive of each week's digest to help non-members find out what they were missing. [1]


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