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Name: George Harrison
Also Known As:
Occupation: Guitarist, songwriter, singer
Medium: Music, film
Works: 12 albums as a member of The Beatles, several more as a solo artist
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George Harrison (1943-2001) was a British rock musician who was "The Quiet One" of The Beatles. Among his best known songs as a member of the group were "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," "Taxman," "Here Comes The Sun," "Within You Without You" and "Something." As a solo artist, he is best known for "My Sweet Lord," "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)", "All Those Years Ago" and "Got My Mind Set On You" (parodied by Weird Al Yankovic as "This Song's Just Six Words Long").


He was forever in John and Paul's shadow. He sold millions of albums and singles around the world.

Fan Works


On AO3, he gets Slashed most often with Ringo Starr. His one Het pairing is with Pattie Boyd.

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