Everything But the Kitchen Sink

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Title: Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Publisher: Markaline Press and MarJenAl Press
Editor(s): see below
Date(s): 1985-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Everything But the Kitchen Sink is a gen multimedia anthology.

An adult het sister zine was proposed in 1985. It had two original titles: One was "Hint of Mint" and the other one was "This 'n That." This zine was retitled and became Adult Situations.

Gen, But Some Slashy Stuff

The first issue of the zine does not mention the genre of content (het, gen, slash), but instead has a statement about ratings.

However, the very first fanwork in the first issue is a very slashy Professionals poem called "First Day."

How can I describe
what the light was like
that tangled in your hair
and warmed your skin that day?
You stood relaxed,
waiting for me with a little, teasing,
secret smile, and you seemed
painted on the air
like the sky at sunset,
evanescent as a moonbeam, a gift of rainbows
just beyond my reach. I still take what the night
has to offer,
but I dream of the sunlight's promise
shining on the air that day.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Everything But the Kitchen Sink 1 was published in May 1985 and is 185 pages long. It was edited by Mary Jo Blythe, Karen S. Eaton & Elaine Webster. Artwork by Pat Cash, Ruth Kurz, and Michael Verina.

From the editorial:
Welcome to the first issue of Everything But the Kitchen Sink. As you can see just by perusing our contents page, we are a multi-media zine accepting work in any and all fandoms. The rating of the zine ranges from "G" through soft "R"— we're saving the graphic sex and violence for EBTKS's sister-zine This 'n That. We believe you'11 enjoy the works in our zine (we certainly did!) and welcome your letters of comment.

This issue contains three poems by Robert D. Webster: Quintessence, Parchment Valley, Past is Prologue. They appear with his "courtesy."

  • First Day, poem by Jean Chabot (The Professionals) (1)
  • Interview for a Mercenary by Mary Jo Blythe (The Professionals) (4)
  • By Right of Possession by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7) (reprinted from Magnificent Seven #2) (9)
  • Because I Understand by Karen S. Eaton (Simon and Simon) (31)
  • Setting Up Housekeeping by Joyce Devine and Linda Vandiver (Star Wars) (reprinted in Solo) (36)
  • Last Rite, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (42)
  • Supplication, poem by Jean Cabot (poem) (41)
  • The Edge of Darkness by Ann Leonhart (Hardcastle and McCormick) (reprinted in Who Rides for Justice? #2) (43)
  • A Voice of Encouragement, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (64)
  • Where There’s a Will by Roberta Rogow (a series of memos) (Star Trek) (66)
  • Boo… (Star Trek) (70)
  • Tho’ It Drive Men Sane by Tim Bush (The A-Team) (72)
  • My Own True Ark, filk to the tune of My Own True Love from Gone With the Wind, by Jeannie Webster (Indiana Jones) (100)
  • Trails End, poem by Jean Chabot (Yellow Rose) (101)
  • Resolution by Kate Wallace (Yellow Rose) (102)
  • Family Ties by Valerie DeVries (Cagney and Lacey) (106)
  • Scooter and The Big Man by David Gordon (T.J. Hooker) (118)
  • Pipeline by Sheila Paulson (The Master) (123)
  • Untitled Poem by Elaine Webster (Dirty Harry) (161)
  • One is Silver—The Others Gold by Ann (V) (162)
  • The Kitchen Sink by Annita Smith and Sharon Dickerson (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (183)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Everything But the Kitchen Sink 2 was published in April 1986 and is 161 pages long. It was edited by Mary Jo Blythe, Tim Bush, Karen S. Eaton & Elaine Webster.

The art is by Ruth Kurz, Jean C., and TACS.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Everything But the Kitchen Sink 3 was published in 1987 and is 216 pages long. The art is by Leah Rosenthal.

Issue 4

issue #4

Everything But the Kitchen Sink 4 was published in May 1989 and is 212 pages long. The artwork is by TACS, Lori Lee, Kate Nuernberg, and Timothy Bush.

  • Relay by Jackie Edwards (Equalizer)
  • Doctor in the House by David Gordon (Doctors)
  • Evasion by Timothy Bush (TNG)
  • Triumvirate by TACS (TNG)
  • Since I Fell For You by Helen L. Wheldon (Jake & the Fat Man)
  • The Witch and the Princess by Teresa Sarick (Wizards & Warriors)
  • Queen Blackpool by Teresa Sarick (Wizards & Warriors)
  • First Steps by Sheila Paulson (The Master/M*A*S*H)
  • The Master by Sheila Paulson (The Master)
  • Valhalla Can Wait by Timothy Bush (Professionals)
  • The Last Straw by Mysti Frank (Professionals)
  • The Long Road Home by Cindy Rancourt (I Spy)
  • Not a Prisoner by Sue Ann Sarick (Prisoner)
  • Perchance by Timothy Bush (TOS/MacGyver)
  • Present and Past Lives by Lori Lee (TOS)
  • Shattered Dreams by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7)
  • Rutans Made By Brown Eyes Blue by Teresa Sarick (Dr Who)
  • Reflections Before the Tide by Marcia Brin (Shogun)
  • Surprise, Surprise by Connie Daniels (Hardcastle & McCormick)
  • Wanna Ride in My Coyote? by Kate Nuernberg (H&McC)
  • Steele Chief by Teresa Sarick (Remington Steele)
  • Home Scared Home by Valerie DeVries (Cagney & Lacey)
  • Thoughts of Long Ago by Karen Howard (Miami Vice)
  • May Ying by Teresa Sarick (MV)
  • Comarde by CarolMel Ambassador and Claudine Vissing (Jonny Quest)

Issue 5

Everything But the Kitchen Sink 5 was published in April 1991 and is 141 pages long. Art by Jeanne McClure, TB, and Anja Gruber.

cover of issue #5

Issue 6

Everything But the Kitchen Sink 6 was published in 1993 and contains 187 pages long. The art is by Jeanne McClure.

cover of issue #6
  • Deadly Intentions by Denyse M. Bridger (The Equalizer) (2)
  • Insufficient Data by Al Chenoweth (Star Trek: TNG) (18)
  • Christmas Day in the Cemetary by Elaine Battery (Lethal Weapon) (21)
  • The Truth Will Set You Free by Mary Jo Blythe (The Matrix) (23)
  • Decision's Path by CarolMel Ambassador (Wizards and Warriors) (27)
  • Very Good Friends by Melissa Mastoris (Man From U.N.C.L.E.) (28)
  • The Voyage Home by Rachel Duncan (Star Trek) (29)
  • Stranger, Brother by Rachel Duncan (Star Trek) (30)
  • A Lesson of Girl by Tim Bush (The Master) (31)
  • Sam's Dream and Observations by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap) (41)
  • Past Tense, Future Perfect by Londa Pfeffer (Starsky and Hutch) (46)
  • Stone Flowers by John Rävswens (The Professionals) (57)
  • Hunting Party by Tim Bush (MacGyver) (62)
  • 1 + 1 = Q by Kathy Kipper (Star Trek: TNG) (Picard relives the torments of a long-dead species that may have had something to do with the origins of the Q.) (71)