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Name: Alison Wilson
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Gunsmoke, Walker, Texas Ranger, many others
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Alison Wilson was a writer in many fandoms. She has had several short works published in zine anthologies as early as 1989, and edited zines as early as 1986. Much of her fanfictions are for fandoms such as Walker, Texas Ranger and Gunsmoke. Some of her stories were printed in multiple zines, such as Waiting and My Choice. She passed away in 1998.

Fanworks and Contributions

Issue Year Zine Name Stories Published
1992-1994 STARLink #12-#24, #29, #31 Wrote letters of comment
1994-1997 Ride 'Em, Cowboy! #1-#3 Changed Plans, Changing the Odds, New Green Dress, A Matter of Honor, Cowboy, My Return
1996 To Ride the River With #1, #2, #4 Mirror Image, Personal Glimpses, A Time to Heal, He's Always Like This, Duet in D Minor, Scenes we Didn't See, Untitled Fragment
1990, 1994, 1996, 1997 Compadres #1, #7, #8, #10-#12 Final Encounter, Worth Mentioning, Waiting, My Choice, Attacking Trees and Earthquakes, Drink of Water, Forgotten Son
1999-2001 The Walker Texas Ranger Special Gen Collection Night Drive, Untitled Dialogue, Alex's Insomnia, Other Plans, Waiting, My Choice, Attacking Trees and Earthquakes
1992-1994 Idylls #8, #9, #11 A Clean Break, This Time, Home Safely
1990, 1992 Frienz #9, #10, #17, #19 A Special Place, Caitlin, Confrontation, A Confrontation
1989-1990 Simon Squared V.1 N.1, V.1 N.2, V.2 N.2, V.3 N.2 The Fight, Aftermath, Going on the Road, Just Another Saturday Night
1988 Back-to-Back (Hardcastle and McCormick fanzine) #4 Sentence Executed, Justin, Seal of Approval
1991 QL+(S)+(MV)+(ROS)+(S+H)+(ST) ad infinitum= ....Oh Boy! #1 Limits
1986 Darkmere #1 Reflections from a Dungeon
1997, 1999 Ouch! #1, #7 From the Sea, Stranger in Town
1996 Obsessions Two Kinds of Men, Untitled Dialogue
1997-1998 Off With His Head #2-#3 Dead Near Dodge, Return to Dodge City
1988 Four Aces Beat a Full House #3, #7 First Kill, My Son's Girlfriend


Zines that Wilson helped edit.

Reactions and Reviews

Idylls 8 is an all classic Trek issue, with a broodingly gorgeous Kirk (drawn by Linda Baker) on the cover for all the Kirkophiles out there. (Sigh...) I have two stories in it that I hope you will enjoy, but what I'm really excited about are a story by Alison Wilson, and a vignette by Ann Zewen, who also edits the zine.

"A Clean Break" by Alison Wilson is a young Kirk and Carol Marcus story written with such understanding, it's easy to assume Alison has been through a similar situation. The story is written in the first person, and though I'm usually put off by that particular treatment, it is perfect for this story. I'm not the greatest reviewer, I read with my heart, not my head, so all I can say is this story deserves to be read. It's special. The vignette, "Intermezzo" by Ann Zewen is, oddly enough, also about Kirk and Marcus, although it takes place many years later, after the events of ST:TWOK Not quite four pages long, "Intermezzo" feels just right.

The other stories in the issue include several lighthearted romances, a view into Spock's childhood, and one possible outcome of the events which took place on the Genesis planet.

From Idylls, issue 8. [1]

"Limits" by Alison Wilson. OK,I guess, but something about this story didn't sit right. Sam leaps into Ken Hutchinson, to keep him from having an affair with his partner's girlfriend and to get Starsky to ditch the woman.On QL+(S)+(MV)+(ROS)+(S+H)+(ST) ad infinitum= ....Oh Boy! [2]


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