To Ride the River With

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Title: To Ride the River With
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Londa Pfeffer
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Walker, Texas Ranger
Language: English
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To Ride the River With is a gen Walker, Texas Ranger anthology.

Issue 1

To Ride the River With 1 contains 215 pages. The cover is by H. Ann Walton.

cover of issue #1, H. Ann Walton
  • The Texas Rangers: A History (by C.D.) A history of the most famous law enforcement agency in North America. (9)
  • Mirror Image (by Alison Wilson) Trivette is the victim of a hit-and-run accident while riding his bike. (15)
  • Heroes (by Theresa Kyle) Everybody needs a hero or two, even if they do turn out to have feet of clay. (23)
  • Modern Valor by Carol J.E. Schorn (27)
  • In the Valley of the Shadow of Death (by Londa Pfeffer) A vengeful convict escapes police custody while being transported to another facility. His target? The former narcotics officer – now Texas Ranger – who was responsible for his arrest... one James Trivette. (won a 1996 FanQ) (28)
  • The Chameleon, poem by Londa Pfeffer (100)
  • Days of Denial (by Catherine Brown) A tough case forces Walker to examine events from his past he'd thought were long forgotten. (101)
  • Dreamweavers (by Donna Pleasants) Walker's friends are suddenly plagued by strange dreams. What do they mean? And what's the cost if they don't find out in time? (115)
  • Paying the Price of Love, poem by Londa Pfeffer (123)
  • Unacceptable Friend, poem by Londa Pfeffer (135)
  • Personal Glimpses (by Alison Wilson) A post-"Family Matters" story. Walker must answer some tough questions after his young friend Archie witnesses Lanie Flanders' murder at her brother's hand. (136)
  • Scenes We Didn't See (by Londa Pfeffer) A collection of seven missing scenes from various episodes. (148)
  • A Time to Heal (by Alison Wilson) A tag to the episode "Prodigal Son" dealing with Walker's recuperation. (172)
  • In-Law (by Cinda Gillilan) Jimmy's friend Dom comes to town, but she and Walker don't exactly hit it off, making for interesting times. When Trivette is the victim of a freak accident, can they put their differences aside, or will it tear them further apart? Reprinted in Black Magic #1. (179)
  • Grave Discussions (by Lessa Warren) A story set around the deaths of three Texas Rangers. (206)
  • Episode Guide by Candace Pulleine (210)

Issue 2

To Ride the River With 2 contains 205 pages. It was published in 1997.

  • To Love Again (by Leigh and Gail) Alex is seriously injured in a car accident. Can Walker's love pull her through? (26)
  • He's Always Like This (by Alison Wilson) All Jimmy really wants is a shower. Is that too much to ask? (2)
  • My Partner's Keeper (by Gail) Walker and Trivette are ambushed late at night. When one of the partners is cornered and down to his last bullet he knows he has to make it count. (20)
  • Random Encounter (by Londa Pfeffer) One of Trivette's former narcotics busts vows revenge after seeing the Ranger again. (16)
  • Code of Honor (by Peggy Hartsook) A bust goes wrong, leaving Walker and Trivette injured and Alex and CD searching for answers to clear their friends after the Rangers are implicated in deliberately tipping off the suspects. (19)
  • Duet in D Minor (by Alison Wilson) A stakeout gone wrong almost costs Walker his life but his partner arrives in time. (5)
  • Scenes We Didn't See (by Peggy Hartsook, Londa Pfeffer and Alison Wilson) A set of six missing scenes from a variety of episodes. (33)
  • The Lucky Ones (by Gail) Walker's endurance is tested after Trivette is injured miles from any assistance. Can he keep his partner alive long enough for help to arrive? (7)
  • Crisis (by Pam Gooderham) A tragic series of events makes Walker consider giving up the Rangers. He heads into the Badlands to try to come to a decision, with Alex and Jimmy not far behind. However, trouble always seems to find Walker, and this time proves no exception. (50)
  • Poetry by Carman, Clarence, and Pfeffer. And an updated episode guide (Seasons 4-6). Color cover by H. Ann Walton. Back cover provided by Ina Tauer and Jeanette Hoffman. and content by Gail, Gooderham, Hartsook, Leigh, Pfeffer, and Wilson. Color cover by H. Ann Walton.

Issue 3

To Ride the River With 3 was published in 1999 and contains 192 pages. The front cover art is by H. Ann Walton.

cover of issue #3, H. Ann Walton
  • A Small Piece of Hell (Pam Gooderham) Alex questions whether she will ever have all of Walker's heart or whether she'll be forced forever to share him with his dead love, Ellen. (9)
  • Time To Talk (Leigh Williams) Trivette shares the tale of his first partner with Walker during a quiet evening watch. (30)
  • A Matter of Timing (Londa Pfeffer) An off-hand remark by Walker gets an unexpected reaction from his partner. (35)
  • Under Fire (Leigh and Londa) Trivette's life is thrown into chaos when he is accused of raping a mentally challenged young woman. (41)
  • The Things That Matter (Gail R.) When an old family friend turns up in Dallas, Trivette looks for the answers to long-asked questions about his father, but discovers the visitor has an agenda of his own. (42)
  • Missing Scenes
    • In Fond Remembrance (Londa Pfeffer) A missing scene from "Forgotten People." Jimmy and C.D. tell about how they first met. (133)
    • Sudden Impact (Gail, Leigh & Londa) A missing scene from the movie "Sons of Thunder." Our favorite EMT, Maisie, responds to a call on an officer down. (winner of a 2000 FanQ) (143)
    • A Small Part of Agony (Pam Gooderham) A missing scene from "The Wedding, Part 2." The hospital staff is slowly growing accustomed to the late-night visitor to ICU. (156)
    • Being There (Londa Pfeffer) A missing scene from "The Wedding, Part 2." While Alex's life hangs in the balance, Trivette accompanies Walker in the determined search for Karl Storm, the man responsible. (158)
    • Chain of Evidence (Londa Pfeffer) A missing scene from "" gives insight into what was going through Trivette's mind when he learned of Kristin's disappearance. (168)
  • Hey Momma (from Jimmy), poem by Leigh Williams (173)
  • Hey Momma (from Simon), poem by Leigh Williams (174)
  • Broken Journey (Melissa Greathouse) When Walker withdraws from Alex after she recovers from the shooting in "The Wedding," she builds a new life. But can she really turn her back on the man she's loved so long? (175)
  • Pieces of the Puzzle (Londa Pfeffer) Newly appointed Ranger Trivette is sure he knows his partner from somewhere. If only he could remember where... (187)
  • Plus poems from Leigh and Londa. Color cover by H. Ann Walton.

Issue 4

To Ride the River With 4 was published in 2000 and contains 182 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • The Birth (by Dakota) With a new member of the family due to make an appearance, Walker and Alex spend an eventful day getting ready, and reminiscing. (sequel to "Rain-Kissed Fantasies) (9)
  • Long Enough (by H.A. Carman) Something is troubling Walker. How far will he let it go before he accepts help from his friends? (43)
  • A Past Hurt (by Lynn Bango) Alex is acting out of sorts lately. Can Walker get her to share the problem? (49)
  • Green Eggs & Chili (by Shel) A relative of Walker's comes for a visit. We're given a glimpse of the all-too-brief lives of his parents as seen through this man's eyes. (57)
  • Touched by A Ranger (by I.M. Disgruntled) A tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek look at our favorite hero! (81)
  • When It Hits Home (by Pam G.) In the aftermath of the events of "No Way Out", Walker realizes how close he came to losing two of the most important people in his life. (86)
  • The Journey Back (by Leigh Williams) A missing scene and epilogue to "The Road to Black Bayou", as Walker and Trivette deal with the potential aftermath to a loss of trust. (92)
  • Warming Up (by Londa Pfeffer) This vignette also follows the events of "No Way Out". Walker, Alex and Trivette try to restore some of the normalcy to their relationships in the fallout of Hooks' attack. (97)
  • Untitled Fragment. (by Alison Wilson) Something's got Trivette troubled. This is a challenge for you the reader to see if you can explain why. (103)
  • Thunder & Roses (by Kathleen A. Klatte) A crossover with JAG and Sons of Thunder. Trent and Carlos are protecting a woman who's being stalked and threatened. Because the suspect is a Marine Corporal, Mac and Harm are sent to Dallas to assist in resolving the situation. (106)
  • What If It Was Only a Dream? (by Shel) Alex is haunted by nightmares so tangible, she wonders which is reality and which is the dream. (115)
  • The Misunderstanding (by Pam G.) While he and Walker are protecting a witness, Trivette is forced to make a terrible decision. Can the partnership survive the fallout? (140)
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