Candace Pulleine

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Name: Candace Pulleine
Type: fanzine publisher, convention organizer
Portrait of Candace used on the 2013 Revelcon t-shirt, Art by Sherlock
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Candace Pulleine was a fanzine publisher and writer whose work won several awards. She also helped establish RevelCon, a gen and slash convention held in Texas and was one of the editors and publishers for Revelcon Press. Her zines won FanQ, STIFfies and Star Awards. She helped run Friends of Fandom and also was a concom member for both MysteryCon and CONTEX.

In recognition for her many contributions to fandom, Candace was selected to be the Fan GoH for Apollocon in 2012.

She passed June 15, 2012.

"Candace Pulleine passed June 15, 2012. She was a fanzine publisher and writer. She also helped establish RevelCon, and was one of the editors and publishers for Revelcon Press. Her 'zines won Fan Q, STIFfies and Star Awards. She helped run Friends of Fandom and also was a concom member for both MysteryCon and CONTEX."[1]


  • "I had the privilege of knowing Candace for many years. We met at a IDICon slash convention in Houston, so long ago that memory fails exactly which year. As soon as I heard that she was creating a new convention, Revelcon, I knew that I had to attend. One of Candace's many talents was drawing different people into her circle of friends...and motivating us to help with the con. One of her best ideas was the creation of a lending library of fanzines, some to read and some to copy (so you could read them at home) We got to be friends at those cons: sometimes we shared a room, sometimes I hauled con supplies after the con, but she made each con fun. Besides her sense of fun and friendship, I treasured her spirit. Even in later years, as her body started to fail, she never gave up. We had a talk this May after MediaWest Con. I told her that I admired how even though it was hard for her to walk, and she was blind and in pain, that she still enjoyed the the con and visiting with her friends. Even if it took her 20 tries to stand up from a chair, she insisted on trying all 20 times, and not taking the easy way by having me lift her up. The last thing we said to each other when we parted at the airport was "See you next year." I know her spirit will be at the convention."[2]
  • "Many in fandom have known and loved her for decades. Indeed, she was responsible for introducing many of us to fandom. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Her drive and strength of will were remarkable, especially considering her many health issues. She over came much that was thrown her way with a courage that was admirable. She didn't let much slow her down and was active in fandom 'til the end. She would have been at ApolloCon June 22-24 of this year as Fan Guest of Honor. A memorial tribute is scheduled instead and surely she'll be there in spirit. Candace attended MediaWest this year and was able to enjoy herself there and stayed in Michigan afterwards to be with friends."[3]
  • "Candace deliberately created REVELcon, held each year in Houston, Texas, to be both gen and slash friendly -- she wanted all fans to feel welcome there, and they were. She ran the convention herself [backing it with her own money], with a team of friends helping her, for 12 years. Then she passed the con on to others. Still, she came each year and was dubbed Mother Goddess of REVELcon! She has been the heart of the convention for 23 years -- and surely she will be, albeit in absentia, for many years to come"[4]
memorial door for Candace Pulleine at Mediawest 2013. Photo by cannellfan
  • "Candy's hard work in creating opportunities for fans to gather with, support, and celebrate one another will be a lasting legacy of joy. We miss you, Candy, but we will always remember you and rejoice in your memory."[5]
  • "I just read the news that Candy passed away this morning. It makes me so sad because I let my friendship with her slide. Candy was the first person in the Houston fandom community to make me feel welcome and that seemed to be interested in my input. She also explained to me what slash is. :) I first met her way back in 1985. She started Revelcon, our convention that's here in Houston every March, back in 1989. I've been every single one. Candy has been in ill health for a long time. In fact, her health is why she had to pass putting on the con to others. At the con last year, she asked all of us concom to stay on the stage for a few minutes as we were kicking off the Saturday night entertainment. She gave us all angel bear beanie babies and told us we were her angels. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. I'm going to miss her, and I wish I'd have stayed closer. You know how that goes, we get caught up in our own lives and doing our own thing, we sometimes let friends drift away. *sigh*"[6]


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