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You may be looking for Revelcon, a Blake's 7 con that was held in San Diego in 1989.

Name: RevelCon
Dates: 1990 - 2023
Frequency: yearly
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Type: fan-run relaxacon
Focus: Media Fandom
Founder: Candace Pulleine
Founding Date:
URL: (via Wayback)
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RevelCon was a fan-run convention in the form of a gen and slash friendly relaxacon held yearly in Houston. It had a program with panels, an art show, a vidshow, a video room and a dealers' room for fanzines, fanart and other merchandise. It averaged around 100 attendees.

The title stood for "Relax, Enjoy, a Variety of Entertaining Leisure activities." [1]


The convention was founded by Candace Pulleine who served as convention chair until 2001.[2] According to one fan:

Candace deliberately created REVELcon, held each year in Houston, Texas, to be both gen and slash friendly -- she wanted all fans to feel welcome there, and they were. She ran the convention herself [backing it with her own money], with a team of friends helping her, for 12 years. Then she passed the con on to others. Still, she came each year and was dubbed Mother Goddess of REVELcon! She has been the heart of the convention for 23 years -- and surely she will be, albeit in absentia, for many years to come [3]


In 1991, a fan describes this con:

...You might also want to consider REVELcon. It's a small (200-300 attendees) multi-media adult con held in Houston. Candy Pulleine, who's practically a one woman concomm, is also the founder of Pros fandom in Houston and many local Pros fans attend, so the con has a strong Pros bent. The backbone of the con's zine reading room is the bulk of Candy's Pros collection, along with her other zines. This year s probably will, too. There was also a "Jeopardy" game based on the Professionals and its actors, and a couple of British tv-show panels. [4]

From a 1995 flyer for the con:

The major goals of REVELcon all revolve around fanzines: the showing, selling, and listing thereof....REVELcon is a relaxaconwhose main emphasis is fanzines, fun and food. Birthday party and breakfast buffet included in cost of membership. if it is fannish, REVELcon has it...regardless of preference. Fanzines galore for those who like zines as well as a laid back atmosphere for those who just came for a relaxing weekend. All in all everyone considers it a fun weekend. A Star Trek fan might call it a Babel Conference because of the variety offered (gen/adult/slash). A fun weekend where you can read, watch your favorite characters, meet old friends at the Friday evening birthday party, discover new friends and fandoms, find that zine or episode/series you've been looking for, laugh during the Saturday evening entertainment, or (after the Sunday breakfast buffet) buy that piece of art you can't live without.

RevelCon: Individual Years

See the subpages for details about individual years, including con reports, program book covers, programming information as well as info on the vid shows.

Subpages for RevelCon:

RevelCon as a 1993 Flashpoint for Zine Piracy

The 1993 convention, RevelCon, became a flashpoint for conflict regarding zine piracy. Due to fan behaviour and discussions at that con and in its aftermath, a number of Open Letters circulated in fandom regarding the photocopying of in-print zines.

See The 1993 Zine Piracy Debate.


here and here.

Sample Program Guide

A sample program guide from 2009 has been uploaded to illustrate the types of programming. It is here as a PDF file.


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