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Also see Mini Con.

Synonyms: Relax-a-con, relaxicon
See also: Con, Mini Con
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A relaxacon is a very informal fan-run convention in which fans meet at a pre-arranged hotel and rent a party suite. Little or no programming is involved.

The term antedates 1957. See Science Fiction Citations.

Examples of Use

From The Halkan Council #9 (August 1975): "Why are the larger ST cons running low on attendance recently?... Benecia, I hear, got only about 600, Ourcon got around 700, hardly the 1000+ they were planning on... Have there been too many big cons recently, or have we recidivists heard it all too many times before? You do get sick of the dumb questions and the crowds; there is even -- really! -- a point beyond which you can't get too worked up about seeing George or Jimmy or Gene or whoever again. It's more than about time for a trek relaxacon."

From Southern Enclave #45 (Summer 1995): "This year's MediaWest was different from others that I have attended in the past. It seemed to be more of a Relaxacon than anything else. There was still the Dealer's Room feeding frenzy although this year it didn't seem to be quite so frenzied."