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RevelCon 1 (1990)

  • the date of the convention was changed at least once.
  • Ann Larimer designed the t-shirt, shown on a flyer
  • panels, one of which was "How to Draw Good and Get Free Zines"
  • Fanzines, Art Show, Dealers, More Fanzines (over 700 Pros stories, ST, RoS, Who, etc, Song Video Contest, Win Lose or Draw Tournament, Buffet and Mixer...)

1990 Convention Reports

For the first time ever, I participated in the costume contest/masquerade. This was one of those deals where you don't just show off your outfit, you do a skit, so ...a local friend of mine and I dressed up like Blake and Avon and did my "Mickey Mouse Club March" B7
"Ann(e) Squared circa 1990: Ann Elaine McKannan as Blake (left); Anne Collins Smith as Avon (right)" [1]
filk (it appears in GATEWAY TO TIME #5, plug, plug.) "Blake's the one - no he's not! Blake's the one - no he's not! Forever let us follow him or die - DIE DIE DIE!" At the end I shot her, she fell down, I stepped over her, aimed my little toy gun at the audience and smiled. We didn't win, but it was enormous fun, and people kept telling us afterwards how much they liked it. [2]

1990 Vid Show

One existed! The flyer for this con in Herne's Stepchildren #2 says there was a "Song Video Contest."

RevelCon 2 (1991)

March 15-17

From a con report in Southern Enclave [3], described as "a baby MediaWest with under 200 attendees". Fandoms represented: Star Trek in all its permutations, B7, Beauty & the Beast, War of the Worlds, mixed media, cop shows, Man from UNCLE, Professionals, Phantom of the Opera, Robin Hood, Star Wars, fantasy (dragons and unicorns) and "a very nice gentleman with all Egyptian items." The art show had art from Karen River, Leah Rosenthal, Barbara Fister-Liltz and others. The con had an unofficial mascot that was passed around, a PLAYGIRL spread of a gentleman known as "Horst the Horse."

Some Activities:

  • Friday Night Birthday Party
  • a play by "Cat Bone Theater"
  • Costume Contest
  • a charity auction with proceeds going The AIDS Foundation of Houston
  • Sunday morning buffet and art auction

Some Panels:

  • "Media Sluts--Women with No Standards"
  • "When You Care Enough to Torture the Very Best, or If We Love Them So Much, Why Do We Do What We Do to Our Guys?"
  • "What Did You Think of My Story"--how to give constructive criticism when receiving zine submissions
  • "Dueling Captains"-- the differences between Kirk and Pica

1991 Convention Reports

"It's a small (200-300 attendees) multi-media adult con held in Houston. Candy Pulleine, who's practically a one woman concomm, is also the founder of Pros fandom in Houston and many local Pros fans attend, so the con has a strong Pros bent. The backbone of the con's zine reading room is the bulk of Candy's Pros collection, along with her other zines. This year's probably will, too. There was also a "Jeopardy" game based on the Professionals and its actors, and a couple of British tv-show panels."[4]
I was in attendance at Revel Con in Houston this and was glad to see their art show had grown quite a bit since the last time I had attended. The people running the show where through and very cheerful and friendly. While I was unable to bring an art other than one framed piece (NFS) for the show, I did bring one of Wakonkon Medicine Bags and it went right away. I was able to purchase an original Karen River of one of my favourite stars and consider myself quite lucky to have been able to get it for the minimum bid. I never actually thought I would be able to afford an original River and was contented to collect her fine prints. Bidding was not very heated, although it was considerably better than former years. This is a young con by our standards, only enjoying its fourth year, but Candace puts on a good show. And the company is pleasant and fun. [5]

1991 Vid Show

This info was pulled from a voting sheet for the vid show contest. Fandoms were not listed, instead vids were grouped according to categories. Not all vids may have appeared on the con tape.

Song Vidder Fandom
Along Came Jones Elaine Gustainis Indiana Jones
Desperate Dreams Elaine Gustainis Beauty and the Beast
It’s Not Too Late Julie Barrett Quantum Leap
And So It Goes Julie B. Quantum Leap
A Little Traveling Music Terri Librande Quantum Leap
In New York Terri Librande Beauty and the Beast
So Happy Together Carolyn C. MUNCLE
Deeper The Love Carolyn C. The Professionals
Groovy Kind of Love Carolyn Conner MUNCLE
I’ll Never Let You Go Carolyn Conner The Professionals
Halo DJ Driscoll The Professionals
Hold On DJ Driscoll The Professionals
The World In My Eyes DJ Driscoll Miami Vice
“Commercial” (Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut) Piddly Assed Productions The Professionals
Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw Piddly Assed Productions The Professionals
That’s The Way We Like It Piddly Assed Productions The Professionals
Take Me Away Bunnies From Hell (Anne) War of the Worlds
Sail Into Tomorrow Bunnies From Hell (Patricia) War of the Worlds
Dreamed A Dream Bunnies From Hell (Patricia) War of the Worlds
She Don’t Love Nobody Mary Van Deusen Blake’s 7
Dust in the Wind Mary Van Deusen Blake’s 7
Comedy Tonight Mary Van Deusen Blake’s 7
Teddy Bears’ Picnic Kandy Fong Blake’s 7
No Satisfaction Kandy Fong Star Trek
Josette’s Music Box Bunnies From Hell (Anne) Unknown - Listed Under Science Fiction/Fantasy
Once Upon A Dream Bunnies From Hell (Anne) Unknown - Listed Under Science Fiction/Fantasy
Rebel Son Elaine Gustainis Robin of Sherwood
Love Has Come Of Age Bunnies From Hell (Patricia) Unknown - Listed Under Science Fiction/Fantasy
The Living Years Lorry & Kathy C. Unknown – Listed Under Action Adventure/Cop Drama
Lights Lorry & Kathy C. Unknown – Listed Under Action Adventure/Cop Drama
Don’t Use Your Penis For A Brain Megan Kent Starsky Hutch
Lost Emotions Megan Kent Starsky Hutch
Trouble in Paradise Megan Kent Starsky Hutch
Famous Final Scene Terri Librande Stingray

RevelCon 3 (1992)

March 13-15, 1992

ad listing for the 1992 Revelcon that appeared in Fan Guide (Spring 1992)

1992 Convention Reports

...[Elaine and I] presented her filk about the ordeals of zine writing - a natural for this crowd! - and my B7 Mickey Mouse Club March, which people complain if we don't do. The zine-writing filk is narrated by a writer, with lines for the editor, so we split it up; Elaine, who has the stronger voice, sang the writer's part, while I put in the editor's lines and sang along on the refrain. We also handed pieces of paper back and forth and mimed rewriting, scribbling suggestions, etc. We started our act, however, with a truly sick and twisted piece which I had simply entitled "The Hurt/Comfort Filk." Much to our surprise, after three (not six, Glenda!) years of performing without ever winning, we placed second! [6]

1992 Vid Show

Only the contest winners from Revelcon 3 were listed in the first Revelcon 4 progress report.



The following playlist contains all the vids shown - the vids by DJ Driscoll and Jackie E. did not appear on the convention tape.

Song Vidder Fandom
Children From The Sky Carolyn C. Muncle
Everything I Do Carolyn C. Professionals
The Way We Used To Be Carolyn C. Muncle
Lion Sleeps Tonight Carolyn C. Muncle
Double Life California Crew (Elaine Gustainis) Mixed
Dear Father C. Crew (Jill H. c/o Gustainis) Mixed
Riders to the Sky C. Crew (Elaine Gustainis) Mixed
Studs in Black Leather Kandy Fong Blake’s 7
Sounds of Silence Kandy Fong B7
Something To Talk About Kandy Fong Mixed
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me Katherine Scarritt & Pam Rose Muncle
Total Eclipse of the Heart Liz J. B7
Real Man DJ Driscoll Mixed
Winds of Change DJ Driscoll Muncle
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? DJ Driscoll Mixed
Cocktails For Two Jackie E. Star Trek: TNG
Pressure Jackie E. Hawaii 5-0
Thank Your For Being A Friend Jackie E. Hawaii 5-0
Total Eclipse of the Heart Liz J. Blake’s 7
Hold On Liz J. Blake’s 7
One Moment In Time Liz J. Star Wars
Beethoven’s 9th Penelope McFaddin/Joseph Guinn Clockwork Orange
I Don’t Mind The Thorns Cybel Harper Pros
Something To Talk About Cybel Harper Starsky Hutch
All of A Sudden Cybel Harper Star Trek
So Into You Cybel Harper Blake’s 7
Where’s The Fire? Tolbran Miami Vice
Fire & Ice Tolbran Pros
Somewhere In The Night Tolbran Quantum Leap

RevelCon 4 (1993)

It took place March 12-14, 1993.

art handout included in the Revelcon 4 registration packet

The post-con report for Revelcon 4 listed winners of various contents, thanked many volunteers by name and discussed themes for next year's event. It included a thank you to Ann Larimer for designing the convention t-shirt. The post-con report also noted that 52 members pre-registered for Revelcon 5 in 1994.

Also from the report: "Fans With Email": 11 fans listed their email addresses in the post-con report. 3 from Genie, 2 from Prodigy, 1 from Bitnet and ADL each, and 4 .edu or .com addresses

Also from the report: Two Texas fans were burglarized shortly before the convention and lost many items, among them a VCR, a microwave and a Mac Powerbook. A donation box at the orphan zine table enabled the fans to replace the microwave and the VCR and fans donated a typewriter, a clock and a burglar alarm. The fans wrote an expressive thank you letter.

Story Contest

A story contest was also part of the activities at Revelcon 4. From the first progress report dated January 20, 1993: "The rules are the same as last year: Rule #1: The story must include the following paragraph in an recognizable form. Rule #2: The story must be between 5 and 10 pages, and "Yes, you may double space if you wish."

He did not feel the danger until it was too late. The (weapon) was already at his (her) head, placed there with the force necessary to make itself known. He (she) slowly turned his (her) eyes to see (the villain) as he eased himself forward. The only thought running through his (her) mind was 'I can't die now.' He (she) watched as a cold smile ran across the face of his (her) opponent. Death had never been one of his (her) favorite possibilities and now was no exception. There might be a chance but it was a slim one, if he (she) could Just keep the other talking long enough, maybe Just maybe one of the others would be back to stop his (her) death."

The Art Show

flyer for the 1993 convention that appeared in a Bill Hupe catalog prior to zine piracy debate
    • Costume & Act
      • First - Doctor in the Museum - Laurie K. and Leah M. (tie)
      • First - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Society of the Ivory Rose
      • Third - Ann Squared - Anne Collins Smith and Ann M.
    • Special Recognition (CHUTZPAH AWARD) - Brad Frank
    • Best of Show - Laura A.
rules for the Revelcon 4 duping room

The Zine Piracy Debate

This con generated The Revelcon Zine Piracy Letters.

The post-con report addressed ongoing rumor that the convention allowed zine piracy. The convention reports that "after lengthy investigation...we have found no substantiated instances. But, the concern persists...For this reason we are instating the following policies..." The report asks members to report any piracy to the concom. "Public domain items will have a cover sheet identifying the contents and informing copy places that the identified stories may be legally reported. And, while the zine reading room will continue to exist, "more than half of the zines cannot be checked out." The sole exception were the Pros circuit library stories "which will still be available for copying, as they are considered public domain." [7]

The zine piracy policy stands in sharp contrast with another Revelcon tradition: the videotape duping room, where fans could reserve time to copy films, TV shows and vids from one VHS videocassette tape to another. The service was so popular that the room was offered 24 hrs a day with fans taking overnight shifts. The "Revelcon Rules For Duping Room" also admonishes attendees: "'When your time is up, you must surrender the machine immediately. This is for your benefit as well..."

1993 Convention Reports

As Elaine and I walked onto the stage at the costume cabaret, I went right up to the microphone. "By popular demand," I said, "we are not Blake and Avon." This was greeted with applause and laughter. We were both dressed in medieval garb and I had my guitar. We had decided to freshen up our act with some major changes!

The first song we did was an original, serious song about "Yesterday's Enterprise" with words and melody by Elaine. I had worked out the guitar chords and coaxed her to sing it at the cabaret. It was very well-received. Then we did Elaine's "Zine Writer's Lament" - I couldn't act out the usual editorial byplay, but the guitar accompaniment seemed to jazz it up a bit.

There were at least a dozen acts this year. I especially enjoyed the opening group, the "Duras sisters" (a.k.a. the editors of SUPERNOVA et al.), who sang a beautiful song about Edith Keeler and a hilarious filk about Odo, all in gorgeous 3-part harmony. Laurie Keeper and Leah McGrew worked up a hilarious sketch featuring Leah as the Doctor and Laurie as the monster from Shada. Erika Frensley was a stitch as the ferocious She-Wolf of Fandom, with Jamie Ritchey dangling a fanzine like bait to coax her off-stage. A crossover sketch by Media Madness had characters from War of the Worlds, Professionals, and others colliding over a dead body - my favorite moment was when "Lovejoy" calmly appraised and pocketed the deceased's watch. As always, Glenda was a hilarious MC.

Elaine and I were impressed with the competition. So we were surprised and delighted to win third place in the combined costume-and-act category! (Leah & Laurie won first in that one.)

Afterwards, when Elaine and I were heading back to get changed, we were stopped by a total stranger in the hall, who complimented Elaine on her lovely singing voice. Elaine was walking on clouds for the rest of the night! [8]

This next con report is from a mono-fan's convention report, worried about attending a slash convention where non-K/S fans would be attending. The hidden irony behind this letter is that many of the Revelcon organizers and volunteers were some of the first K/S fans (the Houston Crowd), something that many of the K/S fans of the 1990s had forgotten - or never learned:

I attended Revelcon in Houston with a group of friends in March, and thought my experiences there would be of interest to K/S people, especially in light of what [another fan] wrote last month about Escapade. Revelcon is a media convention with the emphasis on fanzines and slash. Both last year and this year I was really worried that my exclusive interest in K/S would prevent me from enjoying the convention.

I shouldn't have worried. I found that there is a pervading affection for and knowledge of K/S in almost all the attendees; almost all of them came to their current fandoms through K/S. There was a strong K/S presence in the dealer's room, in the costume/cabaret contest, even some in the art show and video contest. (Last year, a K/S tape won first prize.) This year the K/S presence, in terms of fans who counted it their primary fandom, was considerably stronger than last year. My friends and I hosted a K/S get-acquainted party, and though I feared nobody would come, quite a few people did. The party was a great success, and led to further contacts with other K/S fans.

Like [others], I have a terrible fear that K/S will die out just as I'm discovering it. I want to help keep it alive. But if Revelcon is any indication, I don't think I need to worry. And just look at the number of truly excellent new writers who have been published in the last year or so, people with excitement, verve, and a fresh perspective.... [9]

1993 Vid Show

Only the contest winners were listed in the Revelcon 4 post-con report, but it did note there were 33 entries from 11 vidders.

Additional vids shown

Song Vidder Fandom
Friends and Lovers Maura Kelly Star Trek: TNG
Together We Ride Maura I Kelly Scarlet Pimpernel
He’s A Rebel Maura I Kelly Star Wars
Every Road Leads Back Gina Martin Star Trek
Boy From New York City Gina Martin MUNCLE
In The Heat of the Night Gina Martin Sherlock Holmes (Granada)
No Fear, No Hate, No Pain Tashery S. Blake’s 7
Yellow Submarine Tashery S. Blake’s 7
2,000 Light Years From Home Tashery S. Blake’s 7
Subterranean Homesick Blues Gayle F. Blake’s 7
Exit Gayle F. Blake’s 7
Unknown song from Filk singer Julia Ecklar’s Genesis album Gayle F. Blake’s 7
Here Comes Trouble Carolynn C. Professionals
Senior Service Anne Collins Smith Star Trek
Everything’s Up-To-Date In Kansas City Anne Collins Smith Star Trek: TNG
Little Red Riding Hood Kandy Fong Quantum Leap
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Kandy Fong Star Trek
Time Warp Kandy Fong Quantum Leap
Cuts Both Ways Cybel Harper Miami Vice
It’s A Sin Cybel Harper Pros
I Love The Night Cybel Harper Lost Boys
I Don’t Care Any More Tolbran Blake’s 7
The Search Is Over Tolbran Starsky Hutch
The Bug Tolbran Pros
Handle With Care Marie Quantum Leap
The Door Swings Both Ways Marie Quantum Leap
Oh Very Young Marie Quantum Leap
Close To The Edit DJ Driscoll Pros
Where You Going Now? DJ Driscoll Pros
Trigger Happy DJ Driscoll Pros
The Ecstasy of Flight Elaine Gustainis Vampires
Why Oh Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming Elaine Gustainis & S. Dickerson Alias Smith & Jones
Why Am I Me Elaine Gustainis Quantum Leap

RevelCon 5 (1994)

longer flyer

It was held March 11-13, 1994.

From an invite in the July 1993 issue of GAZ:
Come join us at REVELcon in Houston, Texas: Relax and Enjoy a Variety of Entertaining Leisure activities. Birthday party and breakfast buffet included in cost of membership. REVELcon has it regardless of preference (gen/adult/slash). A fun weekend when you can read, watch your favorite characters, meet old friends at the Friday birthday party, discover new friends and fandoms, find that zine or episode/series you've been looking for, laugh during the Saturday evening entertainment, or (after the Sunday breakfast buffet) buy that piece of art you can't live without. Cost (membership/dealer's table): Until Sep 30,'93: $35/$65; until Dec 31,'93: $40/$70; until Feb 28,'94: $45/$75; until Mar 8,'94: $50/$80. Age statement required; Emphasis on fanzines.

1994 Convention Reports

[From a Kirk/Spock fan]: Here's my annual report on Revelcon, the media con that's held each March in Houston. It's billed as having an emphasis on fanzines, but there's so much slash material evident everywhere that it's always felt like a slash con to me.

I had a great time, with many congenial friends in various fandoms making the trip with me…. The art show was terrible this year, with only really outstanding art being a few K/S pictures that I hung "for display only" by Shelley Butler (her Spock reclining by the pool), by Chris Soto and Marty Siegrist, (I collect K/S art, and I like to make sure that the art show every year has a distinct K/S presence, so I usually bring a few pieces just to share with all the con-goers.), and a few that Shelley sent for the show. Those were gorgeous as always, and excited a lot of comment. I bought an explicit scene of hers that I would blush to describe (but not buy!). It's great! You can't see their faces but who cares.... I can tell who's doing what to whom.... It was the most expensive piece that went to auction, and I really had to fight to get it, dollar by dollar. There was another piece by Shelley of Kirk getting out of the pool that was... words fail me. Unfortunately, my pocketbook did too, or a deliciously wet Kirk would be in my closet hiding with all my other K/S art.

There were lots of used K/S zines at the orphan zine table, at great prices. However, there weren't any new K/S zines at any of the dealer's table, since Bill Hupe, who usually reps a bunch of people, wasn't there this year. Nevertheless, I managed to snap up quite a few zine bargains to add to my collection. The K/S box was just about empty on an hour or so after the dealer's room opened, and there was always a swarm of people there whenever new zines were added by latecomers. (I was in the swarm.)

The panels as always covered a wide range of fandoms. I attended one on writer's block, and as in previous years I discovered that once I started talking my own K/S language, everybody joined in a similar fashion. So many fans came through K/S to get to their current fandoms, it's like a common currency that we can all trade in. Everybody understands the K/S dynamics, while I frankly still can't tell Doyle from Bodie.

The video entries this year were excellent. There was only one Star Trek entry, done to a song that I think is entitled "Only a Clone Now," or something like that. It compared Classic Trek to Next Gen, to next gen's detriment. The video came in tied for first in its category.

The costume/cabaret contest Saturday night always has a very strong K/S presence. There's a group of women from Houston called the Babes who wear outrageous t-shirts (this year it was tastefully done butts, with captain's stripes as accents). They did a dance routine with laminated K/S art as their props. Then, there were the Klingons, who worked security and also did a funny routine spoofing popular commercials. ("It's a torture device and a medical tool!") I got up my courage and sang three K/S filks, one written by our own J.S. Cavalcante, and the others by me. (We're going to be singing at Shore Leave, folks, hopefully sometime before midnight.) At the risk of blowing my own horn (but actually my fandom's), I should report that I did win first place. Best of all, the songs prompted lots of conversations the next day about K/S with folks congratulating me. There were two other filk acts on Saturday; one woman sang a DS9 song, another duo sang three songs, one of which was classic trek. And then there were lots of other amusing acts as well: poetry, skits, costumes, you name it. I always enjoy the costume/cabaret contest.

I always have a good time at Revelcon, but then I don't expect a K/S con. However, I try to participate in everything to make sure that there's a K/S presence that runs through the con. I've always found interesting people to talk to about writing, K/S, or fandom in general. And it's pretty obvious from the continuing current of enthusiasm that our obsession with K/S is still shared with lots of people. [10]

REVELcon...A Con for All Reasons - A mini-review...

My first recollection is just a 3-day blur Talking. Laughing. Eating. Partying. Reading zines. Oohing and Ahhing over artwork. Watching songtape videos. Listening to panel discussions. Enjoying the Saturday Cabaret/talent show/entertainment. I remember laughing myself silly over a group's priceless interpretation of the Bud Lite commercial ("Let's watch both!") applied to fans feuding over which show to watch on one lone TV and the resultant merged show. And then there's the Babes - who absolutely defy description and must be seen to be appreciated. (I can't wait to see what they do for an encore this year.)

Panels, we had panels! Everything from a serious philosophical discussion (?!) on why we're attracted to long haired heroes (Highlander, Renegade, etc) to Forever Knight, to X-Files, with a giant detour to the unique world view/comedy/drama of Northern Exposure. We also had panels on writing, movie miscasting, and even genealogy - in short, something for everyone (a comedy tonight).

Another amenity at REVELcon that seems to hide its light under a basket is the video duping room. Local fans provide the necessary VCRs (even a Beta!) and you can sign up to dupe anything available. If you send in a want list ahead of time, they try their best to locate the requested tape. Think of it, a no-hassle way to dupe the Christmas episode of Due South that CBS preempted for the Oprah Special on Child Abuse, or fill, in other gaps in your video collection. Just BYGBT (bring your own blank tapes) and let her rip.

Hmm, I guess I'll wrap this up with a subject close to every fan's heart: FOOD. As in "lots of" and "free/included in the membership." REVELcon's Hospitality Suite offered fresh vegetables, fruit, crackers, sandwiches, etc and drinks throughout the con. The Friday night birthday bash/con kick-off party had cake ("Let them eat cake!"). Sunday's breakfast buffet was a real Texas-sized breakfast.The following Houston groups play an important part in making REVELcon possible: Friends of Fandom (art show); Starbase Houston (hospitality & reading room); Blake's Several (orphan zines); Intergalactic Klingon Empire (Security & other helpers). [11]

[from a fan artist]:

I think I did pretty well, though it too had a very small art show. Media does best here since it is fanzine con (sister to MediaWest). The convention was very enjoyable though (adults only). The art show folk (Friends of Fandom) were realy on the ball and had things going Thursday night (officially not open for a full day later) and I appreciated them letting me up extra early as well. [12]

1994 Vid Show

Vid show information for the early years is sparse. An attendee has compiled a partial playlist here.[13] A copy is included below.

In 1994, Sandy Herrold posted the following review of the Revelcon songtape to the Virgule-L mailing list. She had submitted several vids as part of the Media Cannibals vidding collective and their vids had won several awards. It is reposted here with permission:
"So, we just got the Revelcon songtape in the mail today (quick brag alert: of the six vids Media Cannibals sent to the con, 3 of them won awards. Charlotte Hill [who is sitting] behind me reminds us all that competitions are bad and wrong, and she's right, but I'm still pleased at proof that people liked our stuff.)

Anyway, we're watching the first Pros song on the tape ("Cover Me," made by Cybel Harper, and not bad) and it has a Pros clip that neither of us remember seeing.

Help! There are four clips in a row in the vid that seem to be all in a row in the ep. Bodie is wearing a dark brown leather jacket, with a bare light bulb in the background, then cuts to Doyle, wearing a sports jacket, then back to Bodie, then Doyle walks to Bodie, puts one hand on a door, one on Bodie's shoulder, swings in the air, and kicks a door in. It is a very cute shot, and as Charlotte says, "Oh, I like it. *Doyle* touches Bodie!"

More Revelcon tape comments: there were *three* Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; the two we saw at Escapade, and one more (to "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid) which was quite cute: gen and lightly humorous.

Other cute ones: "The Night Chicago Died," for, of course, The Untouchables (why didn't *I* think of that...), and especially, "I Think I'm a Clone Now;" all Star Trek and TNG, it only had a couple of clips in common with the ST/B7/gen SF version that I think MVD did a few years ago; really a wonderful commentary on the paucity of originality in TNG.

There's an amazing amount of new Quantum Leap in songvid-land these days. Most of these weren't that good...

There was one version each of the two current songs called "Hero" - the Phil Collins/David Crosby one to Wiseguy (pretty darn good, but it starts stronger than it ends) and the Mariah Carey one to Forever Knight.

Tolbran did a Pros version of the Meatloaf song "I Would Do Anything For Love," letting Bodie do the Meatloaf lines, and Doyle the girl's lines: I am waaay tired of the song but she did some very fun things with it.o

Our (in this case Alex and my) version of "Something to Talk About" is also on the tape. Watching the vid, Charlotte pointed out the song is Process X set to music.

The last song on the tape is Orinoco Flow, by our own Gayle. I loved the vid (a beautiful song set with all of the images of why we love video science fiction, (in fact, it reminded me of a discussion in the Catch Trap (by Marion Zimmer Bradley, a must read for a slash fan about why people love trapeze acts, that it is all about our desire to fly.) Beautiful vid."
Vid Title Vidder Fandom
Wind Beneath My Wings Cybel Harper Sherlock Holmes
Cover Me Cybel Harper Pros
Poor Pitiful Me Cybel Harper QL
I Don’t Know Much Maura L. Kelly/California Crew Hans Solo/Star Wars
The Night Chicago Died (winner "Best Mixed Fandom - Law Enforcement Theme") Maura L. Kelly/California Crew The Untouchables
Under the Sea Maura L. Kelly/California Crew Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea
I Think I’m a Clone Now (originally shown at Escapade in 1992) (winner "Most Humorous Mixed Fandom - Gen (tie") Gina Martin/California Crew STNG
Through The Years Gina Martin/California Crew Muncle
Sail Home to You (Exile) Gina Martin/California Crew Sherlock Holmes
Crazy For You Media Cannibals WG
Lives in the Balance (winner "Best Serious Wiseguy (tie") Media Cannibals WG
Rescue Me (winner "Most Humorous Mixed Fandom - Slash") Media Cannibals Mixed
Heard it Through the Grapevine Media Cannibals Pros/B7
True Believer Media Cannibals (Nicole V.) (winner "Most Serious - Blake's 7") B7
Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About Media Cannibals Pros
Hero (winner "Best Serious Wiseguy (tie") Kandy Fong WG
Everything I Do Kandy Fong QL
You Turn Me On Carlotta Barnes QL
You Were There All Along Carlotta Barnes QL
Rock the Cradle of Love/Polka Your Eyes Out F Carlotta Barnes QL
Stay Tolbran B7
Hero (winner " Best Mixed Fandom - Science Fiction Theme") Tolbran Forever Knight
I’d Do Anything for Love Tolbran Pros
Born to Be King (Princes of the Universe) Carolynn C. HL
Science Fiction Carolynn C. I Love Sci Fi (Mixed Fandoms)
I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You Carolynn C. Muncle
I Can’t Fight That Feeling Kathy Leprick Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea
Have I Told You Kathy Leprick Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea
The Grid (Early Morning Dreams) Tashery S. B7
One More Kiss (winner of "Most Humorous Blake's 7 Vid") Tashery S. and Jill (under the name "Sarran Songs) B7
Murder By Numbers Tashery S. and Jill (under the name "Sarron Songs) B7
Time Undone (The Eyes of Your Ghost) Gayle F. WG
Pirate Ships Gayle F. B7
Take Time (He's A Man) Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Science Fiction, Double Feature Gayle F. and Tashery S. B7
Sail Away (Data's Dream) Gayle F. and Tashery S. Mixed


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