Lives in the Balance

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Title: Lives in the Balance
Creator: Media Cannibals (Sandy Herrold and rache)
Date: 9/1993
Format: VCR vid (VHS)
Length: 4:19m
Music: "Lives in the Balance" by Jackson Brown
Fandom: Wiseguy
URL: online here; streaming version at AO3

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Lives in the Balance is a VCR-era vid by Media Cannibals that is a Roger Locco character study. The vid premiered at Escapade in 1994 and won an award at Revelcon that same year. The vid was remastered in 2005 for Vividcon and was shown twice: once at the 2005 High-Definition Theater vid and show and in 2003 at the Narrative vid show.

During the remastering of the vid in 2005, rache remembers: "This is a remaster of the first vid that I was in charge of, from song selection to fandom to construction. I was not well and Sandy brought the editing VCR over, so we could edit while I lay on the couch. We made the vid in 1993, and remastered it for Vividcon. I think it tied for a best drama award at Revelcon in 1994."

In 1995, it was among a selection of Wiseguy fanvids handed by a fan to TV producer Stephen Cannell who was then working on a Wiseguy movie. The fan described Cannell's reaction as being cool with the concept of music videos as long as no money was made. He also thought that fanworks like vids extended the life of the show. Interestingly, even though many of the vid creators were on the same mailing list, no public discussion took place about the wisdom of sharing fanvids with TPTB. [1]

Fan Reactions

There are a couple of wonderful songvids in Wiseguy, notably the Jackson Browne Roger vid called "Lives in the Balance." Perfectly sums up Roger for me. [2]

movies_michelle: VividNon: Character vids: So, I'm looking for your Five Favorite Character vids. Not really looking for relationships, but vids that fully illustrate who a character is. Lives in the Balance [by Medial Cannibals] (Wiseguy)-- Possibly my favorite all time vid, period. I think this not only excellently illustrates Roger's story, but tells you so much about him, even if you've never seen a bit of WG.[3]


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