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Title: Gateway to Time
Publisher: The St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency, Inc. (fan club)
Editor(s): Jeff Morris
Date(s): 1984-1989
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia & Blake's 7 & Doctor Who
Language: English
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Gateway to Time is a gen multimedia anthology focusing on Blake's 7 and Doctor Who.

Issue 1

Gateway to Time 1 was published in February 1984.

cover of issue #1

The artwork is by Mike Suzor, Marge Chamberlin, Brendon Cody, John Stradter, John Bishop, and J. Kekteh, Laura Kyro, Mick McDowell, and Ross Topping.

  • Editorial
  • Table of Contents (1)
  • Rogue Scholarship by Jeff Bishop (2)
  • Home of the Strange by Marge Chamberlin (39)
  • The Emperor's New Clothes by Laura Kyro (40)
  • Gallifrey Gambit by Jeff Morris (discover what evil awaits the fifth regeneration of the Doctor as he is summoned back to Gallifrey) (47)
  • Broken Circle by Jon Stadter (72)
  • The Dark Side of Midnight by Jeff Morris (76)
  • Manifest Destiny by Mary Shapiro (86)
  • Dr. Who and the Jebabs by Ramona Taylor and Laura Kyro (91)
  • The Exile by Hunter Dunn ("a talented story-teller with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing!") (105)
  • Puttin' on the Doc by Marge Chamberlin (132)
  • Collisions in Space and Time by Jon Stadter (135)

Issue 2

Gateway to Time 2 was published in 1985.

  • Dreamspawn by Kevin Decker
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mac Popham, Nancy Van den Akker and Carol Walker
  • The Best Laid Plots... by Jeff Morris
  • The Incompetence of the Daleks by Beth Jones
  • Doctor Who in Forever Land by S. Gitry
  • Penultimate Dead Companion Story by Jeff Morris
  • Heirs of Destruction by Sobansky
  • poems by Grokett, Sareck
  • art by Kocher, B. Morris and Suzor

Issue 3

Gateway to Time 3

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Leah Rosenthal. A fan in 2016 said: "(it /is/ funny, though) c) i’ve never looked at this cover closely, only ever in a small version. and for some reason avon+the back of six’s head always looked like avon and scaroth last of the jagaroth to me. and i never thought ‘maybe it isn’t’ until… well, until i scrolled down and saw six, to be honest. i dont know why i thought it was so plausible that someone would draw scaroth. fandom, i guess :)" [1]
back cover of issue #4, Leah Rosenthal. A fan in 2016 said: "Ah, Avon being all cool and menacing…Siiiiix! I know he’s asking for it, but is it fair to do that to a man life has already decided to kick in the balls on a daily basis? As you can see, technology improves, but fans remain fans." [2]
flyer for issue #4, click to read

Gateway to Time 4 was published in 1988 and contains 161 pages. Leah Rosenthal is the front and back cover artist. Christopher Cook, Laura Virgil, Nora Schneeburger and Linda Evans are the artists.

  • Right Off the Bat (2)
  • Split Image by Steven Veverka, art by Celeste Hotaling, (4)
  • My New Regeneration by Steve Swope (17)
  • Time Lord in the Eye of the Orion by Ginger Vaughn, art by Susan V. Houck (18)
  • Nobody's Side by Ann Wortham, art by Laura Virgil (19) (Blake's 7) (Ever wonder what happened to Jenna after Star One? Do you really want to know?)
  • Moon Shards by Jan Grokett, art by Susan V. Houck (21)
  • Gauda Prime, filk and art by Nora Schneeburger (Blake's 7)
  • Plumis, story and art by Nora Schneeburger (23)
  • Cyber Scouse Git, filk and art by Steve Swope (34)
  • The Seven Doctors by Sandra Williams (35) (A rather "MAD" pictoral look at our favorite Time Lord.
  • A Bandersnatch's Tale by Kevine Decker, art by Steve Swope (43) ("'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe ... " The Sixth Doctor and Mel, strangers in a strange land, are assigned a quest to slay the dreaded Jabberwock--"The jaws that bite, the claws that catchl" A fun-filled. adventurous romp and affectionate tribute to Lewis Carroll.)
  • Hey Vila, filk and art by Mora Schneeberger (57) (Blake's 7)
  • Time on His Hands by N. Van Den Akker and Sandy LaCroix, art by Chris Cook (58)
  • The Invisible Enemy, filk and art by Sandra Williams (65)
  • The Last Time I Saw Paris by Atlanta Lea, art by Laura Virgil (67) Malodaar, Avon decides he can no longer lead his crew and begins his search for Blake. But someone ... or something ... is stalking him in the shadows of Xenon Base ... and it's hungry ...)
  • Behind the Icy Barriers by Jan Grokett (101) (Blake's 7 poem)
  • Intestinal Fortitude by Nancy Van Den Akker, art by Sandra Williams (102)
  • Quanta by Keith Tomazi, art by TM Lindsey (credited as Tim Lindsey) (105) (If the TARDIS is caught in a singularity with the Sixth Doctor and Peri inside. Are they alive, dead--or both? A chilling story that gives a deadly example of a quantum physics universe, where normal physical laws don't always apply!)
  • Don't Bring Me Down by Sandra Williams (116)
  • A Job for Heroes! by Jeff Morris, art by Christopher Cook (118) (Blake's 7) (Tarrant gets sent to make contact with a rebel agent--armed with an unusual password ...)
  • Ratings by Sandra Williams (123)
  • I am the Doctor by Ginger Vaughn, art by Sandra Williams (124)
  • The Day We Lost HQ by Kim McCarthy, art by Nora Schneeberger (128) (How did UNIT handle the rather abrupt loss of its main building during THE THREE DOCTORS? Well, under the circumstances, quite ably, actually ... until Geneva tried to call ...)
  • Starry Nights by Jan Grokett (153)
  • Chance Meeting, story and art by Linda Evans (Blake's 7) (154)
  • Barely Finished Season by Steve Swope (158)
  • Prelude by Jeff Morris (159)

Issue 5

Gateway to Time 5 was published in 1989 and contains 173 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • Right Off the Bat
  • A Most Human Quality
  • There You Change Again
  • Avon's Lament
  • Checkmate
  • Good-Bye
  • The Edge
  • Companions in Death
  • Triangle
  • Tegan's Song
  • Future Concern
  • An Ode to the Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Morning
  • Nasty!
  • Quanta & Gateway
  • Doctor in a Dress
  • Greel
  • A Tardis of Dreams
  • Echoes
  • Phantom of the Tardis
  • The Blake's Seven March
  • Cyberman!
  • The Fictional Advisor
  • Unwilling Companion

Fan comments

Ah, Avon being all cool and menacing…Siiiiix! I know he’s asking for it, but is it fair to do that to a man life has already decided to kick in the balls on a daily basis?

Gateway to Time IV, a Doctor Who & Blake’s 7 fanzine. As you can see, technology improves, but fans remain fans.

bruinhilda, 2016 [4]


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