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Title: On the Double
Publisher: Pon Farr Press
Editor(s): Alexis Fegan Black (issues #1-#12), Ande H. (#13-#16) and Pat Diggs (#17-#34)
Type: adzine, letterzine
Date(s): 1986 to 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, The Professionals, & multimedia
Language: English
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ssues #1-#12

On the Double is a quarterly slash (mainly), gen, and het zine.

At first, "On the Double" was a letterzine as well as an adzine and offered listings for fanzines, memorabilia for sale and convention announcements across multiple fandoms. It started out as a K/S zine and around 1990, began to include The Professionals, as well as other fandoms.

This zine was the successor to Not Tonight Spock!.

Several issues won a 1988 Surak Award.

From issue #34: "'On the Double' will be sent in a plain brown envelope four times a year."

In the April 1988 issue of Naked Times, the editor wrote that "On the Double" had about 175 subscribers, and that "in order to keep the newsletter going and make it a worthwhile time investment, we need to maintain a minimum of 200 subscribers."

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Its Demise

The zine had a vigorous run until about 1989. It was around then that fans stopped sending LoCs and zine reviews, and the zine became simply an adzine.

The adzine flourished until about 1992. This is when the editor started to complain about zineds not keeping their ads up-to-date. The zine also began to be published more erratically, due to the usual reasons that long-running zines do: personal problems interfering with editing, fans becoming lackadaisical and taking information for granted, and with the case of "On the Double," the internet beginning to provide information that had only previously been in paper form. Once the adzine was being published later and later, the zine ads becoming less accurate, and it contained information for cons that had already happened, the zine lost its audience.

A Twinkle in the Editor's Eye

From the editorial of A Collection of Dreams (summer, 1986):
...I have decided to try a new K/S-oriented letterzine. I would like to try an approach somewhat different than NOT TONIGHT, SPOCK, though the fine quality of NTS makes it difficult not to adopt a few of their ideas. Since K/S fandom is growing, I've felt for a long time that we could use as many informative publications as are feasible. Tentatively, the title for this new zine is ON THE DOUBLE, and I'm currently accepting ads (free to fanzine editors) letters of comment on any K/S-related subject, and — especially - reviews of K/S fanzines. I am hoping that the readers will want to become involved in a publication like this, and that I'll hear from some of you with suggestions, letters and what-have-you. At this point, I am hoping to make ON THE DOUBLE a reader-participation zine, similar to an apa, but open to any K/S fan at any time. Current. listings of K/S zines will be included, as well as any items of interest the readers care to include. No pub date for the first issue yet, though SASES are being accepted and kept on file.


From an notice in Not Tonight, Spock! (soon to cease):
ON THE DOUBLE: new K/S letterzine in the works. We would like to do a K/S letterzine similar in format to INTERSTAT, though in a format where K/S fans can have their say without hostility from opposing viewpoints. (If the non-K/Sers want to do their own zine, fine, but ON THE DOUBLE will not print nasty letters stating & re-stating pro/con/arguments.) OTD will be similar to an apa, but open to all fans at any time. Also, OTD will print ads for any K/S publications, as well as reviews, comments, & discussions of any zine or K/S related topic. Ads, letters & SASEs now being accepted Tentative date for publication: Winter? [1]
a flyer printed in Naked Times #16
From a flyer in Naked Times #16 (September 1987):

Welcome to ON THE DOUBLE — the new K/S letter and ad zine! As of November 1, 1987, we will be celebrating our First Anniversary, and we ask you to climb aboard for our continuing voyages into the fascinating (sorry, Spock) universe of K/S fandom. ON THE DOUBLE includes ads for new and old K/S publications alike, as well as letters from fans on a variety of topics, reviews, news items on STAR TREK and K/S, and just about anything else we can get our hands on.

We invite zine eds to participate! Zine editors are urged to send in ads for K/S publications. Our only request is that each zine ad by typed, with a maximum of 3 typed lines per zine. We won't get into spacing and pitch requirements, nor will we kidnap your first born Vulcan son if you need more space from time to time. We do, however, reserve the right to edit any ads as necessary in order to fit our formatting requirements. But, for the most part, we're pretty easy to deal with. We do ask, also, that you send your ads ready to be typed since we're all new at this, and we simply don't have the time or the computerized intellect required to type ads presented in the form of flyers. So... if you do send flyers instead of typed ads, we wi11 kidnap your first-born Vulcan son and hold him for appropriate ransom.

We invite artists to participate! We need covers — preferably non-explicit covers, as ON THE DOUBLE will probably be mailed in a similar fashion to INTERSTAT, and the postal union doesn't have the funds required to replace letter carriers who drop dead of a heart attack! Since ON THE DOUBLE is normally mailed without an envelope (stapled shut, with appropriate stamps), we must insist that cover art does not reveal genitalia or other typically "embarrassing" body parts. Whenever possible, we ask artists to send good quality xeroxes of covers, as originals have a habit of getting lost or damaged, so... let us hear from you with any samples or ideas you may have!

We invite the readers to participate! Since OTD is a letter zine as well as an ad zine, we hope to hear from as many of you as possible on any K/S or STAR TREK related subject you care to discuss. We will probably have a "topic of the month" feature similar to the one in NOT TONIGHT, SPOCK, though we welcome letters on any topic at any time. Also, if you come across a news article which might be of interest to other fans, please send us a copy. (We're not the best at returning things and we admit it, so please send only disposable items whenever possible.) We don't guarantee that we'll be able to include all news items submitted, but we would definitely like to have them on hand for times when there is room to print them.

In addition to ads, letters and news, we will also be featuring regular columns and reviews of current or semi-current K/S publications. One column in particular which we believe you will find of interest is a sort-of "monthly appreciation" column in which one of our staff writers will choose and discuss a current K/S story which deserves special recognition. This will be in addition to reviews (which may be submitted by any of our readers.) We feel that the "monthly appreciation" column will hopefully help to fill a "gap" created by the various awards (such as the K/Star and the new Surak Awards). While these awards are a definite service to fandom, we at OTD also feel that a monthly appreciation column will allow more writers and more stories to be recognized on an informal basis. And, of course, the readers of OTD are encouraged to send in suggestions for stories which you feel deserve special recognition.

As for our publication schedule, we are publishing quarterly — November 1, February 1, May 1,and November 1 (again).

Again, we invite you to participate, and we're eagerly looking forward to another year of ON THE DOUBLE.

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Issue 1

On the Double 1 was published in November 1986 and contains 18 pages.

front cover of issue #1 by Dragon

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Jackie Zoost

On the Double 2 was published in February 1987 and contains 27 pages. The cover is by Jackie Zoost.

  • the editor writes:
    In future issues, if letter writers want their addresses published, OTD will be happy to do so. But to avoid unpleasantries which might arise from doing the "wrong thing", I've decided to print only names and cities until future issues. When sending a letter for publication, please be sure to let me know that it is for publication, as well as letting me know whether or not you want your full address to appear in print. No "anonymous" letters will be accepted, though we will print your letter with a pseudonym provided the editor has some way of sending any response-mail to you at a working address. What we re trying to avoid is any potential nit-picking such as has appeared in other publications over the years, so... I hope everyone understands my stand on this. Thanks.
  • a fan writes:
    I'm finally getting around to writing about "On The Double". It's a fantastic idea and a much-needed publication. For instance, until I saw the listings in OTD, I didn't know there were any other K/S zines in the world. I have been buying NAKED TIMES since it was first published by Della. But, outside the old zines by Gerry Downes, [Gayle F] and Carol Hunterton, I was literally in the dark about the extent of the literature. Now that I know, I fully intend to remedy the dirty of such literature in my possession. What kind of K/S stories do I like? For instance, "The Lo'chin" by Ray Newton. Stories of the men's relationship in the working environment of the Enterprise and Starfleet with excursions to shore, leave planets. I'm not too crazy about the slave-type stories. I've never understood how an otherwise intelligent, caring individual could find the owning of another person by another person (even in an alternate universe) an attractive premise. Of course, I may be just a wee bit prejudiced. Most of these slave stories usually have Kirk as the slave. How about equal time? That is, if the subject is written about at all. I like sex (love) scenes very much, relating to the stories, providing there's no masochism or sadism. I like loving relationships.
Neither am I too crazy about continuing series such as "Outworlds". It's a good series, but there's too much time between chapters to try and keep the string of the story intact.

Issue 3

On the Double 3 was published in May 1987 and contains 44 pages.

front cover of issue #3, Carol A. Pierce

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Carol A. Pierce

On the Double 4 was published in August 1987 and contains 40 pages. The front cover is by Carol A. Pierce.

The editor of "On the Double" responds to N P:
I don't have access to the NAKED DOUBLES flyer, and it's my personal opinion that things of this nature are best forgotten — in the trash can where they belong. The ND flyer was apparently written by someone who had become embittered and felt that taking a back-handed "slap" at almost every competent editor in fandom was the best way to show her displeasure. Suffice it to say, Nanette, that "you didn't miss anything" by not seeing the ND flyer.

Issue 5

On the Double 5 was published in November 1987 and contains 36 pages.

cover of issue #5, Jackie Zoost

Issue 6

On the Double 6 was published in February 1988 and contains 36 pages.

cover of issue #6, reprinted from Naked Times #16, Ann M. Crouch

Issue 7/8

cover of issue #7/8, Ann M. Crouch

On the Double 7/8 was published in May/Summer 1988 and contains 55 pages. The front cover is by Ann M. Crouch. It won a 1988 Surak Award.

Issue 9

On the Double 9 won a 1988 Surak Award. It was published November 1988 and contains 32 pages.

cover of issue #9, Vel Jaeger

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Vel Jaeger

On the Double 10 was published in February 1989 and contains 32 pages.

Issue 11

inside back cover of issue #11, C.A. Pierce
cover of issue #11, Vel Jaeger

On the Double 11 was published in May 1989 and contains 26 pages.

Issue 12

On the Double 12 was published in August 1989 and contains 30 pages. It is the last issue published by Alexis Fegan Black.

cover of issue #12, artist is Ann M. Crouch. It is the reprinted cover of from Naked Times #17

Issue 13

On the Double 13 was published in November 1989 and contains 51 pages. It is the first issue edited by Ande H.

With the change in management comes a change in content: the letterzine/adzine is now open to all adult and slash fandoms.

Issue 14

On the Double 14 was published in March 1990.

Issue 15

On the Double 15 was published in June 1990.

Issue 16

Issue 17

Issue 18

Issue 19

On the Double 19 was published in June 1991 and contains 40 pages.

cover of issue #19, Karen Eaton
open letter from issue #19

Issue 20

On the Double 20 was published in September 1991 and contains 41 pages.

cover of issue #20, Marilyn Cole
From the editorial:

Summer is almost over and fail is making its appearance. For this area, that means lots of fog, which I love. I was especially grateful for it after the heat and humidity of Chicago during Chicon V. (Though I must admit that there were some very beautiful days in Chicago , once a storm came and cleared the air.) I did see a few of you there and it was very nice to see some of you in person. I expect to meet more of you at Zebracon in October. I'm really looking forward to this one because I am already acquainted with at least half of the people who will be attending. I hope everyone is getting as excited as I am.


There are no reviews this issue because I did not receive any. I will try to mention publications of note next issue but I really did not have time to write anything this time. In any case, I would rather get reviews from you. So, please, if you have read something that gave you pleasure, let the rest of us know. Remember, you get a comp issue if your article is printed. Instead of a review, I am including a list of recommendations that was given out at one of the Worldcon panels. It might be of interest to those of you who are looking for reading material that is just a little different.

Again we have Marilyn Cole to thank for the beautiful cover. Bless her!
A call to action for fans called: Tired of Creation "Cons":

In our opinion, Creation seems to be failing into a trend lately (even more so than usual, that is). As most of you already know, their conventions over the years have generated a lot of complaints regarding the coordination of the events, a general feeling of displeasure due to an atmosphere of greed, and, most importantly, the overall way they treat the fans. Well, those of you who attended the Los Angeles 25th Anniversary Star Trek "con", June 7-9, will know that Creation has sunk to new depths. The entire weekend was an ordeal of misleading information (such as selling other tickets when we were told the $143.00 preferred seating was the only way to get in Friday and Saturday), endless lines (one every single day, plus they habitually started it late & ended early), and a widespread feeling of being used. Add to that the fact of many not informed that cameras were not allowed in the Shrine auditorium until they were at the door with their tickets and cameras in hand.

But Creation isn't satisfied with just that. A contract with Paramount was recently finalized in which Creation has the exclusive rights to sell all Trek T-Shirts, posters and photos. How long this is for is unknown at this time, but it's almost certain that Creation will milk it for all it's worth. We've heard that they are also in the process of trying to get the Next Generation (and possibly the original as well) cast on contract so they will appear only at Creation conventions. And considering their past record Creation is not the kind of company we would want entrusted with this responsibility. From these points alone it doesn't look good at all...it will all only lead to us being charged more and more, and no doubt treated even worse. We've got a nagging suspicion that if something isn't done quickly rapid increases in prices will soon spiral out of reach for the average fan, next years tickets for the fifth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation are being sold for $165.00. Well, it's high time to let them know how we, the fans who are keeping them in business, feel — that this kind of treatment won't be put up with anymore! Creation has gone from being "a convention by fans for fans" to just being a typical corporate venture with no room left for creativity or fun, just profit.

If you agree with the feelings expressed in this flyer then please pass the word along and write to the parties involved — every letter counts! Also, it might be a good idea to write both of the casts to let them know how we feel. And if you find yourself still needing to go to a Creation convention then please buy only general admission tickets rather than preferred seating. To make this work not only do we have to drown them with letters but also hit them where it hurts, their pocketbooksl! Please send your letters of comment to: Paramount Pictures and Creation Conventions [addresses included]
Another call to action, this one a form letter for fans to send to the Chairman of the Board of Paramount. The author is not credited, but could be Pat Diggs, the editor of On the Double:

Dear Mr. Chairman,

September 6, 1991 Is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Star Trek.

One of the most important aspect of the series Gene Roddenberry has created has been the vision that humanity will put aside its differences one day and live and work together In friendship and with love.

Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation have shown crew members, both men and women, of the U.S.S. Enterprise who are of different races, nationalities, and beliefs. However, in the quarter century Star Trek has 
existed, it has never shown an openly gay person.

The appearance of gay characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation is, I think, overdue. Mr. Roddenberry has said the worst possible thing that could happen to humanity is for all of us to look, act, and think alike. To include gay characters in Star Trek.is a decision which I feel would be true to this belief and to the vision which has made Star Trek a success.

Mr. Chairman, I ask you to urge Mr. Roddenberry to acknowledge that gay people are part of humanity by having Star Trek: The Next Generation include openly gay characters. Thank you.


Issue 21

On the Double 21 was published in December 1991 and contains 35 pages.

front cover of issue #21, Maureen B

Issue 22

On the Double 22 was published in March 1992 and contains 44 pages.

The editor apologizes for this issue being very late. She also mentions that art on the cover is not what was originally intended; she lost that illustration. The editor thanks Marilyn Cole for the printed cover art and mentions it "was a picture she had given to me some time ago."

Issue 23

On the Double 22 was published in June 1992 and contains 46 pages.

front cover of issue #22, S.A. Grogan, dated 1985, portrays Ray Doyle

The editor addresses a recent plagiarism incident and reprints a response letter by a fan

Issue 24

On the Double 24 was published in September 1992 and contains 50 pages.

There are no open letters, zine reviews, or con reports. This issue consists of zine ads.

Issue 25

On the Double 25 was published in December 1992 and contains 50 pages.

The cover is by Karen Eaton, and features Bodie and Doyle from Pros. It contains only ads.

cover of issue #25, Karen Eaton

Issue 26

On the Double 26 was published in March 1993 and contains 50 pages.

The cover is by Phoenix, and features Doyle from Pros. It contains only ads.

cover of issue #26, Phoenix

Issue 27

On the Double 27 was published in June 1993 and contains 55 pages.

The cover features Kirk/Spock.

cover of issue #27, Marilyn Cole

Issue 28

Issue 28 was published in September 1993 and contains 59 pages. Cover art by Tammy Lomas.

cover issue #28 by Tammy Lomas

Issue 29

On the Double 29 was published in December 1993 and contains 60 pages.

cover of issue #29 -- a Pros cover by Karen Eaton

This issue contains a poem called "An Enterprising Christmas" printed on the last page. It appears to be a fanwork but is not credited in any way, nor is there any other information about it.

From the editor:

If you are holding this in your hand, I guess I actually got done. There were times when I seriously thought about finding someone to take it over, at least for this issue. The time between Thanksgiving and the week after New Year's to put it mildly, traumatic. [personal info snipped] I have all you fans to thank for my sanity, especially Sherry Zoeller, Marie Aranas, Joan Martin, and Kathy Snow. An your good wishes gave me a lot of positive energy and these ladies listened, (until I am sure they were heartily sick of hearing about it), gave me very broad shoulders to lean on, and were very sympathetic company. They will never know how much they helped. Sometimes the only medicine is a good friend. So, this is a very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year but who says you can't get these wishes an year round. Again, I thank you all for your patience. I must have the best subscribers in the universe.

Before the crisis, I bad a very memorable time at Friscon. I'm sure Sherry, Kathy, and Sammy did too, since we got a flat tire when we left the con to go into the city for dinner. Good thing the weather wasn't too cold, (though my Southern California friends might not agree about that). All aside, Friscon was warm and lovely. It was as if you were at a big party at someone's house. This is definitely a warm, fuzzy convention.

Last issue I forgot to thank Marie for helping me get it out. I have a feeling she is going to help me with this one too, so I'll thank her in advance. Thanks to Karen Eaton for her wonderful cover. She never fails. See you all at Escapade. Take care until next time.

Issue 30

On the Double 30 was published in March/May 1994 (the date of 1995 on the cover is a typo) and contains 60 pages. The cover is of Spock and it is by Marilyn Cole.

cover of issue #30, Marilyn Cole
The editor apologizes for the lateness of this issue, citing personal family problems:

The next issue will be out in September. That will set the cycle correctly again.


You will notice that there are several new zines where you will have to SASE for the cost. That is because, as usual, many editors did not bother to tell me when proposed zines were finished and available. I had to find out "through the grapevine", so I know they are

out but 1 don't know what the editors are charging. (As I've said before, finding out about zines after I've already set the pages adds time to the zine but it is that or an on time zine with out of date ads.). But, it will be out. Pray that the post office does not raise their rates! If they do, I will have to add a dollar or two to the rates, but like last time, the new rates will apply when you renew. Thanks to Marilyn Cole for the cover art. What a sweetheart. Since cons are my "take a break" time, I still plan to see you at MediaWest. There are going to be many new things out there, so we can all plan to be very broke, but very happy. I hope you are all well, calm, and happy. See you in Michigan. Have a great summer.

Issue 31

cover of issue #31, Ray Doyle, by Courtney Gray

On the Double 31 was published in September 1994 and contains 70 pages. The editor apologizes for the "1995" on the cover of the previous issue; "Wonder what kind of a Freudian slip that was?"

This issue has a ballot for the 1994 STIFfies, plus a list of the 1993 winners.

Issue 32

On the Double 32 was published in December 1994 and contains 68 pages. The cover features Bodie and Doyle by K.S. Eaton from The Professionals. This issue contains many zine ads and con flyers, and one newspaper clipping about Star Trek.

cover of issue #32
From the editorial:
I will ask that you continue to mention OTD when ordering. Maybe that way the publishers will remember to update their ads. I'm still finding out about changes by accident, and not because the editors/publishers are remembering to update. You will see a lot of "SASE for prices" for that reason. Thanks to Karen Eaton for her uplifting holiday cover. (OK! I'm sorry and won't do it again.)

Issue 33

On the Double 33 was published in August 1995 and contains 75 pages. There are no letters or reviews, only ads and one Dilbert cartoon.

Issue 34

cover issue #34 by Suzan Lovett. This is a low resolution photocopy of the drawing which lacks most of the significant details. The artist gave permission for a photocopy of her art print Leather and Lace to be used on the cover. Years later an actual print of the illustration inspired przed to write Transfigurations.

On the Double 34 was published in 1996 (May? [4]) and contains 81 pages.

This last issue contains no LoCs, no zine reviews, just ads.

The editor wrote briefly of the future of the zine, and she gave no indication that this was the last issue, possibly because she did not realize it herself.

The front cover is by Suzan Lovett. The editor apologizes for some lateness which is due to some serious Real Life issues:
After next year, time to work on OTD won't be a problem, because all of this has caused me to decide to retire. All I can say is THANK YOU for your incredible patience. I did get a few letters implying that I was stealing their subscription money, but only from people who do not know me, and I can't really blame them.


  1. ^ from Not Tonight, Spock! #14
  2. ^ see Datazine #47
  3. ^ While she doesn't name it, she is most likely referring to Alien Brothers.
  4. ^ "Does anyone know what's going on with Pat Diggs and her ON THE DOUBLE? The last issue (I saw] was in August, 1995. She mailed a postcard in March 1996 writing that the next issue would be in several months, but there's been nothing since then. She's not responding to letters." -- from a fan in Rallying Call #19 (October 1996)
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