On the Double Interview with Linda Frankel

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Interviews by Fans
Title: On the Double Interview with Linda Frankel
Interviewer: On the Double
Interviewee: Linda Frankel
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek TOS, slash
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There was an interview with Linda Frankel in On the Double #5.


Well, I'd started writing something in 1977 that later became "By The Stone Ezel" (DARING ATTEMPT 5), but I had no idea that anyone else was writing this stuff. Then Jacqueline Lichtenberg sent me a flier for THRUST.' The editor, Carol Frisbie, put me in touch with Gerry Downes who kindly lent me a copy of ALTERNATIVE. It was Gerry Downes that suggested that I write to Pon Farr Press, which was about to pub its first K/S zine. My first poem appeared in NAKED TIMES 1.
[Regarding a [gafiation]: I got bored with K/S, and became involved in other fandoms, Darkover and Sime/Gen. I came back to K/S in 1985 wanting to see if it had changed, and it certainly had. K/S is more sophisticated and mature now. There's also a lot more of it.
I have very wide tastes in art. I would never dream of comparing the realism of Caren Parnes or Susan Lovett to the highly individualized expressiveness of Gayle F. This would be like comparing Vermeer to Van Gogh. All these artists are excellent at what they do, though the styles they represent are poles apart. K/S is also blessed with Marilyn Cole, The Southern Cross, Ann Crouch, Chris Soto and many more.