Ann Crouch

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Name: Ann Crouch
Type: fan artist and fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Ann Crouch is a fan artist and fanzine publisher whose work has appeared in a number of fanzines.

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:
"I discovered ST in 1975 while flipping through the TV channels one evening for something to watch. My life hasn't been the same since .. I found fandom through the ST Welcommittee and shortly thereafter fanzines entered my life. My first fan activities centered around publishing. and with co-publisher Karen Bates, Ankar Press has produced two volumes of MAIDEN VOYAGES, STARWEAVER, and FERMATA. I first tried my hand at drawing shortly before ST: TMP. I now draw exclusively for ST. As a Spock fan, he is my favorite subject. I work in pen and ink, and thrive on "lots-a-dots". I've had work appear in NOME, MAINELY TREK, ETERNAL TRIANGLE, Time WARP, CLIPPER TRADE SHIP, ODYSSEY, PLAK TOW, INTERSTAT, THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE, ENTERCOMM, PENUMBRA, SUBLIGHT READING, STARDATE, TREK CONTINUUM, SPIN DIZZY, STARWEAVER, and FERMATA. Other interests include my family, sailing, horseback riding, and reading sf."