Maiden Voyages

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Title: Maiden Voyages
Publisher: Ankar Press out of Omaha, Nebraska
Editor(s): Ann Crouch and Karen Bates (an ad in Datazine #7 says it is "under new management" and that the editor is Trudy Myers
Date(s): very late 1979
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Maiden Voyages is a gen multifandom anthology for beginning writers.

Summary from Datazine #1: "A vehicle through which new talent will be able to gain exposure and experience. Our only requirement for submissions is that you have not been published more than twice. One need not be new to fandom, only to the creative aspects."

As per a 1981 ad in Universal Translator #9, the zine was going to publish a third issue "under new management" -- "Ship to Shore," a publisher out of Nebraska, but this issue never made it off the ground.

Issue 1

Maiden Voyages 1 was published in 1979 and is 133 pages and offset. The cost was $4.80.

  • The Secret by Trudy Burke
  • The Pen and the Sword by David Gardner
  • To Love, a Stranger" by Gloria Nugent
  • The Mutation by Sheila Hallman
  • poetry by Carol Nevins
  • art by Lucy Reinarz, Sheila Hallman, and Jim Alexander

Issue 2

Maiden Voyages 2 was published in 1980 and contains about 100 pages.

  • Never Time, a novelette written by Cathi Brown. It has illos by Cathi Brown and Ann Crouch (it is a precursor to to The MacShannon Chronicles, introduces Samanth MacShannon and the race known as Woleyn to the Enterprise and her crew; the story is reprinted alone as Never Time)
  • A Tale of Two Men by Kate Birkel ( A bitter exchange betueen Kirk and a guilt ridden McCoy following Spock's death.) (1 page)
  • other unknown content