Twin Destiny

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Title: Twin Destiny
Publisher: Enterprising Press
Editor(s): Linda D. Biggs and Sarah Leibold
Date(s): 1983-1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover of issue #1, Gayle F., nominated for a K/Star Award
back cover of issue #1, Andrea Kunz

Twin Destiny is a slash Star Trek: TOS anthology. There are two issues.

a submission request printed in Not Tonight, Spock! #1, click to read

Issue 1

Twin Destiny 1 was published in July 1983 and contains 225 pages.

The art is by Gayle F, Virginia Lee Smith, Barbara P. Gordon, Suzan Lovett, Ann Crouch, and Andrea Kunz.

The cover by Gayle F (also duplicated in the zine as interior art) won a K/Star Award, the interior art: "Center of the Circle" foldout by Suzan Lovett was nominated for a K/Star Award, and "Virgin Spock" by Ann Crouch was also nominated for a K/Star Award).

  • Spellbound, poem by Ellen L. Kobrin (6)
  • Center of the Circle by Cynthia Drake (7)
  • One Plus One by Vivian Gates (A link is formed while Kirk and Spock are lying against each other while hiding from pursuers, a link that slowly turns into a bond.) (13)
  • The Fallible McCoy, poem by Gene S. Delapenia (29)
  • A Time for Everyone by Dovya Blacque (Kirk and Spock deal with their new status as lovers while trying to find where their guest from the past really belongs.) (also in A Gathering of Blacque) (30)
  • Brothers, poem by Patt (53)
  • Stop and Smell the Roses, poem by Elaine Tripp (54)
  • Realities and Rebirth by Ann Crouch (A/U A neurotic Spock is unable to break away from his male lover even though he has fallen in love with Kirk.) (55)
  • First Realization by Sue Williams (77)
  • The Stars That Are You, poem by "Kirk" (79)
  • Discovery by Rowena Smythe (Kirk and Spock are exposed to a probe that temporarily destroys Spockʼs ability to keep his human half under control.) (80)
  • Jim, poem by Patt (86)
  • Friends and Neighbors by Sue Williams (Kirkʼs wonderings about his and Spockʼs new closeness turns to playfulness when both are only in towels and robes.) (87)
  • Squeezing Out Sparks, poem by Kayleen Sybrandt (91)
  • How Can I Tell, poem by Patt (92)
  • Holding You, poem by Patt (92)
  • To Love is Not Enough by Rowena Smythe (Kirk discovers that Spock is dying because he is not getting the mental input he requires from Kirk as his lover.) (93)
  • First Time, poem by Sue Williams (128)
  • Untitled Poem by D. Booker (129)
  • After-Thoughts, poem by D. Booker (129)
  • It Hurts, poem by Gene S. Delapenia (131)
  • There's Got to Be Morning After by Emily Ross (Kirk must find a way to convince Spock that the damage inflicted on him during Spockʼs pon farr is far less than the pain he would endure if Spock were to die.) (132)
  • Shadow of the Flame by Sue Meek (137)
  • In the Pit by A.T. Bush (Kirk recounts to his bondmate an old nightmare he used to have about Spockʼs pon farr until they became bonded.) (138)
  • It's All in Knowing What You Want, poem by D. Booker (150)
  • Discovery, poem by D. Booker (151)
  • The Eternal One Heart by "Kirk" (151)
  • The Joy of K/S: Art Portfolio by Suzan Lovett, Gayle F, Suzan Lovett, Virginia Lee Smith, Barbara P. Gordon, and Ann Crouch (152)
  • Shopping Daze by Devery Helm (Humor: McCoy takes Kirk shopping to get his mind off his absent bondmate, who is away escorting a Kelvan ambassador to a nearby starbase.)(159)
  • Night Time, poem by Bev Lorenstein (165)
  • Made to Measure by Sue Williams (Kirk buys Spock a double sleeping bag.) (166)
  • Waiting, poem by Patt (168)
  • Vulcan Uprising by Ann Crouch (Humor: Kirk and Spock converse over their bond while Kirk is on the bridge and Spock is in sickbay.) (169)
  • Surrender by "Kirk" (172)
  • To Clean a Gorn by A.T. Bush (173)
  • I Am and Shall Always Be, peom by "Kirk" (185)
  • The Best of Times by Toni Cardinal-Price (186)
  • Remember, poem by Leslie Fish (193)
  • Just Friends? by Darien Duck (A depressed, impotent Kirk doesnʼt realize that he and Spock are bonded, not does Spock, who is making plans to obtain a bondmate, fearing that he is entering pon farr.) (194)
  • Best of Times by Toni Cardinal-Price (As Kirk contemplate leaving space again, Spock surprises his lover with a birthday present.)
  • In Darkness and Light, poem by Lee Owers (246)
  • Solstice by Andrea Kunz (Spock is impatient to return home, afraid that his aged bondmate with die before he can arrive as he wishes them to make the journey together.) (247)
  • Twin Destinies by Sharon F (251)
  • Circle of Life by Andrea Kunz (256)
  • All our Tomorrows by Sue Meek (258)

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[art by Suzan Lovett]: I bought this illo at the Shore Leave K/S party this year, and I‘m truly surprised it didn‘t set my suitcase on fire when I brought it home. Originally published as a foldout, this illustration truly proves the old adage that one picture is worth a thousand words. It‘s arranged as a series of five scenes that tell the story of Kirk and Spock‘s first sexual encounter. In the first scene, Kirk looks determined. He‘s confronted Spock with his desires and forces a very wary Spock to confront them as well. Next Kirk has discarded his clothing, and while Spock is still wearing his uniform, he can no longer prevent himself from responding, if only by looking at what Kirk is offering him. Scene three: Spock has disrobed, shed his clothing along with his inhibitions. Kirk tells him with an oh-so-gentle touch to his face that the Vulcan‘s heart will be treated as gently. Then in the following scene the two men make love. Spock appears to be totally undone by what he is experiencing. Finally after sex lassitude takes over, and with Spock‘s head tucked lovingly into Kirk‘s shoulder, the two men drift off to sleep and the true beginning of their life together.

There is so much emotion contained in this picture that it scarcely can be contained between the framing black background. Indeed, the background itself joins the story finally forming the blanket that cocoons the two men as they sleep.

This is a really exceptional piece of work, and I feel fortunate that I can look above my computer and see it every day. [1]

[art]: Did anyone else drool over that Virgin Vulcan illo by Ann Crouch in TWIN DESTINY? Sexy! The Suzan Lovett illos weren't bad either; she's another artist that does mind boggling things with a pencil. [2]

[art]: I got Twin Destiny. Enjoyed it. But my socks real1y dropped off at the sight of that "virgin" Spock-t-shirt illo of Ann's! My Ghod! OOOOoooohhh! Ahhhhhhh! Hey, Ann, if you ever make a poster of that you have your first customer right here. The thing is not only beautiful, it's inspirational. I want to urge one and all (if Ann doesn't mind) to come up with stories and things to explain it! And if you do, PLEASE drop me a card and say where it's gonna be printed. [3]

Issue 2

issue #2, front cover by Gayle F, full interior art gallery below

Twin Destiny 2 was published in 1985 and contains 225 pages. It has art by Gayle F, TACS (Carol Swoboda), ERIC, Caro Hedge, Suzan Lovett, Barbara P. Gordon, Ann Crouch, Paula Mathai, and Virginia Lee Smith.

back cover by TACS

In addition to the front and back covers and art scattered throughout the zine, the zine contains an interior art portfolio featuring art work by numerous artists entitled: "A Day In The Life Of K/S." Linda Biggs is listed as the sole editor.

From the editorial:

This edition of TWIN DESTINY has something for everyone: first time stories, 'within the bond', alternate universe, and humorous fiction. You will also, find a number of K/S versions of series episodes such as: "The Menagerie," "This Side of Paradise," "Mirror Mirror," and "Spock's Brain." I'm particularly fond of this kind of fiction as I am always watching the series for what only fiction can give me -- K/S!

At this point, I should give the following warning: 'If you are, Chapel fan, you might want to skip "To Rape a Vulcan." This is a Mirror Mirror universe and definitely a "Chapel gets hers" story in more ways than one! While it is a well-written story, in Taffie Bush's own terrific style, I realize there are those who have a soft spot for Chapel; hence the explanation. And for those of you who have been waiting for such a story you can stop looking although I suggest you read "Last Virgin" first.

  • To Jim, poem by Rowena Smythe (5)
  • To Spock, poem by Rowena Smythe (8)
  • Human Logic, poem by Wendy Rathbone (11)
  • Wakening by Vivian Gates (Kirk is forced to pretend to be the husband of the female ambassador while she negotiates with a new planet, disrupting his newly formed relationship as Spock's lover.) (11)
  • Exclusivity, poem by S. Meek (37)
  • Guilty by Robin Hood (Kirk is so anxious to find out why Spock did what he did for Pike, that he is willing to confess his love to do so.) (38)
  • Thoughts Upon Losing Paradise, poem by Toni Cardinal-Price (53)
  • Another Side of Paradise by Natasha Solten (Kirk decides to try to break the hold the spores have on Spock by making love to him.) (also in Charisma #12) (44)
  • One Moment Out of Time, poem by Patt (53)
  • Brother of my Soul, poem by Heidi J. Bloebaum (54)
  • My T'hy'la, poem by Heidi J. Bloebaum (54)
  • Special Reserve by Sue Williams (Using any excuse to touch each other leads Kirk and Spock to finally admit their love for each other.) (55)
  • First Night: K/, poem by J. Elizabeth Ginty (59)
  • First Night: /S, poem by J. Elizabeth Ginty (59)
  • Hindsight, poem by Meg Fine (61)
  • The Control of Destiny by Toni Cardinal-Price (62)
  • Coming Out, poem by Emmanuelle Briton Lacey (67)
  • Word Games, poem by Meg Fine (69)
  • Reflectoscope by Heather Whitefield (After another crewman dies, Spock must pull his bondmate out of the pall of guilt the Kirk is living under.) (70)
  • Metamorphosis, poem by Elaine Tripp (73)
  • Tactics by Jan Sullivan (Spock makes it possible for he and Kirk to spend their lunchtime making love in the science lab.) (74)
  • Untitled, poem by D. Booker (77)
  • When Eyes Meet Eyes, poem by Noelle Harrison (79)
  • Art Portfolio - A Day in the Life of K/S
    • Suzan Lovett
    • Barbara P. Gordon
    • Carol Swoboda
    • Ann Crouch
    • Paula Mathai
    • Virginia Lee Smith
  • Sleeping Dogs by Jessica Daigneault (Kirk seduces Spock after finding out that his touch has created a mutual desire, but end up getting more than he bargained for.) (88)
  • For Your Eyes, poem Only by Kayleen Sybrandt (95)
  • T'hy'la, poem by Gene Delapenia (96)
  • Only Memories, poem by Gene Delapenia (96)
  • Perfection, poem by S. Meek (98)
  • The Last Virgin in the Empire by A.T. Bush (M/U. After the transference on Halka, Kirk and Spock become lovers just as Kirk is called on to "service" the daughter of the emperor, a former lover.) (99)
  • Captain's Reverie, poem by D. Booker (99)
  • Victory, poem by D. Booker (148)
  • To Rape a Vulcan by A.T. Bush (M/U. Spock is kidnapped by a rejected Chapel who forces him to have sex, using Kirk as hostage.) (149)
  • Images, poem by Patt (181)
  • A Vulcan's Dilemma by Ann Crouch (182)
  • ... And How Would YOU Like to be Slave for a Day? by A.T. Bush (An anonymous bidder wins Kirk for the day at a benefit auction and has him clean up all the graffiti on the ship.) (186)
  • Bondlink, poem by Emily Ross (197)
  • Payment, poem by Patt (199)
  • Ruined Again by Patt (199)
  • You Can't Have Sunbeams Without Little Specks of Dust, poem by C.J. McNally (200)
  • Star Watch, poem by Elaine Tripp (201)
  • The Missing Joystick Affair, humor by Deverly Helm (in script form, Spock's Brain revisited) (202)
  • Names by Kathy Resch, poem (222)
  • Returning by Alayne Gelfand, poem (225)

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