Fever (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Fever
Publisher: Pon Farr Press
Date(s): 1989 - 1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Fever is a K/S slash Star Trek: TOS anthology zine for pon farr stories. Two issues were published by Pon Farr Press in 1989 and 1991.

Issue 1

Fever 1 was published in June 1989 and contains 157 pages. It has a cover by Marilyn Cole. Other illustrations by Virginia Lee Smith, Deeb, Shellie Whild, and Ralph Fowler.

front cover of issue #1, Marilyn Cole
back cover of issue #1, Marilyn Cole
[From the editorial]:

In all of STAR TREK, there is perhaps nothing more mysterious, more enthralling, and more certain to pique our interest than the Vulcan biological imperative -the pon farr. And that's what FEVER is all about.

I hope you'll agree that all the stories in this zine are wonderful! I haven't been as pleased with an anthology overall in a long time. Each and every story In this zine in some way connects to the Vulcan time of mating and, of course, to K/S.

A special word of thanks should go to Patricia Laurie Stephens for her two lovely stories. THE HEALING and A NEW LIGHT. These are Patricia's first K/S stories - and if her work in the future is anything like this, she's going to be great! I would also like to thank her for bringing me out of a K/S slump over the winter. I was feeling somewhat burned out, had the typical winter blues, and there arrives in the mail box this envelope. Quite unobtrusive, actually. And when I started reading, I couldnt put the story down. It was the first of Patricia's stories I received, A NEW LIGHT - a story that I feel is in the "old vein" of K/S. Congratulations. Patricia, on two jobs well done!

Also, thanks to all my contributors for making FEVER possible - and especially to Natasha and Dovya for helping me through the typing crunch as we are preparing for Koon-ut-CALICON.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with FEVER - from the Marilyn Cole covers to the lovely and expressive illustrations by Deeb in A NEW LIGHT to Linda Frankel's poignant poem, RESTLESS SOULS. Everybody did a great job on this zine, and it gives me enough optimism to tentatively plan a second issue of FEVER. At present, I have no specific deadline, though I would like to have the zine in print by the end of the year. So... any of you writers/artists/poets, please let me hear from you with all those "hot" pon farr stories!

Again, FEVER does not follow the more stringent guidelines set forth for NAKED TIMES - i.e., just about anything goes in FEVER so long as It's believable and well written.

On a different subject... what did everyone think of STAR TREK V? Personally. I found it to be delightful, technically well-done, and with a story that sounded very much like some of those good old fanzine stories! I know, I know, they couldn't go too far, but they did go out on a few limbs. I was very pleased with ft, not only for its story and technical merits, but for the performances of the actors and the sense of love and affection that permeated the entire film. So... let's see some stories set In that timeline, okay?

Finally, on a very tragic and personal note, I am compelled to share the news that fandom has lost one of its own. Pat Friedman was a long-time fan, friend, sometimes-house-guest, and a fellow editor who shared our dream of IDIC, K/S and, most of all, STAR TREK itself.

[...] she left this earthly plane to journey among the stars. [...] her epitaph is one we can all appreciate. It reads simply: "Beam us up, Scotty." Save us a seat on the bridge, Pat. And know you'll live in our thoughts and our hearts forever.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Time Waltz, poem by Lillian Dawn (4)
  • Pride and Prejudice by Dana Austin Marsh (Kirk and Spock face resistance from TʼPau when they go to Vulcan to complete their bond when Spock enters pon farr. ""These are but human and, therefore, cannot comprehend the steps thee have taken here today," T'Pau began Kirk's eyes widened in disbelief. The old crone knew he and Spock had been lovers for five years. What the hell was she going on about? T'Pau gestured and a tall woman, previously unnoticed, stepped forward. "T'Kara is chosen by the clan to serve Spock in his time of need. If thy bond survives the mating and no child results, he will be free to return to you…"") (5)
  • Peace Amid the Storm by Sara B. Leonard (Kirk begins sleepwalking and having nightmares of being drawn to something he fears.) (25)
  • Should and Shouldn'ts, poem by Robin Hood (36)
  • The Healing by Patricia Laurie Stephens (When Kirk and Spock go undercover to break up a drug ring, they must deal with facing the men who held both of them as young boys. (" Nude, he was even more impressive. Black body hair covered his chest and stomach down to his groin, where his huge thick organ lay heavily along his thigh. Jimmy's eyes widened. He had a good idea of what was going to happen. He liked 'doing it'. Ginny Turner, a girl who outweighed him by at least thirty pounds, took him into her barn after the dance last month and let him put it into her. He wanted to do it all the time now. Humans were bisexual. They taught that in school; but was he ready for this?") (37)
  • Restless Souls by Linda Frankel (65)
  • Deadly Fever by A.T. Bush (The serum that reverses the aging caused by the comet near Gamma Hydra 4, also causes Spock to enter pon farr. ""Live?" Kirk heaved a sigh. Spock had picked up on something. "Yes! Live! I want you to live." "I want to live… to be with…" The Vulcan slumped into total unconsciousness. Kirk struggled to control real panic. "Spock? Spock! Don't die! Don't…" There was no further response. And might never be…") (69)
  • Love Is by Kay Wells (Just as Kirk and Spock go into seclusion to get through Spockʼs pon farr, the Enterprise is attacked by a Romulan ship, forcing them to continue behind a privacy screen in the auxiliary bridge. " "Then we shall destroy your ship. I will not be taken for a fool!" "Wait!" Uhura cried desperately. "Most of our bridge crew were [either] killed or critically wounded when you attacked us!" He studied her determined face. "Your captain and first officer were injured?" "No," she said meekly, trying to think of a way to stall for time. It had only been five minutes since Spock had activated the privacy screen, and he and Kirk had taken almost twenty minutes the last time…") (91)
  • The Final Alternative, poem by Faris Vincent (118)
  • Easier Said than Done by Sue Denim (Spockʼs pon farr approaches just as he and Kirk are scheduled to take part in peace negotiations with the Romulans. "Everything was a blur… Kirk barely recalled each point of the speech he was to make, yet he began to talk anyway, figuring he just might be able to pull the whole thing off - but as he opened his mouth, before any words came out, he felt it. Pain! Unendurable agony! Indescribable heat and lust. A sharp stab of the blood fever attacked Spock without warning or mercy, causing him to fall to the deck of his cabin as, in the StarDome, Kirk nearly doubled in pain, fighting to keep from clutching his stomach in complete synchronization with his bondmate…") (119)
  • Well..., poem by Tere Ann Roderick (139)
  • A New Light by Patricia Laurie Stephens (A/U: Drummed out of Star Fleet due to unforeseen complications with their bond, Kirk returns to a brain damaged Spock when the Vulcan enters pon farr. "Spock looked at Kirk and pushed the shaggy black hair from his eyes, smearing dirt across his face. "You knew me when I was well?" "Yes. Yes, I did. We… were good friends." "I don't remember. I forgot everything you know," Spock said quietly. "Yes. I know. I'm sorry." "So am I. It's hard to learn how to do things, and I make a lot of mistakes." The black eyes widened curiously. "Will you tell me how I was?" How he was. How it had been between them before…") (141)
  • The Offer, poem by Dana Austin Marsh (157)
  • Poor Man's Gift, poem by Alexis Fegan Black (158)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[zine]: FEVER is a K/S zine which incorporates only those stones which center around pon farr. When I first picked up the zine, I didn't hold much faith in it, since so many pon farr stories are blatant rewrites of DESERT HEAT or other pon fair classics. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that FEVER has a life of its own.

[See the individual stories for this reviewer's comments on them.]

The poetry contained in FEVER runs from fair to excellent, with the best pieces being RESTLESS SOULS by Linda Frankel. THE FINAL ALTERNATIVE by Faris Vincent, and POOR MAN'S OUT by Alexis Fegan Black. The covers are by Marilyn Cole, with very little interior art The two Deeb pieces in A NEW LIGHT, however, an superb. Overall, FEVER is well worth the money in a market where many zines have only one or two good stories. Then wasn't anything I didn't like in this entire zine - which is the best recommendation I can give any zine. [1]

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Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Kay Wells

Fever 2 was published in March 1991 and has 152 pages.

The front cover is by Kay Wells. Aside from some clip art graphics, there is no interior art. The back cover is blank.

[From the zine]: This zine may not be reproduced (i.e. xeroxed, pirated, photocopied, or whatever other fancy euphemisms the zines thieves are using these days) without the prior written permission of Pon Farr Press and the author or artist. As of this writing, the only authorized representatives selling this or other Pon Farr publications are: Laurie Haynes, Laura Campbell, Koz, and Pon Farr Press. If you bought it from someone else, you are contributing to the downfall of fanzine publishing. Please -- just say no! All Pon Farr Press titles remain "in print" at all times. Don't let the zine pirates fool you by telling you otherwise.

  • Firemirror, poem by Natasha Solten (3)
  • Season of Lies, poem by Janna Steele (4)
  • Mistaken Identity by Kay Wells (Thinking his lover is hiding his condition from him, Kirk follows Spock to Vulcan where, forcing his way into a locked room where he thinks Spock is going through pon farr, he discovers itʼs not Spock heʼs now locked in with. " Cautiously, he pulled open the heavy door and peered into the room. Intense heat and an unfamiliar odor swamped his senses. The room was darker than the others and equally furnished, but not empty. On the mattress lay a figure, back to the door. Kirk studied the sleek black hair and pointed ear that he could see. The rest of the body was covered in a loose coarsely-woven, dull gray fabric. Sweat broke out over his entire body, quickly gathering in the hollows and creases to run in uncomfortable rivultes under his clothing. "Spock?" he called. He couldn't believe his friend had subjected himself to this - whatever "this" was, instead of coming to him…") (5)
  • Of Vulcan Born, poem by Janna Steele (40)
  • The Fire by Shelley Butler (Spock finds Kirk in the swimming area just as he enters the plak tow and finds in Kirk a willing lover. "Spock only stood, looking out at some unseen image, perhaps contemplating the dive into the water. He stood, frozen there by the pool, the mist from heated water rising and dancing about his feet, the lights delicately on the steam coming from his over-heated body…") (41)
  • Anti-Matter, poem by Natasha Solten (42)
  • Bonfire by Robin Hood ("A vision nipped into my soul last night. A man, eyes blazing black with a burning desert heart, stood before my befuddled eyes and waited for an answer. The question, I didn't know. Fear ate into my gut with delicious zines of anticipation. Expectation of what I still didn't know. Something about him, a spark of the unknown, attractive fear, the heat radiating from his blood-taut body drew me, made me want to touch and see if my fingers burned from the brush of his skin…") (55)
  • Contradiction, poem by Janna Steele (58)
  • Winds of Chance by Gena Moretti (A/U: A research scientist at an isolated site, Spock must ask a certain hazel-eyed cargo captain to become his bondmate as he enters pon farr, the only compatible person near. "As Kirk visibly brightened, Spock apprehensively added, "There is, however, a difficulty you will face which I am sure will not be to your liking. Your records have made it clear that you have previously used your considerable attraction to indulge in a very full sexual life. After we bond, sexual freedom will no longer be yours…") (59)
  • Portrait of Freedom by Alexis Fegan Black (On break from the Academy, Kirk falls asleep in a meadow near their farm and dreams of being kidnapped and taken to a Vulcan prince, Spock, to see through pon farr. ""Why - why me?" he insisted. "Why didn't you choose someone - else?" The Vulcan studied him fondly. "There is no other. T'Leish tells me we have always been together. I know you do not understand Vulcan mysticism, yet I accept her words as truth. Indeed, if I did not, I would not have sent my operatives so far to bring you here."") (also in Psychic Storm... and other K/S stories) (101)
  • The Garden, poem by Janna Steele (152)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

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  1. ^ from On the Double #19 (June 1991)