Mistaken Identity (Star Trek: TOS story)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Mistaken Identity
Author(s): Kay Wells
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Mistaken Identity is a Kirk/Spock story by Kay Wells.

It was published in the print zine Fever #2.


"Thinking his lover is hiding his condition from him, Kirk follows Spock to Vulcan where, forcing his way into a locked room where he thinks Spock is going through pon farr, he discovers itʼs not Spock heʼs now locked in with."

Reactions and Reviews

I wasn't sure if there were any new ideas left for pon farr stories, but this had a fresh feel to it. The 'event' in the basement of the Vulcan Embassy was a surprise in a story where I thought I knew exactly where thing's were headed. I liked the way the reader becomes aware of what happened via Kirk's gradual regaining of consciousness in Sickbay. The whole hurt/comfort aspect was well-done and heart-waring. I also liked the eroticism of the sex scene. I could have used a few more details to fill a few things in, such as why Spock really went down to the Embassy. If it were truly to take care of family matters— as be claimed — then why wasn't Kirk able to contact him? Also, when Sarek was mentioned, I didn't realise he was supposed to be on the planet. Overall, an absorbing read. [1]
I have a strong feeling about sex between Kirk and Spock. This is not your ordinary, everyday sex. This is lavish, romantic, erotic and powerful. I want to be turned on and swept away by both of them. So, when I read descriptions like "heated organ popped free" and "puddled at his feet and caught by his boots, the uniform pants kept him from moving without tripping..." and "human penis bobbing eagerly..."it really reduces the experience. It makes them merely human and your average everyday Vulcan.

I don't understand why Spock goes into a "cell-like room" with a "dingy mattress and concrete floor" when he returns to Vulcan for Pon Farr. Why? Don't all Vulcan males experience Pon Farr? Why do they go into a prison?

Good use of the M'Benga character with McCoy. I enjoyed the gently humorous ending with McCoy thinking they were injured. [2]


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