Easier Said than Done

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Easier Said than Done
Author(s): Sue Denim
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Easier Said than Done is a Kirk/Spock story by Sue Denim.

It was published in the print zine Fever #1.


"A/U: Drummed out of Star Fleet due to unforeseen complications with their bond, Kirk returns to a brain damaged Spock when the Vulcan enters pon farr."

Reactions and Reviews

This idea of Kirk having to choose between serving 
Spock in pon-farr and showing up for the signing of a
Federation-Romulan treaty is a fascinating one, but there 
are a few glitches that interfere with the story's
 plausibility. For example, throughout the story the
 Federation High Commissioner, who is presumably a trained
 diplomat, directs his efforts toward mollifying the Romulans. This would cause the reader to think that he 
sincerely believed in the desirability of peace with the Romulans. Yet toward the story's end, he objects that the 
Romulans are enemies. I find it difficult to believe that a
 diplomat involved in a peace process would ever say such a
thing. I had also understood that the Romulan Right of Statement, as shown in 'The Enterprise Incident', was the 
right of a Romulan citizen who had been accused of a crime
 to explain tbe reasons for their actions. Spock has 
ostensibly accepted Romulan citizenship io the episode so he 
could gain the confidence of the Romulan Commander. That as
 why he was accused not of espionage, but treason. So Spock 
could claim the Right of Statement. Kirk, however, is not a Romulan citizen in this story, nor has he been accused of a
 crime. So why would the Romulan Commander accept without
question his claiming the Right of Statement? In matters of
 diplomacy and protocol small points often acquire great 
significance and become the subject of endless debate. Why 
not this time? [1]
EASIER SAID THAN DONE by Sue Denim, (cute), is another wrong-place/wrong-time pon farr story. With Starfleet and the Romulans breathing down their neck. Kirk and Spock nevertheless manage to save Spock's life one more time. The writing in this story is superb and the plot is top-notch. A good effort. [2]


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