Psychic Storm... and other K/S stories

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Title: Psychic Storm... and other K/S stories
Publisher: Pon Farr Press
Editor(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Psychic Storm... and other K/S stories is a slash Star Trek: TOS anthology zine with a collection of reprinted short stories by Alexis Fegan Black. It also contains some poetry. It was published by Pon Farr Press in 1993 and has 120 pages. The cover art is by Merle Decker.


  • Psychic Storm by Alexis Fegan Black (While ferrying a group of Vulcan scientists to their new project, Kirk begins having erotic dreams in which he is sexually dominated by his first officer. "With a delegation of forty two Vulcan scientists on board, life on the ENTERPRISE wasn’t unlike life in Hell to Kirk’s way of thinking. Every smile was met with disdain. Every statement was greeted with analytical coldness. Every display of courtesy was greeted with expectation rather than returned courtesy. Even Spock had been more uptight and aloof than ever. Perhaps, Kirk considered, the pole had been driven another inch deeper from the strain of having to be the Vulcan’s Vulcan for the past seven days. He winced at the image. It wasn’t Spock’s fault.") (also in Naked Times #27) (3)
  • The Garden, poem by Janna Steele (23)
  • Gol, the Paradox, poem by Janna Steele (24)
  • Fire-Dare by Alexis Fegan Black (After TʼPringʼs rejection, Spock has little time before the madness returns and Kirk finds that he is the only one who can help Spock. Prequel: The New Captain Sequel: Mercy. "Spock was dubious. “If you are referring to the possibility of a union with Nurse Chapel,” he said, lips forming a wistful smile, “please understand that, while I respect her as a nurse and as a member of this crew, I could not envision her as a life mate.” Kirk held his breath, not breaking eye contact. “I wasn’t thinking about Christine, Spock,” he said, trembling.") (also in The 25th Year) (25)
  • Dead Letter by Alexis Fegan Black (A security guard on the Enterprise sends a letter recounting his unintentional witnessing of his captain and first officer making love. " I should point out that it was a common rumor that our captain and first officer were lovers. Yet it was one of those rumors which, one day, would seem perfectly sound, then the next day it would seem an impossible scenario. I’d been with the ENTERPRISE long enough to know that Kirk was something of a womanizer. And Spock had more than his share of silent admirers as well. When they walked down the corridors together, it was a toss-up as to who was watching which of them…") (also in Charisma #12) (59)
  • Portrait of Freedom by Alexis Fegan Black (On break from the Academy, Kirk falls asleep in a meadow near their farm and dreams of being kidnapped and taken to a Vulcan prince, Spock, to see through pon farr. "Vulcans were cold, calculating, cruel beings. They kept slaves, after all. They ahd steadfastly refused negotiations with the Federation, yet through clever manipulations of the legal system, they nonetheless managed to get clearance to use Federation trading posts, space ports and fueling facilities. They were predators, Jim recalled. And he, apparently, was the prey…") (also in Fever #2) (63)
  • Sand Castle, poem by Janna Steele (80)
  • Questions by Alexis Fegan Black (As Kirk withdraws deeper into himself, Spock is uncertain how he can help, until finding Kirk sleeping in the OD, he carries him to bed and hears the reason for Kirkʼs unhappiness.) (81)
  • Cocoon by Janna Steele (Spock reflects on the inadequacies of his bond to Kirk caused by his inability to let go. Prequel: Side Trip. Sequel: A Room Without Windows. "Since he and Kirk had bonded almost ten months in the past, their relationship had strengthened into a comfortable routine, Spock thought. Or was it strength? he questioned. Was it strength that enabled them to lead their relatively separate lives while on duty, then join those lives back together again when A-Shift ended? Was it strength? Or was it doldrums…?") (also in The 25th Year and Unholy Alliances) (83)
  • The Beach, poem (86)
  • Coffee by Alexis Fegan Black (Together again, Kirk hopes things will be better for them this time and that they both have learned from their mistakes. Prequel: The Mechanics of Love and War. Sequel: Hovering. " I’m afraid of coffee in the morning, Spock! I’m afraid of growing old and watching my hair turn gray in the mirror. I’m afraid of watching you grow old and I’m afraid of all the darkness out there, and I’m afraid of being afraid of being afraid. Yes, that most of all. I’m afraid of being afraid of you! But I want to be. Gods, what you’re doing to me standing there like that. Did you know I liked your old uniform better? I could always tell where we were going by the direction your pants pointed when he left the bridge. Is this madness? Is this what it feels like to be insane?") (also in The 25th Year) (87)
  • Talismans in the Night by Alexis Fegan Black (Kirk tricks Komack into giving him one last mission on the Enterprise to transport a known mystic. Prequel:The Eulogy.) (also in The 25th Year) Sequel: 25th Year-Days of Future Passed.) (95)
  • The Niche, poem (94)
  • Extra Oil, Light Butter, and Whipped Cream on the Side (Humor: Kirk and Spock go over the “zines” they were sent back in time to retrieve that tell stories of the two of them in love.) (also in Naked Times #30) (107)
  • Faerieland, poem (118)
  • Deliberate Tampering, poem by Seane Malone (119)
  • Of Vulcan Born, poem by Janna Steele (120)

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