Unholy Alliances (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Unholy Alliances
Publisher: Pon Farr Press
Editor(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Unholy Alliances is a slash K/S Star Trek: TOS anthology zine, a 144-page collection of reprinted short stories by Alexis Fegan Black.

On the cover, "The Best of Alexis Fegan Black." The cover art is by Marilyn Cole.

cover by Marilyn Cole


  • Seven Year Blues by Janna Steele (also in Otherwhere/Otherwhen (2)
  • Night of Mastery by Alexis Fegan Black (Spock/OMC) (sequel to The Year of the Ram) ("“Sinta,” Spock said almost to himself, almost an accusation. His vision blurred. Reality struck him like a hammer. Fire and ice fought a war in his mind, with Kirk being the victor’s spoils. The ice gained a stronghold. The fire stormed, gathering strength. Then, without further ceremony, Spock passed out cold.") (3)
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night by Alexis Fegan Black (After returning from the M/U, Kirk feels a distance growing between him and Spock and plans on closing it at the upcoming Halloween party, unaware that his lover has a surprise of his own. " Kirk wondered how much the Vulcan had had to drink to lower his normal inhibitions. He was just thankful for the applause and whistling and howling that came from the sidelines. At the very least, his trembling wouldn’t be noticed amidst the roar. “Spock… er… don’t you think…?” “Silence, human!” the Vulcan warned, his hand coming to rest dangerously on Kirk’s neck…") (also in Naked Times #21) (57)
  • The Balance, poem by Alexis Fegan Black (67)
  • Unholy Alliances by Carlin Rae Thorne (M/U: Entering pon farr, Spock takes shoreleave and buys a human slave,only to find that he has gotten more than he bargained for when it turns out that the slave is the brother of the new captain of the Enterprise, who has been murdered. "“It would serve your interests to comprehend the nature of things before you inadvertently cut your own throat, James,” Spock warned. “I have served aboard a starship for thirteen years, and though I have seen many men of your nature, none have intimidated me. You shall not be the first.” Kirk blinked, staring at the hand which constricted on his arm. “What position?” Spock held the fiery glare. “Science Officer aboard the ISS ENTERPRISE.”") (also in Naked Times #19) (69)
  • Knowing (poem) by Alexis Fegan Black
  • Spellbinder by Morgan October (Kirk buys Spock a bracelet as a “make up” gift which turns out to have properties that enhance their sex life, which Kirk had begun to feel was in a rut. " Kirk fought the urge to melt. There was something terribly sentimental about placing an object of jewelry on a mate, something that spoke of forever and longer than always. He took the out-held bracelet in one hand, the Vulcan’s palm in the other “I think I’m under your spell, Mister Spock,” he said. He had no recollection of falling head-long into the void of mystical stars that glittered like diamonds in the night…")
  • Ghost Story (poem) by ?
  • Those Who Command by Phaedra Merin Jones (M/U Kirk taked command of the Enterprise, unaware of how his first officer Spock keeps control of the ship and his fellow officers-including the captain. "Kirk’s eyes narrowed as he released a breath of indignation. “From what I’ve heard about you, I like you, McCoy. Let’s not screw that up right off the bat,” he stated flatly. “But as I’m sure both you and Mr. Spock are aware, I didn’t get to be captain of this ship by nepotism. I’m well aware of where the first officer’s quarters are located, and I will see him in my own good time. Now if you’ll excuse me?” He tried to shoulder his way past the other man. The last thing he remembered as the hiss of a hypo, then darkness encroaching just before he collided with the cold, metal deck of his mistress. I wasn’t exactly how he’d envisioned taking command of the ENTERPRISE…") (also in Naked Times #23)
  • Poor Man's Gift (poem) by Alexis Fegan Black (also in Fever)
  • Daybreak (poem) by Alexis Fegan Black
  • Cocoon by Janna Steele (also in Psychic Storm and Other K/S Stories and The 25th Year)
  • Starship Chronicler (poem) by ?

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