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Name: Della Van Hise
Alias(es): Alexis Fegan Black, Della Hawks, Carlin Rae Thorne, Pagan Blue, and many more, see Pseuds
Type: fanwriter, zine publisher, concom member, writer of tie-in novels and profic novels
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, K/S
URL: at AO3
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Della Van Hise was a prolific Kirk/Spock fanwriter who later published an official (and infamous) Star Trek tie-in novel, Killing Time.

As Alexis Fegan Black (and many, many other pseuds) [1], Della Van Hise wrote over fifteen novels, a multitude of novellas, poems, short stories, and vignettes. [2] [3] [4]

Van Hise's press for fanfiction is Pon Farr Press.

Some of her fiction was posted at AO3 starting in 2014. However, as of February 2017, the stories are no longer available apparently due to TOS violations.[5][6]

Van Hise passed away on March 3, 2021. [7]

Fan Reaction

A fan in 1989 wrote:

Alexis Fegan Black - No other author appears as often on my mental list of "most memorable and favorite K/S stories". She combines an excellent writing talent with the loving warmth that I admire most about K/S. I do get a little tired of all the metaphysical stories at times, and that makes me all the more appreciative when she strays to the more raw, erotic stories, such as "War Games" (OFF DUTY 1), and to a very fun read such as Things That Go Bump in the Night (NAKED TIMES 21). I believe my most favorite of hers are the DREAMS OF THE SLEEPERS series, Past, Present, and Always" (NT 7), and "A Time to be Born" (K/S COLLECTED). Where would K/S be without Alexis Fegan Black? [8]

From a fan in 1998:

Subtle? Della van Hise? In any other genre, the woman would have been called a pornographer (is that a word?).

This was from the days when XXX was a goal, for most of these women. Della never wrote a story that was suitable for my mother to read. (Of course, I didn't read much back then that *was.*) Everyone was punch-drunk back then, with the freedom to write whatever their little hearts desired. And, oh, Goddess, was there some bad stories back then.

At this point, I have to admit that I don't like bdsm, torture stories, S/M, or anything even faintly weird. H/C is as far as I'm willing to go. Della van Hise was into the mildly kinky stuff. Lots of h/c, graphic sex, bdsm, all that. But she was a fairly good writer.

There was a British zine, which name I can't recall at the moment, that printed stories with a harder X than Della did. Just one. She was the queen of the hard core K/S back then. IMHO, anyway.

As a guideline, most of Aunt Ruth's stories wouldn't have been publishable back then. They would have been too strong in tone. But for her day, Della was really rough. She could be considered the grandmother of the ASCEM. [9]

From pro writer and fan, A.C. Crispin:

Della van Hise once told a crowd at a Star Trek con that "The reason I and the other writers have to slash Kirk and Spock is that no woman is good enough for them."

She did not crack a smile.

I was sitting next to her, and did not smack her, which I felt was a sign of great restraint on my part. [10]

Some Troubles in the Early 1980s

There is a long, long letter in Datazine #29 (as well as in Universal Translator #22) in the personal statement section by Della in which she responds to multiple complaints in "Datazine" and numerous letterzines regarding to zines fans have paid for but have not received. She cites poor health, problems with the originals for at least one zine (Naked Times #4/5) being lost at the printer, and says she just plain "F----- Up. I can't make it any clearer than that... I hope this can be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible for all involved. As I stated before, I DO intend to fulfill all commitments for back orders and current orders. We all make mistakes; unfortunately, mine have been more apparent than many... There really isn't much I can do other than apologize and reassure you that 'time will tell.' At this point, threatening letters aren't doing any of us any good. I honestly couldn't do anything more right now if I was under full-scale attack by Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, and Tholians. But as soon as the attack is over, I hope to prove to you that I'm not some dishonest evil alien."

In Datazine #32, Della had an update. She explained in detail which zines have been sent out, and which ones are still in the works. She mentioned she is having to re-do Naked Times #4/5 part two as her "born-again printer" had completely destroyed the original and the dummy copies after she had paid her bill in full. "It seems he overlooked that commandment about coveting and/or destroying his neighbor's property." She closed with a thank you to fans. "... thanks again to those who have written kind letters of support and encouragement over the last few troubled years. I look forward to being able to re-establish the trust and harmony we all shared in the past."

Many reviews of her zines in On the Double (~ 1987) go out of their way to praise how speedy the zines arrived.

Her Pseuds


One of the main reasons [I use several pseuds] is that I'm hopeful of publishing more professional books, and it seems that K/S is indeed frowned upon by some of the major publishing houses. Other reasons are that I enjoy reading honest letters of comment, and many letter-writers are more likely to give honest critique of a story if they don't know their letter is going straight into the hands of the editor/writer. I'd rather have honest negative criticism than insincere ego-boo so I'll occasionally toss in a story under a different pseudonym for that reason. [11]


Additionally, from my own personal experience, I have learned that it is seldom if ever wise to use one's true name on any material associated with K/S — particularly if one has any hopes of ever publish ing his/her work professionally. The wide-spread opinion is one of "Oh, nobody really cares that I write K/S", or "Paramount wouldn't hold it against me if I decided to do a professional STAR TREK book". Guess again. A lot of people are adamantly, rabidly opposed to K/S and to those who write, edit, publish, read or review it. And, as a personal note, Paramount sure as hell does care and can easily "hold it against" one. So while it's idealistically preferred to use one's "true" name or even one's most commonly used "fandom name", it isn't always practically sound for reasons which may never occur to the majority of people involved in K/S fandom. [12]


A couple of people have said to me over the years - "Gee, Della, do you think it's wise to publish your Quantum Shaman books and your erotica under your own name?" Who knows? In this new day and age of indy publishing, it seems that just about anything goes - and I can only say that anyone who is SERIOUS about their spiritual journey already knows that what we do isn't necessarily who we are. Then again, we are sensual and sexual beings because we are human beings, so I make no apologies for what I've written, nor for who and what I am.

I personally feel a writer should be able to do anything s/he wants, but because I also acknowledge that we live in a world of "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" (two of the most dangerous words in the English language), I made the decision to publish Prince of Umberlight under my long-established pseudonym (which I've never kept secret), Alexis Fegan Black. Of course, now that I've told you, what's the point of a pseudonym? But I suppose some people worry more about the name on the cover than the content inside. *lol* It's a funny, funny world in which we live. [13]

Confirmed Pseuds

Della Hawks [14] Alexis Fegan Black, [15] [16] [17], Carlin Rae Thorne [18], Christopher Randolph [19], Pagan Blue, [20] Keith Donovan [21] Tracey Alexander, [22] Phaedra Merin Jones [23], Morgana October, [24], Janna Steele, [25], Seane Malone, [26], Janna Steele [27], and James Carlson [28].

Likely Pseuds

A.M. Berman, A.A. Gray, Bonita Kale [29], Brenda Joyce, C.C. Cain, C.D.M., Cassia Williams, David Alexander, Jamie Belle, Jane Wray, Jessica Eurlynne, Kalen Storm, Kaylan Storm, Kalindi Brown, L.M. Kincade, Lillian Dawn, Marilyn Lansford, Marina Alverez, Morgana Coldcreek, Peter Silverton, Rachel Abbot, Rachel Cavendish, Sabina Bauer, Samantha Stone, Scott Hunter, Shauna Ann Mason, Sue Denim, Syreta Knight, Tay Garian, Marilynn Lebo, D.J. Biehl, M.A. Hopkins, and others.

Note: some of these pseuds may also be Natasha Solten.

Zines In Which Della/Alexis Was Involved

The 25th Year | Against All Odds | Beyond the Veil | A Collection of Dreams | Coming of Age | Covert Action | Crossroads | Daybreak | Dreams of the Sleepers | Fever | The Fifth Hour of Night | Dreams of the Sleepers | Imaginary Lines | K/S Collected | Naked Times | Nova Trek | Oasis | Otherwhere/Otherwhen | Off Duty | Private Possessions | A Question of Balance | Psychic Storm... and other K/S stories | Speed of Light... & other K/S stories | Starry Seas, Earthly Planes | Styx and Stones | Taking Command | Time Out of Mind | Unholy Alliances | Vagabonds | Warlords | The Way Home | The Year of the Ram


Example Works


Meta by Van Hise

  • Alexis Fegan Black is Dead (some subjects: AO3's terms of service regarding advertising, fiction being removed, fandom as a disappointment) (February 2017)
  • The New Mediocrity (some subjects: disillusionment with writing, lazy writing, too much sex in fiction) (December 2017)

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