Speed of Light... & other K/S stories

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You may be looking for the Star Wars zine, Lightspeed.

Title: Speed of Light... & other K/S stories
Publisher: Pon Farr Press
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Dragon

Speed of Light... & other K/S stories is a slash K/S Star Trek: TOS anthology zine with a collection of reprinted short stories by Alexis Fegan Black. It was published by Pon Farr Press in 1988 and has 227 pages. The publisher said there would be only 150 copies printed.


Summaries are by Gilda F.

  • The First Level of Hell by Carlin Rae Thorne (On a drunken binge after Miramaneeʼs death, Kirk makes a deal with an artist to transport the man to an uninhabited world in exchange for a picture that will give him “happiness”. "“Why would you want to help me?” Kirk inquired. Mephisto’s smile widened. His black eyes sparkled. “Let us simply say that I understand what you need, what you were feeling when you came into this bar. And, of course, there is a price…” He looked very much like the legendary devil…") (also in Naked Times #13)
  • Tight Spaces by Alexis Fegan Black (When war breaks out while Kirk and Spock are planet bound, they take refuge in a buried conduit but problems arise with Kirkʼs claustrophobia and when Spock is poisoned. "Bat wings flittered nearby, but were, in reality, only the patter-slamming of his own heart. Cobwebs brushed Kirk’s face and neck and a spider-light touch caressed his cheek. His rational, adult mind told him it was only Spock’s hand. But his childhood memories conjured images of mutated tarantulas and three-legged rats who had escaped the mouse-trap and now sought revenge. The walls of the earthen tunnel started moving toward him…")
  • On Wings of Ice by Alexis Fegan Black (Stranded on a frozen planet when their shuttlecraft is sabotaged, Kirk and Spock share love as they wait for death. "Curled against my side like an animal huddled to its litter mates, Jim was strangely vulnerable, child-like. His question awakened my protective nature. I wanted to hold him like that forever – until we died – and after. It would be a ‘hell of a tale’ for two dead men to tell…") (also in KSX #1)
  • To Protect and Serve by Alexis Fegan Black (A/U: Captain Spock is given a gift from his crew to see him through pon farr, a hazel-eyed human who seems too self-possessed to be a slave. " When Spock awoke the next morning, the Fever was gone. And so was Kirk. His prediction had been correct: their friendship had been short-lived…") (also in Charisma #1)
  • Speed of Light by Alexis Fegan Black ("Worse than his sudden irrational jealousy of Spock, Kirk found himself even more envious of Erin. Spock obviously did care for her, hadn’t employed lies or pulled punches. He had the courage and the confidence to tell her the truth – something most Starfleet personnel on shore leave rarely did. He would never see her again. Time and space and the universe wouldn’t permit it. It had to hurt. And suddenly, Kirk knew his first officer needed more than the speed of light could ever allow…")
  • Years Ago and Forever by Alexis Fegan Black (Kirk fears he may lose Spock forever when, after the fal tor pan, Spock does not remember his bond to Kirk and comtemplates returning to Vulcan permanently. " Kirk sighed, feeling just a twinge of the old familiarity between them. “Our past is what we are, Spock,” he explained, trying to see beyond the Genesis eyes. “And… well… you’ve a very important part of my past. And if you’ll believe me… I was a very important part of yours…”) (also in Naked Times #12)
  • Rain Dance by Alexis Fegan Black (When Spock realizes that his link to TʼPring is not broken, he tells Kirk that he needs to return to Vulcan to procure another bondmate, but Kirk is uneasy about Spock leaving and not coming back. "Spock felt irrationally, impossibly, wonderfully human, playing like an errant child in the cold winter rain in the barren heart of the desert. It was wrong. Water was precious, not to be played with. Yet the very wrongness of his behavior furled his lust for survival, causing his back to arch with his movements, causing his breath to come in long, deep sighs…") (also in Naked Times #18)
  • War Games by Alexis Fegan Black (A mirror universe story (Kirk serves Spock during his pon farr and then enters into a battle of nerves with him, each trying to get the other to confess his feelings first " Spock had killed for him. Not to protect him and not out of loyalty, but out of possessive, dangerous jealousy. And there was something in that realization which brought a vaguely sinister smile to the human’s lips. Spock had killed for him. More than once. And he had killed for the Vulcan… ".) (also in Off Duty #1)
  • The Gol Letters by Carlin Rae Thorne (Apart, Kirk and Spock each write letters to each other, each believing that the other will never read them.) (also in Naked Times #18]]
  • Someone to Watch Over Thee by James Carlson (Spock, Kirk and an ambassador are given aphrodisiacs by the leader of a hedonistic society and itʼs up to the security men to make sure they get who and what they need.) (also in Naked Times #18)
  • Yin and Yang by James Carlson (Spock goes to a martial arts “priest” posted to the Enterprise for instructions in love before going to Kirk to tell him of his feelings for him. Slight Mary Sue.) (also in Naked Times #17)
  • Trick or Treat by James Carlson (also in Naked Times #16)

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[zine]: Did you ever wish that instead of those shelves and shelves of zines taking up all that space (and you can't get rid of any of them because each one contains at least one story you can't part with) you could somehow condense the bulk to just the stuff you'll want to read over and over? Have we got a zine for you! It should have been called THE CREAM OF ALEXIS FEGAN BLACK. Gather round.... SPEED OF LIGHT: Kirk inadvertently discovers that Spock has spent at least one shore leave doing something besides visiting museums and attending scientific seminars. There is some interesting speculation concerning life at warp speeds, and its effect on personal relationships. A good argument here (if anyone still doubts it) for the inescapable (ahem!) logic of the K/S premise. TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE: A Vulcan-dominated alternate universe story in which Spock is captain of the Enterprise, Kirk a second-class Federation citizen - and a gift to Spock from his crew. THE FIRST LEVEL OF HELL: An intriguing, off-beat tale of Kirk's adventure in a San Francisco bistro, where he meets a mysterious artists who offers to paint his portrait, for a strange price. SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER THEE: Told in first person by a member of the Enterprise security team who accompanies Spock and Kirk on a harrowing diplomatic mission - with unusual consequences. RAIN DANCE: A revisit to Vulcan shortly after "Amok Time", to find Spock a replacement for T'Pring. Spock jumps ship, with some intriguing results. TIGHT SPACES: An interesting psychological study of Kirk's childhood-based claustrophobia - and its cure. YIN AND YANG: Another testimonial by an Enterprise - one with an interesting metaphysical background. WARGAMES: A mirror universe murder mystery with a complicated, tightly written plot that ultimately (of course) leads into a sexual confrontation (the only word that fits) between the Empire Kirk and Spock. ON WINGS OF ICE: Told in first person by Spock, this is an account of a volunteer mission which turns out to be nearly lethal to our favorite pair of Starfleet officers. TRICK OR TREAT: Another first person account - this time of a mysterious, inexplicable incident at a Halloween masquerade party - in the 20th century. A fascinating speculation. All the stories in this zine are excellent, but this one is my personal favorite. THE GOL LETTERS: A sequence of letters between Kirk (in San Francisco) and Spock (at Gol) that lead up to Spock' s return. Good Insights. YEARS AGO AND FOREVER: A post ST IV account of Spock' s efforts to regain his personal memories of his relationship with Kirk; his re-education on Vulcan after the fal-tor-pan did not include their restoration, and he does not remember being Kirk's bondmate. There is more quality reading in this one zine than in the last six (or more) zines I've read. If you're like me, a re-reader of favorite stories, the $$ saved in not having to xerox that one story (out of x number of zines) that you want to keep and read over and over - this one will pay for itself in no time. [1]


  1. ^ from On the Double #9