Time Will Tell (1984 essay)

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Title: Time Will Tell
Creator: Della Van Hise
Date(s): December 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Time Will Tell is the name of the lengthy editorial by Della Van Hise in a beleaguered issue of the zine Naked Times (#4/5 pt.2).

Some Topics Discussed

  • apologies and explanations for the lateness of the issue
  • possible name change of the zine series from "Naked Times" to "The Amok Times" (this did not occur)
  • desired content of future issues
  • lengthy recount of the trials and tribulations regarding the difficulties of getting this issue printed, mainly those created by alleged destruction of the original master by a born-again Christian man due to the sexual content of the zine


By this time, I hope that the majority of you have received one of my letters or have read one of my open letters in Universal Translator, Datazine, or Not Tonight, Spock, explaining the situation with Pon Farr Press publications. On the off chance that anyone hasn't, the basic status is this:

After a lengthy illness and apathy, I have finally gotten back on my feet and am fulfilling all prior obligations -- and looking forward to doing several more issues of NT, and hopefully a few "one-shots" as well.

As to the future of Naked Times, I have several ideas kicking around in the old upstairs. There is a possibility that the name of the zine will be changed to "The Amok Times" -- thought this is just a consideration for personal reason. (So... if you seen an ad for The Amok Times at our address, you'll know what happened). Also, any future issues of NT or TAT (provided the name change goes through) will be approximately 100 pages, and will have very little interior artwork. This is not a slight to any of the fine artists -- but something I feel I may have to do for reasons of time and space. Nonetheless, I am always interested in artwork; if it's good quality, and if space permits, I have not objections whatsoever! I'm also interested in high-quality stories for future issues of Naked Times. I am not interested in torture, sadism, machismo, or "get 'em" stories unless there is a very good reason for including those elements in your story. I have recently read so many zines on these violent and upsetting themes that I personally don't care to ever see another one of such a nature. I do want to see stories which include the K/S relationship as part of a working universe. I short, I would like to hope that Naked Times can continue to publish stories wherein plot plays just as important a role in the story as the relationship itself. For the record, I have nothing against slavery stories (in fact, I find them rather interesting and interesting if they are well-written and have a purpose behind the plot).

Primarily, I would like to see stories which deals with the characters as they grow and develop together -- including first time stories! I have recently heard it said that "first time stories are boring" -- and personally I think that the person who made that statement must be somewhat misinformed. To me, there's nothing more touching, more exciting, than a well-written first timer.
... I would like to thank everyone who has waiting (patiently... or otherwise), and everyone who has sent cards or letters. I feel very badly that the status of Pos Farr Press went so "downhill" over the past three years, but I hope to prove my abilities and intention by having all orders shipped in short-order in the future. For NT4/5 Part II, it will be mailed out in "waves", just as Time Out of Mind was/is being mailed.
As many of you know, we have added a new hungry mouth to the family -- in the form of a small xerox machine which is now our printer [1] (It ain't the fastest creature in the world, but it doesn't deliberately and maliciously destroy manuscripts which aren't in agreement with its programming). (Which is precisely what happen to NT4/5 Part II the first time it was printed!) To make a long story short, one reason (among many) why this [issue] is solace is due to the fact that my former printer "changed management" while NT4/5 Part II was in the process of being done. Through a series of bizarre occurrences, I went to pick up the zine, only to discover that the printed copy (which was already done by the old management), and the originals themselves had been deliberately destroyed. Needless to say, my attorney finds this interesting, and we are currently battling the matter through the proper channels. (The zine had been 75% paid for at the time it was destroyed -- and yet the "new management" refuses to cough up the $$$ or the zine, claiming it is "pornography" and "immoral." Maybe I should urge the old bastard to read [the story in this zine called] "All Ye Who Enter Here," which is a prime example of xenophobia and bigotry!


  1. ^ From the zine's table of contents: "Royal 2502 copier stationed in editor's living room."