Decisions (Star Trek: TOS story by Alexis Fegan Black)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Decisions
Author(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1979
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Decisions is a Kirk/Spock story by Alexis Fegan Black.

art for this story in Naked Times #2 by Michael Verina

It was printed in Naked Times #2.

Outworlds Series

Reactions and Reviews

'Decisions,' in which the Daring Duo continue to battle Star Fleet's attempt to force Spock to accept his own command, and run afoul of Machiavellian politics among their superiors. [1]
Well, as I've said before, I don't like serials. Not fair to the reader, nor does it do justice to the writer, whose story is broken, making it correspondingly difficult to maintain the mood -- indeed making it impossible if the parts end on a dramatic high. However, since this part started with a new situation (more or less), [I] was able to pick up at the beginning like any single story. Development: I must admit I expected them to resign, but I can understand why they didn't. What I don't like is the apparent extent of the anti-alien lobby. Too pessimistic a view of the human race altogether. [2]
This second part of "Outworlds" is very interesting. You're building a very interesting situation politically here. However, it's just a bit too Rack-ish. Sounds like a king-size conspiracy is being perpetrated against the Federation, Starfleet and our heroes. Is there an organization equivalent of the Mafia in your universe? (Editor's Note: No. But would you believe the KKK?) this sounds like something they might think up; properly devious and nasty with some direct and bloody action mixed in.[3]
This was my favorite tale. It was a good interweaving of K & S's new relationship with the gathering dark clouds of disaster for the Federation. Verina was in top form -- especially the illo on page 157. The conspiracy gets more and more tantalizing. A religious cult involved perhaps? And how is Kirk going to duck his new officers to make the Time of Mating rendezvous with Spock? [4]


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