Echoes (Star Trek: TOS story by Alexis Fegan Black)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Echoes
Author(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1978
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Echoes is a Kirk/Spock story by Alexis Fegan Black. It was illustrated by Michael Verina.

It was published in Naked Times #1.

Outworlds Series

Discussed in Not Tonight, Spock!

See Sexuality in K/S Fiction: Anal Intercourse and Sexuality in K/S Fiction: Anal Intercourse Prolonged er uh Continued.

Sample Print Pages


"This is the 1st part of the OUTWORLDS series. ECHOES deals with the "first time" in the K/S relationship. After Kirk and Spock have been trapped on an isolated world for over a year, tempers flare… and lead to far more interesting discoveries."

From the flyer: "...I kissed his mind with lips of thought... ECHOES is a K/S 'first-timer' done in the more romantic vein, and offers some startling views on both Vulcan biology and Vulcan attitudes toward male/male relationships. This is the beginning of a new series entitled OUTWORLDS. Part two will appear in NAKED TIMES #2."

Reactions and Reviews


The longest story in the zine, "Echoes", is the first episode of Della Van Hise's lengthy proposed OUTWORLDS series which will appear in future issues. Serving to initiate a physical relationship between Kirk and Spock before it becomes complicated by the political intrigue that will apparently be a part of future episodes, "Echoes" is an interesting concept, a moving, if flawed, scenario. The writing is quite good, showing obvious care in editing, but the sequence of action is perhaps the major problem. For example, a bit too much time is spent on a long, though well-constructed, conversation between Kirk and Spock while they are stranded on an unknown planet, leaving little room for an adequate description of their rescue later. Many emotions and themes enter into the story end even if they serve to clutter things up a bit, the ideas and treatment are just unusual enough to provide controversy -- the kind that series of this type thrive upon. [1]


I was fascinated with your psychological insight of K/S in ECHOES. But your ending — you're as cruel as Teri. The two of you keep us hanging at the worse places. Needless to say, I'd definitely looking forward to the rest of the series. [2]
I did not care for ECHOES. It's not the premise I reject (K/S trapped together, etc.) but the writing, motivation and extreme shifts in mood — at times I thought it was a comedy (the incongruity of images on pg. 105 and Spock's behavior in Sickbay provoked outright laughter; perhaps you meant it that way. (ED. NOTE: I did.} But I thought it needed more thought, blue-pencilling and rewriting. I just can't accept Spock sneaking around in Kirk's mind without Kirk's knowledge; Spock does have some integrity; also Kirk suddenly thinking he may be mad, or 'seducing' Spock — although there is reason supposedly given. The second love scene I could have done without, as it struck me as artificial, contrived; at least the seduction had a lighter touch. It will be interesting to see what you do with the continuation of the story. Enough said about ECHOES...[3]
Your ECHOES was by and large good, and I don't mind the long drawn-out discussion (which is good, too), but the pace of the story was such that I kept thinking -- Get on with it! [4]
ECHOES — I'm not too sure I can go along with the beginning. Maybe I'm used to Spock having more control over his mental powers — and not being able to accidentally implant fantasies in Kirk's mind. Guess I'm also bewildered by the sexual act; how could they feel joy, happiness — while Spock was being penetrated in a spot that was evidently not designed for this type of activity. Won't physical damage result if they keep doing it? But I'd love to see how you handle the hopeless bind you've place them in at the end of this story. Also, I'll admit the hints about the series -- impending crisis for the Federation -- intrigues me. [5]


Another early K/S story which I very much enjoyed, this is one of those stories where they are stuck together, seemingly forever on a nasty little backwater planet. This particular planet is pretty inhospitable, with some large beasts which manage to gore a hole in Spock’s shoulder. (Poor Spock he always gets it!!) This is actually another story where the truth emerges in half conscious ramblings, however in this case Spock becomes lucid in the middle of a passionate kiss. (What a way to wake up!) However Spock being Spock he is somewhat embarrassed. There is an interesting idea in this story about something Spock did in a mind meld, but I won’t try to explain, you’ll just have to read the story! I thought the characterisation of Kirk was pretty good in this story, I can understand his motivations an frustration at the beginning and (naturally) I can understand his attraction to Spock later on! This story is supposedly the first part to a lengthy series but I don’t know if the others were written or not. [6]


They've been stranded on a planet for a year and conform to regulations. Starfleet shouldn't be looking for them anymore. But they are and their beacon has received an answering signal upon which Kirk smashes the thing and throws it away. Then he does his utmost to drive Spock away. Poor soul is obliging and gets hurt in the process. Kirk finds him, feels very guilty and questions himself why he'd acted that way. Sounds familiar doesn't it? So far so good.

Now comes another round of nitpicking. The transporter gets them halfway across the galaxy? Didn't know it had that capacity. Crude shelter, very crude shelter—and I got the impression that the materials available would've allowed them to do better, especially as time goes by and they don't get rescued. Huge beasts which they had to kill by using their phasers. What about making traps? How did our ancestors kill those huge mammoths, even larger than elephants? Powerpacks lasting for a year, even when using six of them? What of the beacon? They also use them for heating the rocks to provide warmth. Alternative ways of providing heat? For instance, the dung from those beasts when dried could be used as heat source. Not knowing if something is edible. How about using the known methods of eating a tiny bit, wait till it's being digested, look for possible side effects, eat a bit more, go through the same process and again and again till you've narrowed down what's edible and what's not. If they want to survive, they have to plan as if they won't get rescued at all. Spock calling Kirk captain, even after such a long time is just pouring oil on the flames, he's smart enough to know what the effect will be on Kirk. Kirk acting like a spoiled brat, but then again, whafs new! [7]


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