Star Trek Portfolio Illustrations by Michael Verina

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Title: Star Trek Portfolio Illustrations
Editor(s): Michael Verina
Type: art portfolio
Date(s): 1978
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Language: English
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Star Trek Portfolio Illustrations is an art portfolio of 10 black and white pencil 8x10 drawings by Michael Verina. Only 100 copies were printed.

The prints were unbound and were in an envelope.

From an ad in Scuttlebutt #11: "This collection contains 10 illos in black and white one folder autographed by the artist and numbered. All illos depict Kirk and Spock involved in each other's problems, adventures, and emotions. Many are from some of fandom's best known fanzines and none are K/S and there is no total nudity."


(1) KIRK: w/beads of sweat and tears (Zine: Nome #1)
(2) KIRK & SPOCK: Kirk is holding Spock's wounded shoulder (Zine: Naked Times #1)
(3) KIRK: pondering, staring, Spock wounded (Zine: Naked Times 1)
(4) KIRK & SPOCK: Kirk looking at Spock, Spock's eyes are closed (Zine: Nome #1)
(5) KIRK & SPOCK: in their new uniforms (Zine: Contact 5/6)
(6) KIRK & SPOCK: chained: Kirk's eyes follow you (Zine: Naked Times #3) [1]
(7) KIRK, SCOTTY, CHEKOV in everglades setting (Zine: Starborne)
(8) McCOY, SPOCK KIRK: (Zine: Starborne)
(10) SPOCK in cave-in looking at McCOY who is going insane (story being written)

Sample Gallery


  1. ^ This art is not in "Naked Times" #3 as noted.