Against All Odds (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Against All Odds
Publisher: Pon Farr Press/Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Size: 154 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Kay Wells

Against All Odds is a K/S Star Trek: TOS slash 154-page anthology. The cover is by Kay Wells.

A 1993 ad says: "Tales of Triumph in the K/S Universe."


The excerpts are from the zine, the summaries are from Gilda F.

  • Food for Thought by Shelley Butler. (The crew of the Enterprise are unaware of the alien force on board as they begin to remember, and then lose, memories. Pulling back only slightly, it whispered, thick with desire, "Think of me. Think of Gary Mitchell." The hand rose to Kirk's face, blocking his sight by its shadow. The probe invaded his mind as memories of Gary Mitchell poured out. A deep, satisfied sigh echoed from somewhere…)
  • Anchored by Kathy Stanis. (On their way back from shoreleave, Kirk and Spock make an emergency landing on an unknown planet to wait it out until the Enterprise can make their postponed rendezvous. He wondered how much more there was to Spock's comforting than simply the intent to support. Had Spock merely been studying up on human psychology in order to make himself a better first officer, or did that holding fulfill some need in him also? These years together, Kirk had had many glimpses through the façade; he knew the Vulcan was inventing a unique self as he went along and knew his own influence had not been minimal…)
  • The Measure of Success by J S Cavalcante. (While Kirk and Spock deal with a load of Romulan prisoners, theyʼre notified that at the end of the mission Kirk is to be promoted to Admiral and Spock to the captaincy, effectively parting the lovers. Spock had called it Oneness. Kirk liked the sound of that. "Yes - I want to do it," he said."We will." Spock sounded certain. "But at present it is too dangerous for an… unmarried couple to attempt." Kirk retrieved a hand to wipe the dampness from his upper lip. Marriage. It was a subject they had not discussed - as was logical, for two who had been lovers only two months, he told himself. Especially two who served in the same chain of command. He decided to drop the subject. "Okay, Spock." "Forgive me, Jim," Spock said, bending his head. "I did not intend to disturb our… island in time.")
  • Time Enough Tomorrow by Sue Denim. (A/U: While trapped in 20th century Earth, Kirk marries, settles in Hoboken and becomes an advertising agent. "Time is running out for all of us," Spock corrected, getting to his feet. "The ITV's fuel-life is low. We have already spent almost four days here in the past, and every day we remain lessens our chances to make our way home." He pressed on, knowing the words must be said, that grave choices had to be made, The future was before them, waiting. "You belong to the future, Jim. The choice is yours." "I can't…" Kirk left the living room, unable to take it. All along he'd held the belief they would come for him and finally it was so. Spock and McCoy had traversed over three hundred years to bring him home. But he was home, wasn't he? Dazed, he retreated upstairs, a part of him cursing his bondmate's reappearance even though a part of him was elated by the knowledge that the stars were suddenly within his grasp once more…)

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