Enterprise Incidents (US Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Enterprise Incidents
Publisher: Pop Cult then New Media Press
Editor(s): James Van Hise
Date(s): 1976-1990?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Enterprise Incidents is a gen Star Trek: TOS fanzine. It was a joint production of The Science Fiction Comic Association and the Star Trek Federation of Fans. "Enterprise Incidents" mostly contains interviews, articles and clippings.

A bit of an odd duck, this zine straddled the line between semi-pro and fan-created content. Starting in issue #6, it printed fan fiction and fan art, but it is unclear how long this continued, perhaps only until issue #10.

"Enterprise Incidents" ran for at least 33 issues.[1] From issue #25, the cover banner incorporates a subtitle, "SF Movieland", and this new name begins to grow in size over the next few issues, to help the magazine compete with "Starlog" in the newsstands and comic shops. There also exist Special Collectors Issues that reprint early original issues, sometimes two old zines in one new, that had been long out-of-print.

Some of the artwork by Ralph Fowler can be found here.[2]

It had a short-lived sister zine, a cookbook called, The Alien Cook.

General Fan Comments

One fan said in 1977: "It is a lush production that really couldn't be better although I could always wish for a lower price." Another fan said: "The emphasis is on reviews of episodes, photos, and interviews. Frankly from the issues I've seen, I was not as impressed [as some fans], but I prefer fiction-orientated 'zines." [3]

"Bold New Direction"

In 1978 and with issue #6, the editor announces in a flyer that the zine will be taking "a bold new direction.":
Why the change in 'Enterprise Incidents"? Because as pleased as we have been with what we have accomplished in E.I, we always seem to run out of pages before we could present all we wanted to. Plus, we felt it was time for the magazine to grow and expand its horizons to include a very active and vibrant sector of Star Trek fandom which we have been ignoring. What I'm speaking of is the fan fiction zines. There are some very exciting and creative things being done in them which are far more inventive, entertaining, and well-written than the fiction being published by Bantam, etc. Fan fiction is not afraid to experiment and try new ideas out side of the rigorous action/adventure formate required by the major companies publishing ST fiction. Our expanded format will attempt to begin exploring all of them. For instance:
  • 'Alternative Thoughts' by Gerry Downes: Gerry discusses and analyses this landmark story of hers which sent ripple from one end of ST fandom to the other!
  • 'Fan Fiction: Is it Legal or Merely Tolerated?' - We will attempt to set the record straight on exactly what the situation is.
  • 'The Fan Fiction Zines' - In which we discuss and analyze the many different types of zines currently being published.
  • 'K/S Fiction: Syndrome or Serious Writing' -Discusses a rather volatile area of fan fiction that is rapidly growing in popularity and acceptance despite the rather touchy nature of the concept. A lot of research is going into this and it will include comments by one of the writers most identified with it, Leslie Fish.[4]
  • 'Sherlock Spock' - A serio-comic tale of murder and mayhem aboard the Enterprise, and the dual character who solves the dilemma.
The editor also says that with issue #6, the column 'Star Trek Review':
... will concern itself with fanzines, as opposed to prozines and newsstand publications. SEND US YOUR ZINE FOR REVIEW! Due to the fluctuating nature of zine publishing, we don't know everyone who's out there... Some of the fan fiction we present will be staff-written, but we are also interested in submissions from YOU, the reader.

A Fan Makes an Appeal on the Zine's Behalf

In a 1979 personal statement, a fan encourages others to support this zine.

Most of us are very familiar with the superb fanzine, 'Enterprise Incidents.' THis can truly be called a fanzine with a differences since its printing and contents, as well as graphics, are on a much higher level than most fanzines. WIth the most recent issue, fan fiction has been added as well, a drastic move which appears thus far to have been beneficial, giving the zine a more universal appeal to Star Trek fans. However, rising costs have led to many delays. Recently the publisher made an appeal to subscribers which I feel all fandom should be aware of. In order to come out more frequently and strengthen the zine's 'backbone' so to speak, the first major subscription drive has begun. Everyone involved is encouraged to subscribe NOW so that the zine may continue to get better and better. It is not in danger of folding; he merely wants to stabilize it more against inflationary printing and postage costs. This is definitely a worthwhile cause. How many fanzines do you know, folks, which have a FULL-COLOR COVER, numerous half-tones, pictures, well-researched articles and professional artwork? If you really want a great looking zine to look better, you should subscribe.[5]

Some Flyers

Issue 1

cover of issue #1 by Stephen Fabian
a black and white version, unclear if this was authorized or a fan-made copy
back cover issue #1, Mike McKenney

Enterprise Incidents 1 was published in 1976 and contains approximately 40 pages. Front cover and some interior illustrations by Stephen Fabian with additional art by Brad Epstein, Paul Gorman, Mike McKenney and Ralph. Back cover by Mike McKenney. The editor was James Van Hise and associate editors were John Ellis, and Michael and Robert Zarrillo.

  • interviews with Gene Roddenberry, George Takei, James Doohan, Harlan Ellison, Norman Spinrad and John ('Kor") Colicos
  • a complete pictorial recap of "Amok Time"
  • an article on Star Trek special effects models by John Ellis and James Van Hise
  • Is The Magic of Star Trek More Than Skin Deep by Della Hawks
  • "Captains Log" - a one page cartoon by Mike McKenney

Issue 2

Enterprise Incidents 2 was published in 1976 and contains 34 pages.

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2
  • Interview with DeForest Kelley
  • Mirror Mirror
  • The Star Fleet Cometh
  • "Nimoy's a Natural as Holmes"—Nimoy in Sherlock Holmes
  • The Star Trek Archives
  • The Star Trek Revue

Issue 3

Enterprise Incidents 3 was published in Nov 1976 and contains 40 pages.

flyer for issue #3
  • 14-page recap of "The Menagerie" with over 50 stills
  • feature on Jeffrey Hunter
  • "How Do Those Star Trek Devices Really Work"
  • an article on Gene Roddenberry
  • The Star Trek Bloopers
  • The Star Trek Archives
  • 3 pages of Ralph Fowler art

Issue 4

Enterprise Incidents 4 was published in June 1977.

cover of issue #4
  • 8-page recap of "The Doomsday Machine"
  • an interview with William Shatner
  • an article and filmography on Shatner
  • art by Ralph Fowler and Ron Wilber

Issue 5

Enterprise Incidents 5 was published in December 1977.

cover of issue #5
  • Whither Thou Goest, Star Trek? / J. Van Hise
  • This Side of Paradise (photostory)
  • This Side of Paradise - Analysis / J. Van Hise
  • Behind the Scenes of Star Trek / J. Van Hise
  • Incidentally Speaking - letters
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • The Banned Episodes of Star Trek / J. Van Hise
  • The Star Trek Review
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars / J. Van Hise
  • Star Trek Archives
  • Star Trekers Off the Top of My Head Walter Koenig [impressions of the other stars]

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6, Ralph Fowler
interior art #6 by Ralph Fowler
art by Hilary Barta and Fred Hembeck in issue #6 for "Sherlock Spock"
interior art by Martin Cannon, for the K/S story "A Brief Moment of Light"

Enterprise Incidents 6 was published in September 1978 and contains 124 pages. The cover by Ralph Fowler.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

See reactions and reviews for A Brief Moment of Light.
See reactions and reviews for The Many Faces of Fan Fiction.
See reactions and reviews for "Alternative" Thoughts.
[zine]: K/S fans will consider this ish the best to date of this excellent zine. The editor continues all the regular features: a pictorial recap of a Star Trek episode, the Bloopers, Archives, Revues, and Incidentally Speaking columns, and special feature articles... and the usual hordes of black and white photographs of our heroes that have long been a book to those of us who illustrate Trek fanzines. BUT -- this is the best part, folks: Mr. Van Hise has finally succumbed to the spell of fanfic! Were it not for the occasional typos that escape the watchful eyes of the proofreaders, one would be inclined to consider this zine a slick, commercial magazine, with its full color covers, superb black and white stills and informative articles. Perhaps his wife Della (who publishes Naked Times) influenced his decision to include fanfic in the current ish along with the promise of more to come in future editions. In any case, he has demonstrated remarkable courage in selecting the most controversial aspect of fanfic for his initiation into the most exciting part of Trekdom. Introducing the offerings is an in-depth discussion of the nature of the Kirk/Spock relationship by one of its best proponents, Gerry Downes, who is currently at work on her K/S zine, Alternative 2. There is a very fine K/S story included, 'A Brief Moment of Light.' Cannon's accompanying illo is deeply touching. Other fanfic includes an outrageous bit of humor, 'Survivors,' by Jim Van Hise and Hilary Barta. Finally, the many never-before-seen photographs of the Star Trek team are a welcome addition to the collector's reference library. Don't miss this one! [6]
E.I. is a high quality fanzine dealing only with Star Trek, its ideas, and stars. It lives up to its claim as "the magazine with an imagination"...

Highlighting the issue is a twelve page recap of "Balance of Terror" which includes excellent photos from the episode. Other regular features inside include "Incidentally Speaking" - an interesting letter column, "The Star Trek Archives" - reprints of old Star Trek articles from various magazines, "The Star Trek Bloopers" - photos of spoiled takes, and "The Star Trek Revue" - reviews of ST fanzines. Also to be found within is an opinion on the ST movie, an article on the many forms of fan fiction and its legality, an article on the Kirk/Spock relationship, three short stories, and many rare pictures. The artwork is highly imaginative and superb. "Survivors - or - Your Psyche's Unbuttoned" (Kelly H. Hale)—Spock and Lt. Tracey crashland. on a planet and must try not to drive each other insane. The Vulcan thinks that they will not be found for months and his humanity is exposed at the end of story. A nice story with a somewhat funny ending. "Sherlock Spook" (James Van Hise & Hilary Barta)—Two murders have been committed aboard the Enterprise while Kirk is on Leave off ship. Spock solves the baffling mystery in a true Sherlock Holmes manner and discovers an interesting situation existing on board. A clever tale with fins illustrations. "A Brief Moment of Light" (Tracey Alexander)—In this excellent, highly thoughtful, Kirk/Spock relationship story, the Captain is an old man, retired from Star Fleet for twenty years. On his last night of life, he thinks back to his adventures in space and the death of Spock. The Vulcan's spirit visits him and takes Kirk "home" where his friends are and always will be.

Wraparound cover with a beautiful piece of artwork employing "Balance of Terror" symbols by Ralph Fowler on the front cover and two nice ST photos on the back. Printed on high quality paper, 76pp, A masterpiece which is worthy to anyone's fanzine library. Rating: A+.[7]
69 pps of offset printing with bountiful photos and mostly cartoonlike drawings. A Ralph Fowler wrap around cover featuring elements of "Balance of Terror," best art in issue.

EI has always been a good buy for the money; somewhat slickly done in pro-style and with many features found no where else, like its archive section and rare bloopers. This issue represents a departure from the previous ones, including fanfic for the first time, and several articles. As usual, it begins with a thought-provoking editorial regarding the Movie, followed by an always LoC section, pictorial summary of BT, old Shatner and Nimoy pix, reviews/ratings for 8 zines, and several pages of ads at the back (not counted in the pages listed above). Of the new material I found Christopher Randolph's "The Many Faces of Fan Fiction" the most interesting as an intro for new readers, though I was incredulous that a writer could consider "Get 'Em" stories (one of the Big Three put through painful experiences) without once mentioning the definitive "Logical Conclusion" by Paula Smith (printed in MENAGERIE 7/8). Particularly sensitive is Christopher's coverage of the adult zines which are so plentiful now. The editor has a brief article on the legality of zines (okay, as long as tolerated by Paramount as harmless to itself), followed by explanations and interpretations of ALTERNATIVE by the author, Gerry Downes. Three fan stories conclude the zine. "Survivors" by Kelly M. Hale is a sometimes funny and sometimes overdone job about a very uncharacteristically absent-minded Spock marooned with a talkative and irritating female officer. Spock's dialogue mostly rings true and unjarring. The second story is one of the editor's, a hybrid Sherlock/Spock (which also is the name of the piece) that suffers from a rather clumsy writing style. I was surprised at the use of two non-words, also —"layed" for "laid" and "irregardless" for "regardless," accustomed as readers are to the excellence of the editing in this zine. The plot of the S/S story isn't new, but the sequence and flashes of dream world serve to dress up the action. I found the last story, "A Brief Moment of Light," by Tracey Alexander, overwhelmingly maudlin and self-consciously sentimental. This theme has been handled better so many times before. It does have its moments as Kirk's last day on earth is described, but the cheery little switch to heaven/Valhalla with its winged childhood pets is too abrupt, breaks the sorrowful mood that the writer has taken such pains to establish; much better that it ended at Kirk's death.

Using El's rating system for zines, I'd give this one a good 8 (out of 10), well worth its cost.[8]

Issue 7

flyer from APOTA #79, click to read
cover of issue #7 by Ralph Fowler
interior art from issue #7
an 8-page interview of Fish by Van Hise in which, among other things, she talks about the story written for this issue, click to read
the first page of a 41-page manuscript (written in 1978) for one of the stories in The Weight Collected; includes a 12-page epilogue that was published in this issue of Enterprise Incidents, click to read

Enterprise Incidents 7 was published in October 1979 and contains 80 pages. Cover by Ralph Fowler. Artists this issue: Hilary Barta, Martin Cannon, Ralph Fowler, Brian Franczak, Jim Kuzee, Kevin Gentry, Pat Molnar, Don Rosa, and Michael Verina.

  • Gene Roddenberry Phone Call, August Party, 8/3/79
  • Part of the Magic: The Experience of Being A Star Trek Extra by Dennis Fischer (recounts his experience on the Star Trek The Motion Picture set)
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • Dragons of Berengaria, Part 1 by Brian Franczak ("This is the first part [11 pages] of an original Star Trek comic strip which will be concluded in EI#8. It is of top notch quality like all artwork presented in EI.") Reprinted from Dragonhunt.
  • Interviews: Dorothy Fontana, Robert Bloch, George Takei (conducted by Dennis Fischer)
  • Star Trek Archive: 3 pages of spot illos by Don Rosa. (reprints of old newspaper articles)
  • Incidentally Speaking - LOCs (logo by Kevin Gentry)

Fan Fic:

  • One of Those Days / Mary A. Smith (Kirk, Spock and McCoy are beamed aboard the Enterprise of one hundred years in the future...but things are not all that they seem). Illustrated by Martin Cannon)
  • A Brief Encounter in a Timeless War by James Van Hise ['The Weight' universe] (The never told tale of the Romulan invasion of Earth mentioned in Leslie's The Weight universe)
  • Idle Hands by Kelly Hale (When the crew of the Enterprise become bored after long inaction, only mania can result and an amazing wager. Illustrated by Martin Cannon)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

See reactions and reviews for A Brief Encounter in a Timeless War.
[zine]: I enjoyed EI #7, although I don't care for the "centrefold' - I'd seen this picture (or one very similar to it) before and I feel it's verging on blasphemy - not that I'm religiously minded, I'm not; but I feel it could give offence to anyone who is. Granted, if you can't laugh at yourself occasionally you're a pretty lost cause, but religion is a subject about which many people are very touchy. I didn't much care for the picture strip either; not that It's badly done, it's one of the better ones I've come across. I just don't care for having stories presented that way. I keep thinking of all the printed words that could have gone into the space wasted by artwork (British fans don't go much for artwork, and - to refer to the letter from [Jeanine A] - many fans over here rate Interphase fairly low in the scheme of zines because of the amount of artwork in it. I would per­sonally rate it about 8; I enjoyed the fiction in it, but felt it rather too geared towards art a lot of the time.) Still on the subject of Jeanine's letter, I too would rate Matter/Antimatter about 9, but I'd put Turbolift Review at 10; the Stardates at 8-9 depending on issue, and Warped Space -I'm afraid - at about 6. There has been materiaI in it I've enjoyed, but mostly - and especially since Lori started putting so much Star Wars material - I've not cared for it at all. Not to denigrate the quality of writing that has gone into many SW stories, I just plain don't read them because I am not interested in knowing more about those characters at any level. I went to Star Wars once - to see what all the fuss was about - and although it had its moments, mostly in the second half, much of it bored me. Jeanine mentions "The Weight" - well, again I don't care for it, at least as Star Trek. I think Leslie would have been better to have written it as a straight SF story without trying to include ST characters. The thing is, as I'm sure you know, a reviewer judges to some extent on the basis of his/her personal preferences. No matter how hard you try to be objective it isn't always possible. To me, "The Weight" is that much wasted effort as an ST story because Kirk is, to all intents and purposes, on his own, separated from McCoy and Spock; Quanna, as a Spock analogue, is not the same, especially since he thinks she's Miramanee. I gave it a fair try; read my way right through it (although I did have to get photo­copies of some of the earlier episodes from a friend) but found myself more and more inclined to scan as it went on. On the other hand, Leslie's "End of the Hurt-Comfort Syndrome" in NT 3 is in my opinion one of the best things she's ever written.... With regard to [Elaine H's] letter - there was one logical reason for the change of uniforms - so that Paramount could get the copyright tied up rather tighter than it was! My personal opinion is that the new uniforms in the movie look great on the women - those miniskirts were hopelessly impractical for landing party duties and were clearly designed by a man who liked looking at female legs; but for the men, I think the new uniforms have too feminine a cut. Granted, I'm looking at the design from a British viewpoint; that style of dipped-front tunic may be perfectly acceptable for men in the States, but over here it looks effeminate, at least to a lot of people. Nor do I personally care for men wearing pastel-coloured trousers (and shoes/ boots); again, it strikes me as effeminate. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, my 40+ years showing. On the other hand, I enjoyed the movie apart from the V'ger fly-through, which kept putting me to sleep). Elaine also mentions that Christopher Randolph referred to several zines/stories that are now out of print. But he is in good (?) company; STAR TREK LIVES had that section devoted to fan fiction, and many of their examples also were (are) unobtainable. As editor for STAG, I've had several requests from new members about where they could get hold of the zines/stories mentioned in STAR TREK LIVES, and mostly I've just had to answer, "Sorry, of out print." Anyone doing an article on that subject is bound to refer to the stories he/she knows about and feels fits the theme, regardless of whether or not the stories are still obtainable - and regretfully, many of the best ones go O/P very fast. I know; we put out two (at least) new zines every two months, and find it impossible to keep them all in print, although we'd like to; space (or rather, the lack of it) makes it impossible for any editor to keep zines in print no matter how popular that zine may be. (Our zines run to 50 - 70 pages each). Still on the question of Elaine's letter; Kraith is excellent SF, but no way is it ST. It falls flat on Its face as ST because of one thing; if Spock is as important to Vulcan as Kraith implies, no way is he ever going to be allowed to leave the planet and risk his life in any profession as dangerous as Starfleet.[9]
[zine]: The interviews with writers are enlightening as I have always been curious about what it takes to create something as good as STAR TREK, and the people behind it. I also enjoyed the first part of "The Dragons of Berengaria" although I was a little dubious at first. The only ST based comic book I bought was a bitter dis­appointment both in story detail and art. Mr. Franczak has proven ST can be done in strip style and lose noth­ing by it. Please don't let anyone talk you out of printing the fan fiction you have recently included in EI. Because of the story excellence, it adds another dimension to your 'zine that many of us fiction fans can't easily get. And while still in the vein of ST fiction, you state in your letter section that the NEW VOYAGES will not be continuing. Could you go into greater detail of why and where you received your information? It is upsetting to me because I found the stories refreshing, though in comparison to the six you have thus far printed in EI they are a little pale! [10]

Issue 8

Enterprise Incidents 8 was published in 1980 and contains either 96 or 124 pages. Art this issue: Martin Cannon, P.E. Cunningham, Leslie Fish, Ralph Franczak, Mahlon Fawcett, Jim Kuzee, Kevin Gentry, Ken Mitchroney, Jim Newsome, Michael Verina and Ron Wilber.

cover of issue #8
  • To Boldly Go by Tracey Alexander [ ST:TMP premiere]
  • Where Nomad Has Gone Before by James Van Hise
  • Star Twek: the Motion Sickness - comic
  • Inside V'ger: an Interview with Greg Jein and Bill George
  • Interview: Update: Dorothy Fontana
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • Dragons of Berengaria, Part 2 by Brian Franczak [comic strip story]; reprinted from Dragonhunt
  • Interview: Leslie Fish by James Van Hise, see A 1980 Interview with Leslie Fish
  • Banned From Argo - comic, lyrics by Leslie Fish, adapted by Jim Kuzee
  • K/S: Roddenberry Adds a Surprising New Wrinkle / James Van Hise
  • Fan Fic:
    • Invaders Great and Small by Leslie Fish, Joanne Agostino and James Van Hise ["a tale of Roantree's Earth"] - a McCoy story from 'The Weight' universe. McCoy is a country doctor on an Earth that has renounced high technology. When the Romulans invade, McCoy is abducted to help them combat a plethora of Earth diseases ravaging their troops.
    • Shore Leave - photostory
  • a review of The Other Side of Paradise #4, see that page
  • a review of Starborne, see that page
  • a review of The Perfect Object, see that page
  • a review of Contact #5/6, see that page

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

The Enterprise Incidents is a regularly published quarterly fanzine... My first reaction is this is one of the handsomest fanzines I've ever seen. It comes with a color photo wrap-around cover featuring scenes connected with ST:TMP. The interior is full of photos and artwork. They definitely patronize a super printer! But is it worth buying? That depends on what you want out of a fanzine. EI #8 contains only two pieces of original fiction. "Invaders Great and Small" by Fish, Agostino, and Van Hise is 14 pages long, and set in Leslie Fish's The Weight universe. It deals with Dr. McCoy's experiences during the Romulan invasion of earth, with a plot similar to Well's "War of the Worlds." I was disappointed. The other piece of fiction was the conclusion of the comic strip adventure, "The Dragons of Berengaria." Handsome, but lightweight. The interviews were a bit better. The interview with Dorothy Fontana dealt mostly with her brief involvement with the Buck Rogers series. The interview with Greg Jein and Bill George, the model builders who did V'ger, was interesting. But the interview with Fish was fascinating. A few more odds and ends such as an illustrated version of Leslie Fish's comic song "Banned from Argo, a short letter column, and even shorter fanzine review column, and some stuff about seeing ST:TMP for the first time were included. Mr. Van Hise also reprinted his editorial on the Kirk/Spock homosexual relationship premise and ST:The Novel, which originally appeared in The Naked Times #3. The bulk of the 'zine is devoted to photos and artwork. Indeed, there are pages and pages of excellent black and white photos, mostly from the original series, but some from ST:TMP. There is a whole photo novel representation of the episode "Shore Leave." And there are also 16 -- count 'em -- 16 pages of advertising for Mr. Van Hise's photo service. Yep, 16 pages of 1 5/8 x 2 /14 bw photos that you can buy as well as 8 x10 color stills. If you like photos, you might like this zine.[11]

Issue 9

Enterprise Incidents 9 was published in 1982 and contains 100 pages. It has art by Lonny Fawcett, Mike McGann, Mark Cantrell, Ken Mitchroney, Jim Kuzee, Kevin Gentry, Rich Bruning, Doug Drexler, Mike Minor, and Geoff Mandel.

cover of issue #9, artist is Lonny Fawcett
  • Incidentally Speaking (2)
  • The Star Trek Review: Death's Angel" and "The Entropy Effect", reviewed by Wendy Rathbone and James Van Hise (4)
  • Formulas for Success and Failures by Al Christensen (12)
  • A Fan Stands In by Tibor Csaky (17)
  • Research Dept: What They're Saying About Star Trek, compiled by Al Christensen (19)
  • Star Trek Fandom Triumphs by Geoffrey Mandel, Doug Drexler, and Ron Barlow (reprinted from the 1979 standalone zine) (22)
  • Star Trek Bloopers (53)
  • The Ion Incident by Jon S. Aiken

Issue 10

Enterprise Incidents 10 was published in 1982 and has 80 pages. The frontispiece is by Michael R. Adams, other art by Hilary Barta, Mahlon Fawcett, Dennis Bailey, Michael R. Adams, Ken Mitchroney, John Turek, Marc Cantrell, Jeff Nelson, Jim Kuzee, Mike Verina, Pat Holnar, Mike McGann, and Michael Aten.

cover of issue #10, uncredited
  • The Making of the Visual Effects of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, part one (2)
  • The Bantam Star Trek Experience (9)
  • Dreadnought Expirations by Linda S. Maclaren (18) (an account of the cease and desist letter the editors of Dreadnought Explorations had received in 1977. See Dreadnought Explorations and the Cease and Desist Letters.)
  • Gene Roddenberry: His 1968 Speech at Berkeley, transcript (22)
  • Leonard Nimoy and the Other Van Gogh (34)
  • Star Trek Bloopers (40)
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, fiction by Leslie Fish (42)
  • The Captain Kirk Revenge Squad (62)
  • The Star Trek Archives (70)

Issue 11

Table of Contents page of Enterprise Incidents 11
cover of issue #11

Enterprise Incidents 11 was published in 1982. Its cover price was $2.50 and had 80 pages. The cover is by Mahlon Fawcett, the frontspiece is by Michael R. Adams.

  • The Making of the Visual Effects of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE - Part One - Page 2
  • "The Bantam STAR TREK Experience" - Page 4
  • "Dreadnought Expirations" - Page 18
  • "Gene Roddenberry: His 1968 Speech At Berkeley" - Page 22
  • "Leonard Nimoy and the Other Van Gogh" - Page 34
  • Star Trek Bloopers - Page 40
  • "Yesteryear, Today and Tomorrow" by Leslie Fish - Page 42
  • "The Captain Kirk Revenge Squad" - Page 62
  • The Star Trek Archives - Page 70

Issue 12

Enterprise Incidents 12 was published in 1983, is 80 pages long and contains the following articles: Spock's Death / Wrath of Khan technical / Evening with Doohan / Day with Nimoy.

cover of issue #12

Issue 13

Enterprise Incidents 13 was published January 1984 and contains 68 pages.

cover of issue #13
  • Looking Backwards on The Wrath of Khan / Al Christensen
  • Lost Moments from Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Making of the Visual Effects of ST:TMP, Part 2
  • Interview: Nicholas Meyer, Part 1
  • William Shatner: His Pre-Star Trek Fantasy Roles
  • Star Trek Directors Dennis Fischer
  • Star Trek: TMP Special Edition / James Van Hise
  • The Prisoner / James Van Hise
  • Con Memories / James Van Hise

Issue 14

Enterprise Incidents 14 was published February 1984.

cover of issue #14
  • Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan - Something Old, Something new / Dennis Fischer
  • Interview: Nicholas Meyer, Part 2
  • Jedi Desert Filming the Fan Adventure
  • 1984: The Unfulfilled Prophecy
  • The Making of the Galileo Seven / Michael R. Adams
  • Spirit of Tomorrow
  • Interview: Mike Minor / James Van Hise
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • Star Trek Archives
  • Nicholas Meyer - Interview II

Issue 15

Enterprise Incidents 15 was published March 1984.

cover of issue #15
  • Space: the High and Endless Frontier / Jacquelyn Craig Johnson
  • Of Vulcans and Romulans / Dennis Fischer
  • Captain Chekov? You Must Be Joking / Dennis Fischer
  • Paul Sammon - writer, director, producer
  • Romulan Society and Culture, Part 1 / David Brewer
  • Vulcan as Viewed by Michael Minor
  • Bloopers
  • Turning on the Heart Light (ET)
  • Science Fiction Concepts in Star Trek / Dennis Fischer
  • Star Trek's Transporter: Speculations and Implications / Al Christensen
  • War Games: To Play or Not to Play / Dennis Fischer
  • The Endurance of Star Trek / Jeff Spender

Issue 16

Enterprise Incidents 16 was published April 1984

cover of issue #16
  • What Have They Been Saying About Star Trek?
  • Space (Column) - Voyage from Yesteryear, Space Colonization as Racial Rebirth
  • Road Warrior
  • Romulan Society and Culture, Part 2 / David Brewer
  • Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game
  • The Search For / In Search Of
  • From Behind the Scenes of The Wrath of Khan/ Dennis Fischer
  • The Cage and The Menagerie: a Comparison / James Van Hise
  • Welcome to Starfleet Academy / Dennis Fischer
  • Bloopers
  • Memory Tapes - clippings

Issue 17

Enterprise Incidents 17 was published May 1984.

cover of issue #17
  • The Last Starfighter / James Van Hise
  • Interview: Andrew Probert
  • Space (Column): Crime in Space
  • View Screen: The Genesis Effect
  • The 40 Million Dollar Dune
  • The Dune Saga
  • Angelique Pettyjohn / James Van Hise
  • The Making of Visual Effects of ST:TMP
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before: the Birth of Star Trek as We Know It
  • Bloopers

Issue 18

Enterprise Incidents 18 contains the following articles: Phil. Experiment / Splash / Last Starfighter / Mark Lenard / Leela / Robert Fletcher / Dune / Jedi

cover of issue #18

Issue 19

Enterprise Incidents 19 was published July 1984 and contains the following article: Star Trek III: The Review, Part 1 by J. Case

cover of issue #19

Issue 20

Enterprise Incidents 20 contains the following articles: ST III / Streets of Fire / Last Starfighter / Dune / Baby / Firestarter / Phil. Ex

cover of issue #20

Issue 21

Enterprise Incidents 21 contains the following articles: Roddenberry / Colin Baker / Baby / Conan / Last Starfighter / Ghostbusters / Gremlins

cover of issue #21

Issue 22

Enterprise Incidents 22 contains the following articles: V / Shatner / Gremlins / Dreamscape / L. Starfighter / Buck. Banz. / Ghostbusters / 2010 / Never Ending Story

cover of issue #22

Issue 23

Enterprise Incidents 23 was published November 1984 and contains the following articles: No Bones About It, DeForest Kelley is Glad to Be Back by Mike Clark

cover of issue #23

Issue 24

Enterprise Incidents 24 contains the following articles: Gremlins / Terminator / Starman / Dune / Baby / V / Star Trek / Buckaroo Banzai

cover of issue #24

Issue 25

Enterprise Incidents 25 contains the following articles: Last Starfighter / V / 2010 / Nimoy / Chris Reeve / Gremlins / Dune / Starman

cover of issue #25

Issue 26

Enterprise Incidents 26 contains the following articles: Dune / Bennett & Nimoy / Repo Man / 2010 / Bond / V / Runaway / Night comet / Tom Baker

cover of issue #26

Issue 27

Enterprise Incidents 27 contains the following articles: Radioactive Dreams / Star Wars / Kate Capshaw / Dune / The Stuff / Patrick McGoohan / V

cover of issue #27

Issue 28

Enterprise Incidents 28 contains the following articles: V / Spielberg / Dune / Stop Motion Animation / John Stockwell / George Pal / My Science Project / Return to Oz

Issue 29

Enterprise Incidents 29 contains the following articles: 1984 / Coccoon / Ladyhawke / Richard Jaeckel / Starman / Defcon 4 / John Carpenter / Nichelle Nichols / Terminator

Issue 30

Enterprise Incidents 30 contains the following articles: Lifeforce / V / Nichelle Nichols / Otherworld / Ladyhawke / Terminator / My Science Project / Cocoon

Issue 31

Enterprise Incidents 31 contains the following articles: Brazil / Cocoon / Lifeforce / Blair Brown / Space / Mad Max / Shatner / Ladyhawke

Issue 32

Enterprise Incidents 32 contains the following articles: Clan Cave Bear / Sex Mission / Matthew Broderick / Ladyhawke / Mad Max / Goonies / Dykstra / Lifeforce / Cocoon

Issue 33

Enterprise Incidents 33 contains the following articles: Explorers / Goonies / Mad Max / Cocoon / Black Cauldron / Return to Oz / My Science Project / Michael Fox / Back to the Future / Tobe Hooper / Lifeforce / Richard Herd / V / Disney section

Enterprise Incidents Special Collectors' Issues

Enterprise Incidents - Special Collector's Issue #1 was published in 1983. It is a reprint of issues 1 & 2 originally published in 1976.

  • Is the Magic of Star Trek More than Skin Deep? (A) / D. Hawks
  • 'Amok Time' (photostory)
  • Inteview with John Collicos (Kor) (A) / M. Kuntz
  • Star Trek Special FX Models / J. Ellis
  • Interviews: S. Hammill
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • Harlan Ellison
  • Norman Spinrad
  • George Takei
  • James Doohan
  • Interview with DeForest Kelley / J. Gulick
  • 'Mirror, Mirror' (photostory)
  • Mirror, Mirror' - an Analysis (A) / J. Van Hise
  • The Star Fleet Cometh (A) / L. Zocchi
  • Nimoy's a Natural as Holmes
  • Star Trek Archives - sundry clippings

Enterprise Incidents - Special Collector's Issue #2 was published in January 1984. It is a reprint of issue #3, (Nov. 1976) & #4, (June 1977).

  • The Menagerie (photostory)
  • The Menagerie: Analysis / J. Van Hise
  • Star Trek's First Captain: Jeffrey Hunter / J. Van Hise
  • Star Trek Bloopers, Part 1
  • How Those Star Trek Devices Really Work - from TV Star Hit Parade August 1968
  • Gene Roddenberry / Mike Cooper
  • Star Trek Archives - clippings
  • Flashback - with Walter Koenig
  • Doomsday Machine (photostory)
  • Doomsday Machine - Analysis / J. Van Hise
  • Where Are They Now? - Galileo 7
  • Star Trek Bloopers, Part 2
  • Star Trek Profile: William Shatner / J. Van Hise
  • Conversations with William Shatner [Q&A after one-man show, Middlesex College, 11/15/76]
  • Star Trek Archives - clippings

Enterprise Incidents - Special Collector's Issue #3 was published in April, 1984. It is a reprint of issue #5, (Dec 1977).

  • Whither Thou Goest, Star Trek? / J. Van Hise
  • This Side of Paradise (photostory)
  • This Side of Paradise - Analyssi / J. Van Hise
  • Behind the Scenes of Star Trek / J. Van Hise
  • Incidentally Speaking - letters
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • The Banned Episodes of Star Trek / J. Van Hise
  • The Star Trek Review
  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars / J. Van Hise
  • Star Trek Archives
  • Star Trekers Off the Top of My Head Walter Koenig [impressions of the other stars]

Enterprise Incidents - Special Collector's Issue #4 was published in July 1984. It is a reprint of issue #6, (Sept 1978).

  • Whither Thou Goest, Star Trek, Revisited / J. Van Hise
  • Leonard Nimoy of the Stratosphere
  • Balance of Terror (photostory)
  • The Scene You Never Saw [cut scene, probably from The Way to Eden]
  • TV's Star Trek: How They Mix Science Fact with Science Fiction / James W. Wright
  • Star Trek Archives [includes cast barbecue shots]
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • The Many Faces of Fan Fiction / Christopher Randolph
  • Fan Fiction: Is It Legal, Or Merely Tolerated? / J. Van Hise
  • "Alternative" Thoughts / Gerry Downes
  • Fan Fic:
  • Survivors, or, "Your Psyche's Unbuttoned" / Kelly M. Hale
  • Sherlock Spock by Hilary Barta
  • A Brief Moment of Light / Tracey Alexander

Enterprise Incidents - Special Collector's Issue #5 was published in November, 1984. It is a reprint of issue #7.

  • Gene Roddenberry Phone Call, August Party, 8/3/79
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • Dragons of Berengaria, Part 1 / Biran Franczak [comic book story]
  • Interviews: Dennis Fischer
  • Dorothy Fontana
  • Robert Bloch
  • George Takei
  • Star Trek Archives
  • Fan Fic:
  • One of Those Days / Mary A. Smith
  • A Brief Encounter in a Timeless War / James Van Hise ['The Weight' universe]
  • Idle Hands / Kelly Hale

Enterprise Incidents - Special Collector's Issue #6 was published in January 1985. It is a reprint of issue #8.

  • To Boldly Go / Tracey Alexander [ST:TMP premiere]
  • Where Nomad Has Gone Before / James Van Hise
  • Star Twek: the Motion Sickness - comic
  • Inside V'ger: an Interview with Greg Jein and Bill George
  • Interview: Update:Dorothy Fontana
  • Star Trek Bloopers
  • Dragons of Berengaria, Part 2 / Biran Franczak [comic book story]
  • Star Trek Reviue (reviews - zines)
  • Interview: Leslie Fish / James Van Hise
  • Banned From Argo - comic
  • K/S: Roddenberry Adds a Surprising New Wrinkle / James Van Hise
  • Fan Fic:
    • Invaders Great and Small / Leslie Fish, Joanne Agostino and James Van Hise ["a tale of Roantree's Earth"] - a McCoy story from 'The Weight' universe. McCoy is a country doctor on an Earth that has renounced high technology. When the Romulans invade, McCoy is abducted to help them combat a plethora of Earth diseases ravaging their troops.
    • Shore Leave - photostory

Special Issue

Enterprise Incidents Summer 1983 Special was published in 1983.

  • Gene Roddenberry Looking Ahead from 1983
  • Reviews by Wendy Rathbone: The Prometheus Design (9); Black Fire (5); Triangle (10)
  • Mechanical Affinities / Al Christenson
  • Starfleet Manual, Appendix 1: Historical / Geoffrey Mandel [eugenics & vessels]
  • Fantastic Voyaging: Jerome Bixby Dennis Fischer
  • Star Trek Archives
  • 3-Deep in Moab, Utah, or, The Spacehunter Journal / James Van Hise
  • File on Kahn / Jerome Bixby
  • Spacehunter Interviews
  • Fan Fic: With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends, or, Never Trust a Klingon / Twyla Peacock & Wendy Rathbone based on Friendship Exchange Action mentioned in novelization of TAS "Counterclock Incident"

Enterprise Incidents Special Edition "Spotlight on..." series

Reprints of material from earlier Special Edition issues

Issue #1 - INTERVIEWS was published in Jun 1984

  • Gene Roddenberry [rep: EI #1]
  • Harlan Ellison [rep: EI #1]
  • Norman Spinrad [rep: EI #1]
  • George Takei [rep: EI #1]
  • James Doohan [rep: EI #1]
  • DeForest Kelley [rep: EI #2]
  • Gene Roddenberry 1968 Speech at Berkeley
  • Dorothy Fontana, Robert Block George Takei [rep: EI #7]
  • An Evening with Jimmy Doohan [rep: EI #12?]
  • An Interview with Franz Joseph

Issue #2 -...LEONARD NIMOY was printed in Jun 1984

  • Nimoy's a Natural as Holmes
  • Leonard Nimoy of the Stratosphere
  • To Spock or Not to Spock
  • Leonard Nimoy and the Other Van Gogh
  • Dressing Room Secrets
  • Spock's Death: Was It Worth the Uproar?
  • A Day with Mr. Nimoy
  • Of Vulcans and Romulans
  • The Search for In Search Of

Cover Gallery of Special Issue

Best of

The Best of Enterprise Incidents was published in 1990 by Pioneer Books, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada. ISBN 1556982313.

The introduction by James Van Hise (dated April 1990) states: The material in this book is drawn from issues as early as #2 and spans the life of Star Trek itself as well as of the magazine. The magazine exists now only in the form of the book you're holding, but since several pieces in this book appear here for the first time, one could hardly say that ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS is defunct.


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