Gordon Carleton

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Name: Gordon Carleton
Fandoms: Star Trek, Starsky & Hutch, Star Wars
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portrait of Gordon and his wife, Lori, from Menagerie#11

Gordon Carleton is a fanzine illustrator. He published zines under the name T'Kuhtian Press and was one of the co-founders (along with Lori Chapek-Carleton whom he married in 1976) of MediaWest.

He has been a contributer to, among many others, Warped Space, Interphase, Menagerie, Pegasus, The Other Side of Paradise, The Star Trek Songbook and Beta Niobe Revisited.

Gordon created the "City on the Edge of Whatever" slideshow, the Landing Party Six concept, the "Star Trash" series ("The Man-Hatchery," "Journey to Babcon," and "Controllian Grid.")

From the 1977 songbook for Solar Sailors: "Gordon Carleton.... is a closet T'Kuhtian married to a famous Trek-fanzine editor who is said to have carried him off in the dead of night. She keeps him locked up in an enchanted cave in Lansing, Michigan, where he draws splendid illustrations, night and day, for her fanzines. Gordon is the only fanzine artist known to have gone to Baskin-Robbins in a Wookie [sic] suit. Rumor has it the fur was his own."