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Star Trek Convention
Name: Michigan MicroCon
Dates: May and July-ish 1975
Frequency: at least twice
Location: Michigan, MI
Type: fan-run fan con
Focus: Star Trek: TOS, Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Founding Date:
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Michigan MicroCon was a very informal fan gathering for media fans of primarily Star Trek: TOS and Man from U.N.C.L.E..

The first two MicroCons were in Kalamazoo, MI, and a third, called QuasiCon, was in East Lansing.

These tiny cons, as well as Kwest*Con (1974), Ourcon (1975), ReKWest*Con (1975), SeKWester*Con (1976), "SeKWester*Con, Too" (1977), T'Con (1978), 2'Con (1979), Mos' Eastly Con (beginning in 1980) paved the way for MediaWest*Con.

The First Kalamazoo MiniCon

From Paula Smith or Sharon Ferraro:

Less than two score science fiction and Star Trek fans gathered over Memorial Day weekend in beautiful humid Kalamazoo. Having three captive artists, we made best use of them. When they were done with the dishes, we extorted the front cover and several interior illos in this issue of them. There was a filksing, a banquet, both sercon and fannish panels, and a helluva lot of rain. The guest of honor was Philip Foglio, fan guest was Lori Chapek; other notables were Gordon Carleton (whose caricatures grace this report), Sharon Ferraro, Debbie Goldstein of Kraith, Doug Rice (cover artist), and Paula Smith.

Plans for the next Microcon are already underway, and the date will be announced when it is over. [1]

The Secret of Star Hollow by Paula Therese Helene Krieger-Smythe was a comedy printed in Menagerie #9. It was a Star Trek Gothic story "aided and abetted by...anything else that attended Microcon 1." The story mentioned the names of just about every prominent fan at the time. (Paula Smith, the author, read aloud from this at SaltCon).

The Second Kalamazoo MiniCon

From Lori Chapek:

For those who have not been initiated into the mysteries of the Kalamazoo-based MicroCons, suffice it to say that they are very intimate get-togethers and semi-serious and great fun. Check your calendar for the possibility of a MicroCon in East Lansing sometime this fall.

MicroCon II was a pool party -- but only P. Smith went swimming. Highpoint, in my opinion, was watching the five Trek episodes that hadn't arrived in time for ReKWest*Con! High point in P. Block's point of view, I suspect, was U.N.C.L.E. talk with P. Smith. [2]


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