Debbie Goldstein

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Name: Debbie Goldstein
Type: fan writer & fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek
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a portrait of Carol Lynn and Debbie Goldstein by Joni Wagner from Menagerie #9
a caricature by Gordon Carleton of Debbie Goldstein, printed in Paladin #1 in 1980

Her 1976 Fannish Autobiography

From Featured Fen -- Twofen:Trufen: Debbie Goldstein and Carol Lynn:

So in 1970 I swindled my way into the last Clarion and did nothing there except waste the instructor's time. In 1972, along came the first New York International Star Trek Convention. I had met Carol Lynn at a travel-arrangement party the winter before the con, and had sat up the whole night reading Kraith II and III (they didn't have Kraith I, you see) out of old T-NEGATIVES. I took home about ten pounds of trekzines, and stayed up till 8 am reading. I was Hooked.

There was also the second NYCon, where I gofered for the first time, and entered (winning three runner's up prizes) my first costume ball; Carol and I were the empresses of the Klingon empire, having deposed and disposed of our brother.

Paula Smith tells me there was a party at which I first met her, but it feels like there never was a time I didn't know her and Sharon Ferraro. Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Kraith magazine started somewhere, but that too has been something that has always been there — when you live with something and know it intimately, if it somehow just happened without being planned, then it's always been there.

Carol and I started doing Kraith Collected when it became obvious that Margaret and Laura Basta, who had first volunteered, didn't have the time and really didn't want to do it. We told Jacqueline that we'd do it, if for no other reason than it would give us a chance to read all the new Kraith stories before they were published. I got into it by offering to help type — Carol is one-finger slow, but accurate, and I touch type about 45-50, with a minimum of three errors a line. Our first issue had a print tun of 250 and we thought it would never sell out. We also thought it would take only 4 or 5 issues to do all of Kraith, but we were naive in those days. Kraith has been growing too fast to keep up with (our print run for #5 will be at least 1000), and we've gradually acquiring the stuff and junk that any small home business has; file drawers, storage cabinets, stamps (in the hundreds of dollars), rubber stamps for envelopes, manila envelopes, and back issues of Kraith stacked in cabinets, on chairs, in boxes and loose, and in the backs of our cars for weeks on end, when there's no other place for them.

We used to try to make all the nearby cons, taking as many issues of Kraith as we could carry, but now it's the other way around—don't call us, we WON'T call you.