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For the Voltron zine, see PALADIN.
Title: Paladin
Publisher: David Lubkin
Editor(s): David Lubkin and Eileen Roy
Date(s): 1980, 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Paladin is a gen multifandom anthology which preceded The Paladins Affair.

A Submission Request for the Proposed Third Issue

For a third issue in Universal Translator #22: "Contributions being accepted: art, stories, articles, calligraphy, songs, poetry, SASEs, money, Alaskan Malmutes... The issue is scheduled for MediaWest*Con IV."

This issue was ultimately not published.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Susan Perry-Lewis
back cover of issue #1, Signe Landon

Paladin 1 was published in 1980 and is 116 pages. Cover art is by Susan Perry-Lewis and back cover by Signe Landon.

The art is by Susan Perry-Lewis, Signe Landon, Gordon Carleton, Elaine Tripp, Gina Martin, Patricia Munson, Allyson Whitfield, Harriet Stallings, Juanita Coulson, T.J. Burnside, David Lubkin, Marty Siegrist, and Paula Block.

[Editorial: Eileen Roy]:

Ladies and Germs,

David did all the work. Lord knows why I'm on the masthead, unless it was a ploy to get me to send stories (Little did he know —). Basically, anything you like about this zine — variety of universes, editorial policy, arrangement of written material and artwork, typing — you may attribute to David (Take a bow, Dave). Responsibility for anything you don't like we, of course, share equally.

You may notice that "Ash and Mist" : and "Ehez Mortll are the same story. Same pages, too. During a marathon editing session with Kathy, during which all three of us disagreed about most every thing, we came to the conclusion that there were two possible moods and endings to the story she outlined, both excellent. So she did one and I did the other, ran dom is an incestuous business.

Most of the Illya stories in the zine are part of a coherent (?) universe; more will appear in the second issue of Paladin, barring a successful hit team (And even then, I have left manuscripts with my solicitor). Stories to come will have somewhat more Napoleon included.(Napoleon. Remember him?). There will also, hope fully, be a novel in the same series for our third issue (Optimistic, aren't I?). Also in the second issue, we're looking forward to a great Paris-Dana (Mission: Impossible) story from Juanita Salicrup and Jean Stevenson. Also, a Man from U.N.C.L.E./Paper Chase sequel to "Ash and Mist" and "Chez Mort," a long U.N.C.L.E. story, Noel Harrison, "The Pardon Moi . . Affair," by Gordon Carleton (The Pig from U.N.C.L.E.), Doc Savage in drag ...

There's still lots of room left for submissions, though. I prefer spies, but cops are okay too. Submit material. Please. We promise, your superiors at the LAPD, CIA, Surrete, KGB, UNCLE or *ahem* higher agencies will never hear about it from us.

"Echoes through Time" is reprinted from Despatch 30/31, edited by Ruth Berman and Sharon Emily. "Promises and Maple Leaves" is reprinted from The Clipper Trade Ship [1], edited by Jim Rondeau. Both have been rewritten to some extent. I'd rather not reprint material, so please, send stuff?

Spring is more fun.

[Editorial: David Lubkin]:

Eileen may be right about the divvying of work (he says typing this Sam, taking 80 sheets to the printer tomorrow/today, to get back in time to collate Wednesday after Sue Perry and Keven Lewis's wedding so we can take it to Mos' Eastly on Thursday), but she has her uses. Cuts down on the rodent problem with that switchblade, and tumbles world-class. Even purrs on occasion.

If you've ever read a Crystal Singer (plug elsewhere unless I forget), you know I ramble; if not, you'll find out.

PALADIN is mostly dedicated to three of the dear people who died of late — Alfred Hitchcock, David Janssen, and David McDaniel. Thankfully they all left work behind them, for us to show the future what talents they bore.

But it's not entirely dedicated to them. For them our triumphs, but there would be no triumphs without the people who slaved over the bugger.

How can I dedicate a zine without remembering Carol making me layout pads over at Moon's, or Kathy's marathon long distance rewrite sessions with Eileen, or the breakneck speed at which TJ and Signe mailed in artwork (not to mention the twenty-plus pieces Gordon did, from the one he first promised for us), or Brenda, with no interest whatsoever in fandom, pasting-up for hours — for every name on the table of contents I have a story. You're great, guys, I love you all.

Enough with that. PALADIN 2 is coming one of these days. Accepting stuff now — dreaming for a Noreascon II release and hoping for Febcon. Ideally, we'd like PALADIN coming out every six months. Send stuff!

Artists: we are willing to experiment, and occasionally pour money into finer screens, two-color ... although we prefer plain pen-and-ink. Pack things well, with crisscrossed corrugated cardboard and big red letters.

Insure all art and keep a copy of all stories! Your work is valuable.

Don't forget to loc us.

  • art: Time After Time machine by Gordon Carleton (5)
  • Charade by Donna Chisholm; art by Marty Siegrist (The Young Rebels) (6)
  • Night of the Blind Beggar by Ronni Sacksteder; art by Signe Landon (Wild, Wild West) (9)
  • Echoes Through Time by Eileen Roy; art by Marty Siegrist (Here Come the Brides/Star Trek: TOS) (reprinted from Despatch #26/27) (56)
  • Holmes, poem by Gina Martin (62)
  • art: Angelique by Susan Perry-Lewis (63)
  • November, 1940: Kiev by Eileen Roy; art by Harriet Stallings (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (64)
  • A Time of Certain Solace by Eileen Roy; art by Signe Landon (M*A*S*H/Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (67)
  • Stand of the Honoured Dead by Signe Landon; art by Signe Landon (M*A*S*H) (76)
  • Snow Queen by Kathy Esselman & Eileen Roy; art by Juanita Coulson (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (78)
  • art: Honey West by Patricia Munson (82)
  • Promises and Maple Leaves by Eileen Roy; art by TJ Burnside (The Questor Tapes) (also in The Vaslovik Archives #4) (83)
  • art: The Prisoner by Allyson Whitfield (95)
  • A Baby's Comfort by Jean Stevenson; art by David Lubkin (The Mod Squad) (96)
  • art: Illya by Signe Landon (98)
  • Behind Blue Eyes, poem by Allyson Whitfield (99)
  • Ash and Mist by Eileen Roy/Chez Mort by Kathy Esselman; art by Susan W. Perry-Lewis (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (100)
  • art: Modesty Blaise by Patria Munson
  • The Thorne Affair by Carol Lynn & Sandra Giraud; art by Gordon Carleton (Starsky & Hutch/Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (107)
  • James Bond and the Disposable Society, article by Sally A. Syrjala; art by Gordon Carleton ("[Bond] seeks the transitory, items that do not demand lasting commitments. Inter national affairs change with the rapidity of the wind — one who was 'friend' yesterday could well be tomorrow's 'foe'. Always changing sides in the international chess game. Bond must keep God and right firmly on his side. In such a climate, it is no wonder deep feelings are seldom formed. They would be an alien force detracting from the purpose of his profession. It is interesting to note that this is the hero we have picked. He duplicates our society. We employ his disposable relationships as we do disposable dishes — and with as much feeling. We live in an age of plastics and that commodity seems to have seeped into people as well as material things.") (112)
  • art by Paula Block (113)
  • The Smart Foreigner, article by Amy Hartman ("Over the past summer, I have discovered a strong and astonishing addiction to Dorothy Sayers' novels; astonishing be cause science fiction has always been my favorite genre. My response to the average mystery was, 'The nephew did it; so what?" But some detective stories delight me because of the character of the protagonists. This led me to try to analyze my favorite character in sf/spy/detective fiction. I call him the Smart Foreigner.") (114)
  • art: Honey West by Patricia Munson (115)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Media fandom rides again. And like the Seventh Cavalry, ‘Paladin’ is a lifesaver. If you too have been starved for a taste of ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E.,’ or ‘M*A*S*H’ or ‘Mod Squad’ or the ‘Wild Wild West,’ not only do you get it in this zine, you enjoy it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a zine whose contents are so uniformly good.

Much of the credit, because much of the writing, belongs to Eileen Roy. In four pieces, nominally unconnected but nevertheless covering a whole lift, Eileen, with help from Kathy Esselman, sketches a touching and even sad portrait of Kuryakin. Quite the most satisfying as well as the longest is ‘A Time of Certain Solace,’ in which Illya sees action in the Korean War and runs across this M*A*S*H unit…

In another cross-fertilization of universes, Eileen gives us the meeting of Aaron Stemple of ‘Here Comes the Brides’ and Sarek in ‘Echoes Through Time.’ ‘Promises and Maple Leaves,’ Roy’s ‘Questor Tapes’ piece, is not so lovingly done, but is still competent; if you are able to change anything in the world, who do you help, and how?... Basically a very long short story in structure, Ronnie Sacksteder’s ‘Wild Wild West’ story, ‘Night of the Blind Beggar,’ steals a march on nineteenth century psychiatric [missing word] when Jim Sest regresses to a five-year-old-hysteric, and his arch-antagonist, Dr. Miguel Loveless, is the only one who can help him…A very short piece, but loads of fun, is Carol Lynn’s ‘The Thorne Affair,’ in which Starsky and Hutch unknowingly encounter THRUSH on Playboy Island. It makes sense out of that episode.

Highly recommended for the video freaks and others.


Issue 2

front and back cover of issue #2, Signe Landon

Paladin 2 was published in 1982 and is 124 pages. Front and back wraparound cover art is by Signe Landon

  • The Pardon-Moi Affair by Gordon Carleton, art by Gordon Carleton (Man from UNCLE/The Muppet Show) (4)
  • A Slumber of Dragons by Eileen Roy, art and poem by Harriet Stallings--Paris spends a very disturbing night on a Welsh mountain. (Mission: Impossible/The Dark is Rising) (5)
  • To John by Emma Lea Marion, art by Signe Landon (Sherlock Holmes) (10)
  • A Small Difference of Opinion by Emma Lea Marion, art by Todd Hamilton--Indiana and Marion have a very heated discussion about family history and the naming of children. (Indiana Jones/Man From UNCLE) (11) (reprinted in Turquoise Mine under the title "What's In A Name?")
  • The Never On Saturday Affair by Patricia Munson-Sitar, art by Patricia Munson-Sitar--Napoleon and Illya team up with an independent--but highly effective--counter-terrorist group. (Man from UNCLE) (16)
  • 11 December, 1941 by Patricia Paterson, art by Todd Hamilton--Richard Owen struggles to adapt to his abandonment in the past. (The Final Countdown) (46)
  • Green Tomato by Donna Hutt, art by Marty Siegrist--Hutch picks up hitchhiker David Banner; good thing, as both David and his alter-ego will be needed when the bad guys show up to run Hutch off the road. (Starsky & Hutch/Incredible Hulk) (49)
  • Crossing the Styx by Cyril Patrick, art by Todd Hamilton--Something's wrong in Wayne Manor, and Superman wants to know what it is. (Superman/Batman) (63)
  • The Silver Zodiac by April Pentland, art by Daphne Ann Hamilton--An American investigator discovers that a case of financial impropriety is more deadly than she'd anticipated; fortunately for her Simon Templar has taken an interest. (Return of the Saint) (77)
  • The No-Exit Affair by Roberta Rogow and Miriam Rogow, art by T.J. Burnside--Napoleon and Illya are sent to Las Vegas to keep the brother of Michael Corleone from making a deal with THRUSH. (Man from UNCLE/The Godfather) (102)
  • A Ghost of a Chance by Joy Ashenfelder, art by Todd Hamilton--Illya is dead, but that won't keep him away from his partner. (Man from UNCLE) (111)
  • Major Events in the Life of Carl Kolchak, Reporter by Kim Neidigh (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) (114)
  • Letters of comment (118)


  1. ^ It was not The Clipper Trade Ship but The Vaslovik Archives #4.
  2. ^ by Paula Smith in S and H #12 (summer 1980), reprinted for Bored of Review in Warped Space #45 (March 1981)