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Name: The Godfather
Creator: Mario Puzo
Date(s): 10 March 1969 (original novel)
Medium: novels, films, video games
Country of Origin: United States
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The Godfather is a film trilogy based off of the novel of the same name published in 1969 by Mario Puzo. There are also four other semi-canonical spin-off novels, as well as three video games which are not considered canon by Paramount.[1]


The Godfather tells the story of a Sicilian-American Mafia family, the Corleones, especially focusing on the rise and fall of Michael Corleone. The first film, based on the original Mario Puzo novel, tells the story of Michael Corleone's, originally a family outsider, journey to succeed his father as the head of the Family. The second film presents two parallel stories: Michael’s struggle to protect his family as the new Don and the story of his father, Vito Corleone, and how he began the family’s criminal enterprise. The third and final film shows an aging and regretful Michael struggling to find forgiveness and repent for his past crimes as he mentors his successor, the bastard son of his brother Sonny, Vincent Mancini.


While The Godfather movies and the original novel are all extremely popular, it is a rare fandom. It has been nominated for Yuletide multiple times and continues to be eligible. Most Godfather fanfiction is either M/M slash or gen, with rarepairs being plentiful. Most fanworks adhere closely to canon. There are very few total AUs, with most fanworks being either canon compliant or Canon Divergence AUs.[2][3]

Most fanworks center around the first two Godfather films, with only a small minority of fanworks focused on The Godfather Part III. This matches the popularity of each of the respective films fairly well. While the most popular character to base fanworks on is Michael Corleone, other popular characters include Vito Corleone, Sonny Corleone, Tom Hagen and Connie Corleone.

Popular Ships & Pairings

  • Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen
  • Michael Corleone/Al Neri
  • Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen
  • Apollonia Vitelli/Michael Corleone
  • Michael Corleone/OFC
  • Kay Adams/Michael Corleone





  • Traitorous Redemption by wingsofseyfert12 (Fredo Corleone & Michael Corleone) - Connie is more adamant regarding Fredo's position in the Family causing Michael Corleone to second guess his decision to execute him. Will this change prove to finally restore Michael's humanity or will it spell doom for his Family?
  • The Road to Family by Paige M. Carter (Tom Hagen & Vito Corleone) - A look at Vito and Tom's relationship through the years.
  • Checkerboard White & Gray by skazka (Sonny Corleone & Connie Corleone) - Connie makes her bones, almost.
  • Family Business lettered (Vito Corleone character study) - On the day he learns his wife will bear him another son, Michael, Vito Corleone decides he will become Don.
  • Fuit Quondam by Selena (Connie Corleone character study) - Being a Corleone is supposed to be different when you're a woman. Connie and her brothers through the years.
  • Somebody's Sins by jackmarlowe - Increasingly out-of-control spin through decades of the Corleone family's life where Michael is a trans man.
  • Two by Whitefox (Michael Corleone & Tom Hagen) - After Fredo's death, Michael thinks he's alone.
  • Lions by Meltha - Connie always knew there were powerful beasts waiting in the dark, eyes shining.
  • Hey Little Sister by SegaBarrett - Sonny has a point to prove.
  • Helping Hand by youtomyme - In childhood, Tom and Sonny always go home to each other.
  • Unconditional by Halia - Kay is gone, leaving Michael with their two children at the house in Tahoe. After an outburst between them nearly turns violent, 10 year old Anthony begins to have doubts about what kind of man his father really is.
  • Son by Tenebrus - Tom Hagen’s perspective on the night that Sonny died. What does it mean to be a Sicilian, a Consigliere, a brother, and a son?
  • Bullets by Brunette Inc - You try it. You look at your oldest son, chilled in his own cold blood, and tell him he was wrong. Tell him he was stupid. Tell him he deserved what he got.
  • Buy Yourself Something Nice by Brunette Inc - Carmela believed in Vito, and she believed he would take care of her, but she always saved back. And now, in the grim lateness of night, he was laying fifty dollars on the table.
  • so wise, so young (do never live long) by Brunette Inc - Look how young he is. A view on Vito Corleone's four sons.
  • Mio Fratello by CharmingRavendor - Whenever Sonny and Tom were in a fight, it completely threw off the dynamic of the Corleone household.
  • To Forget by FashionableRaid - What Michael goes through, immediately following the scene where Kay announces she's leaving him.
  • The Bubblegum Thief by 02AngelBaby75 - Michael Corleone's son takes something that doesn't belong to him. Trouble ensues.
  • The Consigliere by kaitwin3 - From lawyer to consigliere. From orphan to son. A collection of missing moments between Don Vito Corleone and Tom Hagen.
  • Out of harm's way by Fadingsummer - After Michael is shot at in Godfather II his poor lawyer realizes he almost lost him.
  • To Forget by FashionableRaid - What Michael goes through, immediately following the scene where Kay announces she's leaving him.
  • This Must Be The Place by Anne Oying - Fredo Corleone is dead. This comes as news to Fredo.
  • The Godfather & Young Steve Rogers - A Headcanon by darthstitch (MCU Captain America crossover) - So one of Bucky Barnes’ favorite stories - no seriously, I’m not fucking lying, we almost got in trouble with the fucking Mob - was the time that Bitty Steve Rogers stood up to Santino “Sonny” Corleone.
  • Flashes of Fear by happydaygirl - As Connie's wedding starts to draw to a close the party is treated to a huge firework display, but it affects Mike in a way he couldn't have predicted, leaving him searching for safety until help comes from an unexpected source...
  • The Little Sister by Anonymous - Set around twelve years before the first movie. Connie grows up.
  • Afraid of the Sun by SegaBarrett - Connie finds herself isolated after Sonny's death.
  • Back at the Beginning by SegaBarrett - Sonny and Connie in a few snapshots of time.
  • 5 Times Someone in the Family Saved Fredo and One Time He Saved Himself by SegaBarrett - Fredo can be a little different from his siblings.
  • the goddaughter by CeruleanTactician - When her father goes to Don Corleone for justice, it is not justice for her, of course. It is about her, but it is not for her.


  • make me an offer i won't refuse by anthropologicalhands (Kay Adams/Michael Corleone) - The second courtship of Kay Adams by Michael Corleone begins with a marriage proposal.
  • Apollonia lives AU by baronsledjoys (Apollonia Vitelli/Michael Corleone) - Snapshots from a world where Apollonia Vitelli Corleone lived.
  • Kingdom Come by Silberias (Apollonia Vitelli/Michael Corleone, Kay Adams/Michael Corleone) - Kay Adams never hears from Michael Corleone after he disappears to Europe, instead she teaches for a few years until a beautiful little girl appears in her classroom.
  • kissing cousins by pjordha (Mary Corleone/Vincent Mancini Corleone) - Mary Corleone missed her cousin Vincent growing up. She refuses to miss him any longer.
  • the sound of your laugh through the wall by corleones (Connie Corleone/Sonny Corleone) - You don't talk about my brother like that. No one does.
  • Blood on the Rooftops by SegaBarrett (Connie Corleone/Sonny Corleone) - Connie has run to her only place of safety.
  • My Husband, Michael Corleone by Callisto Callispi (Kay Adams/Michael Corleone) - Kay reflects: Will anyone have the stomach to tell me that my husband, Michael Corleone, was a good man?
  • Out Of Order by Kleine Aster (Connie Corleone/OMC, WIP) - AU - Connie leaves Michael and her children, again.
  • C’mere! by corleone-and-capone (Sonny Corleone/Sandra Corleone) - Sandra/Sonny smut.
  • little italy, new york city, 1915 by marthajefferson (Vito Corleone/Carmela Corleone) - The oil lamp cast feeble rays of light on the fresh wallpaper of their bedroom.
  • The Truth by Ashling (Apollonia Vitelli/Michael Corleone) - When Sonny observes his brother and his brother's bride in their new home, he is slightly concerned.
  • All or Nothing At All by BeautifulLife (Kay Adams/Michael Corleone, Michael Corleone/OFC) - What if Kay Adams reacted differently to Michael's marriage proposal? Michael Corleone has to test other options--and gets uncomfortable results.
  • american girl by CeruleanTactician (Kay Adams/Michael Corleone, Michael Corleone/Apollonia Vitelli) - Kay goes back to New Hampshire, but Michael never comes back for her. Their lives remain separate. That is, for the most part.
  • To the Mattresses by SegaBarrett (Maria Bonasera/Sonny Corleone) - Maria's not happy about her father owing the Corleones a favor, and she decides to repay it. It doesn't go quite as planned.
  • Whatever Connie Wants by SegaBarrett (Connie Corleone/Sonny Corleone) - What Connie wants, she usually gets - particularly if it's from Sonny.'
  • Courtship by SegaBarrett (Apollonia Vitelli/Michael Corleone) - Apollonia notices Michael, too.'


  • wicked blood by corleones (Connie Corleone/Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - At age six, Tom Hagen wanted to be a Corleone.
  • Sweet, Sweet Connie by SegaBarrett (Connie/Everyone) - Connie has a problem, and Sonny has a plan.


  • Equilibrio by babyrubysoho (Michael Corleone/Al Neri) - Everyone knew that Al Neri was loyal beyond reason. This was not out of personal interest in backing a man who could help him rise to power. Many men followed Michael because with luck he would one day be Godfather. Al followed because, to all intents and purposes, Michael Corleone was God. It would be years before this view changed, before the bodyguard grew up and, what’s more, grew a brain with which to actually think about Michael. In doing so, he discovered a host of new reasons to stay true.
  • Family by Nyssa (Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Michael comes home from college. He and Tom pick up where they left off.
  • Do Not Go Gentle by asuralucier (Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen) - “He gonna be your brother too,” said Sonny clapping his hand around the shoulders of some skinny Irish kid. Michael didn’t know if he was ever going to be alone again.
  • To the Mattresses by hollycomb (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - After Michael goes into hiding, the anticipated war begins in New York, and Sonny moves into a mattress-strewn apartment on the West Side with Clemenza, Tessio, a collection of button men, and Tom.
  • Raised By Wolves by hollycomb (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - AU - Sonny never died, Michael never got involved with the business, Fredo never betrayed the family. It's 1980, and Tom gets all the brothers together for lunch a week before Christmas.
  • Elsewhere in America by hollycomb (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Orphans are always careful not to hope for much.
  • Thick as Thieves by hollycomb (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - AU - Sonny takes Tom upstairs during the wedding.
  • innocent son by brophigenia (Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen) - He will be whatever Michael needs him to be, and think of his dark eyes and his own loyalties late at night when only his hand will satisfy him, not the soft curves of his black-eyed Italian wife.
  • Segreti Della Famiglia (Family Secrets) (part I of The Sicilian Slash Series) by Scribe (Sonny Corleone/Michael Corleone) At the birth of Sonny's twins, a drunken encounter with his younger brother, Michael, takes a dark turn that will twist their future relationship.
  • Anziché Voi' (Instead of You) (part II of The Sicilian Slash Series) by Scribe (Sonny Corleone/Michael Corleone) - At Connie's wedding, Sonny has a tryst with a bridesmaid, but his heart, and his desire, is elsewhere.
  • Sangue Protegge Sangue (Blood Protects Blood) (part III of The Sicilian Slash Series) by Scribe (Sonny Corleone/Carlo Rizzi) - When Connie's husband abuses her, big brother Sonny takes action in the most painful and humiliating way he can.
  • Per Fare Una Pace Fragile (To Make a Fragile Peace) (part IV of The Sicilian Slash Series) by Scribe (Sonny Corleone/Michael Corleone) (minor Maltese Falcon crossover) - When the Don is shot, Wilmer comes back to help- and to deal with Sonny for what he did to Michael.
  • The Worth of the Worthless by Rabbit (Fredo Corleone/Michael Corleone) - Michael and Fredo's boathouse chat, in which Fredo gets what he deserves.
  • Learning the Business by SegaBarrett (Fredo Corleone/Moe Greene) - Fredo gets schooled by Moe Green.
  • fight or flight by soapyconnor (Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Tom looked up as he heard shouting coming from outside. He tried to ignore it, and focus on his homework, but one of the shouts sounded too familiar...
  • Saints and Sinners by dontcancelhousever (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Michael Corleone has always been one to analyze, even if he wishes he could stop.
  • Gratitude by grim_lupine (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Tom doesn't know, he doesn't know, he cannot possibly know, that one day or two days or maybe ten days from now, Sonny will come to him as inexplicable as an angel dropping out of the sky, and with gentle hands will usher new life into his tired body.
  • Life, Restarted by grim_lupine (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Sonny is wrong about one thing. There is something to repay between them, and Tom will never have enough in his life to match the gift that Sonny gave him when they were children.
  • World Where Roses Bloom by Remy_Etienne_Creed (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen, WIP) - Sonny Corleone and Tom Hagen have a secret. A secret that could ruin them and more importantly, ruin the family. But their secret is worth it: they're in love. They have been since Sonny was 13 and Tom was 12. So they've spent their entire lives protecting it at all costs, Sonny with his wife, Sandra, and his children, Tom with his endless string of girlfriends. When Tom gets sick quite suddenly it becomes a lot harder than they ever thought possible to keep their secret.
  • untitled by rootingformephistopheles (Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Okay, so here is the How Tom And Michael Deffo Started Banging As Told By Me.
  • Last Rites by MyresLight (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - The package had been left just outside the compound. "They got Tom."
  • Compass, Polestar by Anonymous (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Sonny and Tom, through the years.
  • Come Along with Me in These Things I Have to Do by Miss_M (Michael Corleone/Tom Hagen) - They were not blood, but they were family.
  • no silver bullet by Ashling (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Back home from law school, suit and tie, briefcase too. Tom didn't see it coming.
  • when the moon was a silver sliver (and the Mall was as dark as it ever would be) by Ashling (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Sonny, Tom, one bed: a brief history.
  • A long bleeding wound by asuralucier (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - There are some things Tom Hagen won’t do for the Don. Luckily, Sonny doesn’t ask.
  • In the Silence by SegaBarrett (Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen) - Sonny and Tom have got a bit of a routine.


  • Hot take on the Godfather by CarterBays on Twitter - I have a hot take on this. For better or worse, the point of the Godfather movies is not that the mafia is bad and these guys are all corrupt and should go to jail. Michael is NOT corrupted by the mafia. Michael is corrupted AWAY from the Mafia, by America.
  • The agency of Kay Adams by Marcy - If anyone has ever visited message boards dedicated to the trilogy, there is always some sort of debate on whether or not Michael ever loved Kay, whether or not she was just a wife of convenience, whether or not he wished he could have had his innocent Sicilian first wife, Apollonia instead when he became don. Most people seem to find Kay annoying–the perfect, disgusting example of the nagging cinematic wife, a caricature we all know and hate too well. She’s hated among the usual boys’ club worshipers.... And, that puzzles me. Because, as far as I’m concerned, Kay is the love of Michael’s life. I don’t mean to romanticize things–but the films themselves are romanticized versions of an awful reality, anyway–but that’s how I’ve always seen things. Kay represents what Michael always have wanted, always have tried to hold on to, but can never seem to even get close.
  • The Clothes of Kay Corleone by Pablo Villaçaon - ...The last time I watched the films, however, I was struck by Kay's clothes.
  • Vito & Carmela Corleone in The Godfather Saga by marthajefferson - here my ‘essay’ about the Vito/Carmela Corleone relationship in THE GODFATHER universe.
  • Wedding Ring Meta by marthajefferson - okay… i have a tiny detail that i love and want to talk about :LET’S TALK ABOUT VITO WEARING A WEDDING RING! IN THE 1920′S??!!
  • Vito & Carmela’s appartement in Little Italy, NYC, c.1917 by marthajefferson - did i just spend the last two days trying to draw a faithful plan of Vito & Carmela’s appartement in Little Italy during their youth, c.1917 ?? well… GUESS WHAT? YES I DID!
  • The Primary Conflict in The Godfather Part II by jbk405 - The primary story conflict in The Godfather, Part II can be condensed into two points: Tom wants nothing more than to prove himself to Michael, and Fredo wants nothing more than to prove himself over Michael.  Everything stems from that.
  • Sonny Appreciation by highlaurie - lets take a moment to appreciate sonny corleone.
  • Great Movie Characters: Tom Hagen in The Godfather - Few characters in film history have displayed the cunning, charm and utter moral ambiguity as that of Tom Hagen, the Corleone family lawyer in Francis Coppola’s first two Godfather films.
  • In Praise of Tom Hagen - In a way, I wasn’t surprised. For as long as there’s been a Godfather franchise for people to discuss, Hagen has always been the forgotten son.


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