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Name: (The) Wild Wild West
Abbreviation(s): WWW
Creator: Michael Garrison
Date(s): 1965-1969 (tv series), 1979 and 1980 (tv movies), 1999 (movie remake)
Medium: movie
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: wikipedia (tv series), wikipedia (movie)
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The Wild Wild West was a 1960s Western steampunk-esque tv series (including two later television movies) that was remade into a movie, as Wild Wild West, in 1999. Both incarnations have a fandom.


The show covers the exploits of James West and Artemus Gordon, two secret service agents reporting directly to President Grant. They travel around the US in a steampunk train full of gadgets. Jim is the man of action and tight pants. Artie is the inventor and master of disguise. Together, they fight crime!

Other recurring characters include Dr. Miguelito Loveless and his various henchmen, including girlfriend Antoinette and giant bodyguard Voltaire, Jim's valet, President Grant, and other secret service agents.

Season 1 was in black and white. The show changed to color for its other three seasons. Season 4 is not as well regarded by fans: Artie was missing from a number of episodes due to the actor's health problems, and the action sequences were toned down compared to previous seasons, both by censorship and because Robert Conrad (Jim West's actor) was no longer allowed to perform his own stunts.

Online Fanfic

The Wild Wild West had a robust fiction culture, both on and offline.


Circuit Stories

In late 1994, a fan (Gail Paradis) asked others for "Well written slash stories based on the series "The Wild Wild West" starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin as Secret Service Agents James West and Artemus Gordon. First time stories from several of fandom's finest authors which range from hurt-comfort, angst, soft/sin, to romance and humor. Stories are set in 1870's Washington, D.C; traveling across country on their private train; a western assignment in Washington and separated from Jim. I am searching for more slash stories to be placed on this WWW circuit story listing. Compensation will be a zine of your choice from anywhere in fandom. I am also searching for artwork which can be as explicit as you like. Set A is due to premier in early 1995 with future sets to be announced if enough interest is shown." [1]



Gen Multimedia


Slash Multimedia

Mailing Lists

  • Sin and Salvation is a Yahoo group devoted to slash of the Wild Wild West, primarily Jim/Artie.
  • Slash The Wild West archive link "The Wild Wild West, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Alias Smith And Jones, Adventures of Brisco County Jr, The Big Vally...And the list goes on. Want to slash the wild west, come and play. All stories will be posted in the archive unless they include a do not archive notation. Joining this list confirms you are over legal age." WWOB



  1. ^ from On the Double #34, note: it is unknown if this project made it off the ground, though considering the climate of the time, it is unlikely. See Zines and the Internet: Visibility.