The Wild Wild Fanzine

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Title: The Wild Wild Fanzine
Publisher: Tia's Pals' Press
Editor(s): Vivian Arney and Anne Collins Smith
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Language: English
External Links: Fanzines Published by Tia's Pals' Press
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The Wild Wild Fanzine, subtitled "It's Not Just for Loveless Anymore," is a 74-page gen anthology.



Summaries from the publisher:

  • "The Night Of The Voluptuous Vampire" by Joan Condell. A gothic tale of terror, as Jim is captivated by a beautiful vampire and Artie must try to save his friend.
  • "The Night Of The Big Regret" by Rebecca Eisenhuth (vignette). A sequel to The Night of The Big Blast, told from Lily Fortune's point of view.
  • "The Night Of The Returning Blink" by Vivian Arney. A sequel to The Night of the Stumbling Blink in the Wild Wild this story, Jim and Artie come forward to the 1990's to track a deadly conspiracy.
  • "The Night Of The Murderous Spring Rain" by Joy Dean. A sequel to The Night of the Murderous Spring, as Jim and Artie are both haunted by the terrible hallucinations that Loveless caused.
  • "The Night Of The Mint Condition" by Anne Collins Smith. An unusual error coin is the clue to a secret scheme involving the Carson City Mint and Miguelito Loveless.
  • Also featuring "The Model Of A Modern Walking Arsenal" Gilbert & Sullivan filk by Anne Collins Smith.
  • "First Contact," humour feature by Dee Jay Driscoll.