Happy Tails

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Title: Happy Tails
Publisher: Leah Rosenthal and Poncho Press, reprinted by Ashton Press
Editor(s): Leah Rosenthal
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia and western
External Links: Ashton Press
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cover by Leah Rosenthal

Happy Tails is an explicit het Western 96-page multimedia fanzine originally edited and published by Leah Rosenthal. and later reprinted by Ashton Press. The zine is rated about an “R”. Contains no slash.

From an ad in Datazine: "Question: What do you do with a bunch of good naughty stories about your favorite old TV Western series? Answer: What every red-blooded fanzine editor would do... publish!"

This is not the same zine of the same title as the proposed zine by Rowena Warner.



  • Editiorial (2)
  • Charlotte the Harlot (song) (3)
  • 'Toons
  • Tommy's Ballad (song) by Martie Benedict (13)
  • The Old Grey Bustle (song) (23)
  • Lusting Listings by Michele Rosenberg (50)
  • The New Generic "Create a Dirty Western Song" by Michele Rosenberg (72)
  • The Campfire Compendium (filks by Dave Gordon (74)
  • News Release (94)
  • You are receiving this zine (95)


  • Paulie Gilmore
  • Jo Hansen
  • Ruth Kurz
  • Evallou Richardson
  • Melody Rondeau (back cover)
  • Leah Rosenthal (front cover)
  • Ellen Vartanoff