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You may be looking for Streets of Laredo, a Lonesome Dove novel.

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Name: Laredo
Date(s): 1965-1967
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: US
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Laredo is a western series that ran on NBC in the 1960s. It was a spin-off from The Virginian. The Virginian episode "One of Our Trains Is Missing" was later released under the title "Backtrack."

The series involved a group of Texas Rangers, law enforcement men in the Old West. They were located in South Texas, and their assignments sometimes took them across the border into Mexico. Several younger Rangers reported to and were overseen by an older man.

Regular Characters

  • Captain Edward Parmalee (Philip Carey)
  • Reese Bennett (Neville Brand)
  • Joe Riley (William Smith)
  • Chad Cooper (Peter Brown)

A number of familiar actors and actresses appeared in the series over the years. Unusual for the era, it was a hour long, in color, and sometimes included depictions of characters dying. It was a drama, but featured humor among the Rangers.

Fanfiction based on this series tends to appear in Western zines (usually multimedia anthologies, some of which contain all Western series). Most fanfiction is gen(?)[citation needed]


Gen, multimedia:

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