Bite the Bullet

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Title: Bite the Bullet
Publisher: Wizard Works
Editor(s): Jan Keeler
Date(s): 1992-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Western
Language: English
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Bite the Bullet is a gen Western multimedia fanzine.

From a 1990 submission request in For Your Information #5:
Looking for Paradise? In need of Young Riders? In search of Young Guns, too? Well, when the Gunsmoke clears, we hope there will be a Bonanza of Virginians in the Big Valley. A new western zine dedicated to the new westerns as well as all of the old favorites. Submissions are now being accepted. Stories, poetry and art. No page limit on stories, although an extremely long story may have to wait until the 2nd issue, depending on response. SASE for availability and guidelines.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Bite the Bullet 1 was published in May 1992 and contains 142 pages.

  • An Explosive Situation by Valerie DeVries ("When the Reynolds gang comes to town and takes hostages, it's up to Texas Rangers to get them released. Even if it means blowing up the whole town.") (Laredo)
  • A Question Of Friendship by Sabrina Smith ("Pat Garrett faces Billy the Kid in Pete Maxwell's place. Which is stronger, his duty as sheriff, or his love for Billy?." (Young Guns)
  • Twisted Trails by Valerie DeVries ("When the Army has to move wagons full of rifles and needs scouts, they call on Teaspoon who in turn volunteers his Pony Express riders." (Young Riders)
  • Firstborn by Jean Thrower ("Ben believed Adam to be dead and grieves as only a father can. Word came that he's alive but taken by Indians. What would it take to get him home?" (Bonanza)
  • A Good Deed (or Nothing Ever Happens Here) by Paula Smus ("A runaway wagon leads to an artist sketching Heyes and Curry. They have more of a challenge recovering that drawing than saving the child in the wagon." (Alias Smith and Jones)
  • Round-Up by Virginia Turpin (Outlaws)
  • Vigilante Trail by Bradley Denyson (Bonanza)
  • Lawman by Bradley Denyson (The Big Valley)
  • poetry

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Bite the Bullet 2 was published in May 1993 and contains 114 pages.

  • Goin' Fishin' by Elaine Overby ("There's adventure on the river when John Taylor takes the young boys fishing.") (Paradise)
  • Beginning Of The End by Valerie DeVries ("The Civil War just ended and Kid returns to find many things changed. Friends have died, some have married. Can he handle all the changes after four years of war?") (Young Riders)
  • A High-Flying Tall Tale by Paula Smus ("When Heyes and Curry help round up stock running loose, they get more thanthey bargain for...six foot of feathers.") (Alias Smith and Jones)
  • Not Just One by Jean Thrower ("Ben is away and about to lose two of his sons: Little Joe to an accident, and Adam to guild for letting it happen.") (Bonanza)
  • A Legacy Of Shame by Valerie DeVries ("When the Ben Smith gang comes to town, Kid has to make a difficult decision. Does he ride with his friends against them, or does he face his past alone?") (Young Riders)
  • Steps To Change by Cynthia Fee ("The Barkleys become involved with their neighbors when they are accused of robbing a train.") (The Big Valley)
  • Vengeance by Jill Collins. Ike accompanies Emma to the bank and become hostages in a robbery. Sam and Teaspoon have no choice but to let them leave town. Now they must find them.") (Young Riders)
  • The War Comes Home by Jean Thrower (Bonanza)
  • Different Paths by Candace Dennison (Young Riders)
  • Matt Finds a Deputy by Christine Jeffords (Gunsmoke)
  • poetry

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Bite the Bullet 3 was published in 1996 and contains 150 pages.

  • Kid Curry Bites the Bullet by Paula Smus ("A town with too many restaurants needs something more in the way of entertainment. Smith and Jones provides it.") (Alias Smith and Jones) (10 pages)
  • The Dead Hole by Susan Grote ("Adam and Little Joe discover an old mine and find the cattle they lost.") (Bonanza) (9 pages)
  • It's a Dog's Life by Valerie DeVries ("The Rangers have a rescue mission only it doesn't turnout as easy as it should have.") (Laredo) (8 pages)
  • Homecoming by Deyna Greywolf ("Johnny must search for his own answers after a train robbery leaves him and Scott to go for help.") (Lancer) (reprinted in Compadres #20) (20 pages)
  • Fork in the Road (Bonanza) by Monette Reinhard ("Adam accompanies a prisoner, who is a friend, to await his arrest and trail in California. (12 pages)
  • Shades of the Past by Karen B. Valentine (40 pages) and "The Wedding Day" by Karen B. Valentine (38 pages) Karen brings us two lovely stories in script style. In Shades of the Past, an ex-fiancée shows up wanting Mike and promising his life has changes. The Wedding Day brings us another version of Sculley and Mike's wedding.") (Doctor Quinn)
  • Destiny (Big Valley) (1 page)
  • poetry from Heidi M., Elaine Overby, and Melissa Mastoris based on Paradise, Young Guns II, and Dr. Quinn.