Echo (Star Wars and multimedia zine)

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You may be looking for other fanworks called Echo.

Title: Echo
Editor(s): Leah Rosenthal
Date(s): 1982
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars & see article
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Echo is a gen multimedia 25-page (printed only on one side of the paper) anthology with two stories by Melody Rondeau.

It is a sister zine to Furball Express.

One Star Wars fanzine catalogue lists it as follows: "ECHO 1, Snorty crossed with Star Wars, Laredo."

Another lists the zine as a Star Wars novel written by Melody Rondeau.

A third seller combines the two: "It features stories about a Fuzzy creature, Snorty -- long story set in the Star Wars universe and another one set in the Western universe of Laredo (by Melody Rondeau)."


  • Earth Music (Star Wars) (17 pages)
  • Little Orphan Snorty (Noname/Shewolf/Western) (8 pages)

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