Furball Express

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Title: Furball Express
Publisher: the same folks who put out Wide Open Spaces
Editor(s): Melody Rondeau
Date(s): September 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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front cover

Furball Express is a gen multi-media 48-page fanzine by Melody Rondeau that pairs an original character (Snorty) with characters from the following fandoms: Little House on the Prairie, Star Wars, Bad Company (Man With No Name)/Alias Smith & Jones.

The art is by Leah Rosenthal, Michael Barry Smith, Ruth Kurz, Lana Fahey, C.S. Millan, Betsy Hatcher, Elena Andrews, Shona Jackson, and Dave McCoy.

It is a sister zine to Echo.

"Wide Open Spaces Presents! 5 tales of Comedy, Pukkas, tragedy, adventure, Star Wars, Alias Smith and Jones, The Bad Company Universe, tons of art, fantasy, Little House on the Prairie, and we've combined it with the 'Fandom Coloring Book.' A one-shot special that's REALLY something different! Snorty finally gets his own zine!." -- from Datazine #16


  • Prarie [sic] Fantasy (4)
  • Dirty Hairy (10)
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Fuzzy (17)
  • Mess Call (25)
  • Duh Udder (30)