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Name: Shona Jackson
Alias(es): Dawnsinger, Dawn Singer, T'Klai, K'Shona, K'Shona Jackson, Ambassador K'Shona Epetai Ishkra, T'Shona Isteb, T'Klai
Type: fanartist, editor
Fandoms: Star Trek, Darkover
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Shona Jackson was a prolific fanartist (and occasional editor) whose work appeared in many zines under several pseuds.

Jackson passed away October 16, 2011.

Fans Remember Shona

[1992]: Shona Jackson died at the age of 40 from cancer. Shona had been with the KSF in two different terms, having left us for a year. In all, she served with the Strike Force for about three years. Shona had been a fan of Star Trek and of course, Klingons, for so many years, only the Stars would know for sure. She contributed her artwork and her comments to many publications. If you look in the right places, you can still find her Klingon costume artwork in various publications, some official and some fan produced. Shona always spoke her mind and was an activist in many things. She wrote many and helped structure some of the KSF. Her input to the greater glory has been missed. [1]
[2013]: Back in the seventies, a fierce young woman joined a Star Trek club I ran via the mail. Her name was Shona Jackson. She was fierce. Fierce in her interests, her pursuit of them, her beliefs, her passion for life. In the eighties [2], Shona died, way too early.[3]
[2020]: I grew up in Arizona fandom and when I think of cosplayers in general, there is none I more fondly remember than K'Shona. I remember seeing her for years walking around conventions with her staff as a Klingon matron, tiny yet commanding respect. Years later around 1990 I was able to join her for tea at a friends's house and got to know her a little bit. I recall her talking about how her eyes were shot from years and years hunched over a soldering iron doing electronics assembly for the defense industry. She had a wit and yes, fierceness that surprised me. I had no idea she was so young until finding this page just now. (Or that she'd participated in so many zines!) [4]

Zines to Which Shona Contributed

from Grip #5


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